Can You Train A Raven? How & When

Sukanya Chakraborty

Can You Train A Raven? How & When

Ravens are very brainy and joyful birds. They are not as commonly seen as a crow. Let us know how a raven can be trained and what is the ideal time for it.

Ravens cannot be trained easily. The most ideal time to train them is when they are two or three months old. There are certain ways a person has to follow to train a raven.

  • A person needs a glove first to train a raven.
  • The raven should be tied up with the wrist of the owner by a thread of 0.5 millimeters thickness in diameter. The length of the thread should be within 30 centimeters.
  • Making the ravens used to with the habit of walking is a great way to train them properly.
  • Ravens should be fed at a regular time of intervals. This will increase the interaction of the raven with the particular person.
  • The cage of the raven has to be large enough so that the bird can stretch its wings.

Once the bird gets comfortable with the owner, it starts to behave calmly and begins to obey the orders. It is a tough job and demands so much patience and dedication from the owner.

How To Train A Raven

Training a raven is a very sluggish process. There are certain steps to train a raven. Let us know some interesting facts about their training patterns.

Offering Food To The Ravens

Giving food as a gift is the most uncomplicated way to train the raven. A person should hide the food somewhere in his or her body and tell the raven to land in the arm of the owner. The person should offer them the food only when the raven is able to do the said task.

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The owner has to step back if the raven is unable to do the said task and order the raven to do the same task again. The offered food is given to the raven only when it does the same task.

Image Credit: Common Raven by Peter Wallack licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

Sitting On The Arm

The next step is to teach the raven to lounge properly on the arm of the owner. The owner has to hide the food behind their fingers of them and ask the raven to land properly on the same spot. When they land properly on the hand the owner just has to behave gently and ask the raven to find the hidden food.

When the raven does it without flying from the arm of the owner then it is confirmed that the bird is following the instructions of the owner.

Attention Training

After learning to land properly on the arm of the owner, ravens should be trained for attention behavior. The owner has to ask the raven to land on the forearm and if the bird is able to do so, then owner has to keep their hand down. Then the raven usually starts to walk by touching the feet slightly on the ground.

This process needs a huge time and effort from the owner. After completion of the mentioned steps, the raven is properly trained and begins to observe the instructions of the owner. They will also show tenderness back towards the owner like the other common pets.

Image Credit: Raven in focus by Imran Shah licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Can You Train A Raven To Speak

Parrots are generally known for speaking and singing. Are ravens also able to speak after a proper training? Let us see.

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A raven can be trained to speak especially in the captivity. Ravens are very clever birds and able to pronounce near about 100 English words. Ravens can make sounds due to the presence of the syrinx. They are masters at mimicking some sorts of sounds and these are:

  • The bark of the dog
  • The sound of the sirens
  • An alarm of a car
  • A rapid knocking sound
  • Gurgling croak

The ravens are capable of speaking because of the presence of the cortex and cerebellum like humans. Their gurgling croak is so high in pitch that this can be heard from a long distance. It is done by them as a signal of risk to the other ravens in their territory.

How To Train A Wild Raven

Ravens are not as urbane as a crow. They are seen mostly in the temperate habitat of North America to the desert of North Africa. Let us know more about how they can be trained.

A wild raven is hard to train. There are also some steps to train them properly. These are:

  • Wild ravens have wild food behavior. The owner has to offer them some animal food like meat, egg, and some high protein ingredients.
  • After offering these foods, the raven becomes comfortable with the owner and they ruffle their feathers.
  • Ruffling feathers is an indication that the raven wants an interaction. Then the owner has to understand that and start to train the bird in the aforementioned ways.

A wild raven is not good at speaking skills as the ravens who live in captivity. So the wild ravens should not be trained with the speaking training. The landing and attention training are way more for this wild creature.

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Ravens are one of the most brilliant birds in the World. They can be friendly with humans after some round of proper interaction. One should take a raven as a pet easily but in the training session, the owner should have spent a lot of energy and effort.

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