3 Facts On How Far Can Ravens See? Where, When, How

Sukanya Chakraborty

3 Facts On How Far Can Ravens See? Where, When, How

Ravens are large birds in the genus Corvus and are fully black in color. Ravens have different colors of eyes in their different stages of life. Let us discuss more.

There is no specific range of the eyesight of a raven. A raven can see as per as they fly. They have a very sharp vision and often look for their predators. They have blue eyes in hatchlings and the eyes turn grey in the younger adult stage due to the increase in the melanin percentage.

An increase in melanin percentage helps to improve their eyesight more than the hatchlings. The color of the eye is dark brown in the case of adults. The eyes of adult ravens have more melanin than the younger stage and also have better vision range. Let us together study some key facts about their vision.

How well can ravens see

Ravens are believed to be the most brilliant birds among all the birds in the world. Do they have a great eyesight? Let us discuss.

Ravens have a wondrous vision, especially in daylight. They are also attentive and look for their achievable snacks with the vision of the eye. They generally have a sixty-degree arc where the vision of their two eyes intersects. They use to aim their target with one eye and are able to see the tip of the target only.

Image Credit: Raven eye by Dankarl licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Can ravens see at night

Ravens are enormous birds and have two small eyes on both sides of their head. Can they see well at the night? Let us know more about it.

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Ravens do not have a great vision at the night. Ravens do have fewer rods cell than cones. Due to this, ravens are not able to see well at the night. They have to come closer to the light to see the nearest obstacles. Ravens do have both monocular and binocular vision.

Rods are mainly very sensible to the low-light condition and help to enter more light in the retina of an eye. The animals which possess more rods than cones are able to see better in dark or low-light conditions.

Can ravens see color

Color vision totally depends on the presence of the photoreceptors in the retina of the eye, which are known as cones. Let us see whether ravens have a good color vision or not.

Ravens are tetrachromats and they are able to see four colors, that is, red, green, blue, and ultraviolet. Ravens have additional color cones in the retina which are sensitive to the UV ranges. The vision of the ravens is totally different from the human vision.

Ravens like high-energy wavelengths color like blue and purple. They are more attracted to the black color.


There is no proper range of the raven that how far they can see but no doubt they possess spectacular eyesight. They are able to see the color of the world better than humans.

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