Are Ravens Friendly To Humans? 9 Facts You Should Know!


Are Ravens Friendly To Humans? 9 Facts You Should Know!

Let us admit it- in life, we all took ravens as “spooky birds,” all thanks to the natural horror-thriller film “The Birds.” Ravens were shown as morbid creatures in the film.

This is a really complicated question to answer. Firstly, they’re good at remembering human faces. Studies show that if you treat them well, they’re more likely to trust humans. They’re also very intelligent, so it’ll be easier to gain their trust than other animals.

If ravens perceive humans as a menace, keep in mind that their beaks are sharper than crows’. However, if a raven is raised in captivity from birth and trusts its carer, the bird and its human may develop a deep bond.

Although some types are friendlier, don’t expect ravens to become overly friendly and playful. Nonetheless, these large black birds are not known to attack humans unnecessarily or lethally.

Do you want to learn more about ravens and human relationships? Then, read the sections that follow.

Are ravens dangerous?

Have you watched the famous Hitchcock movie “The Birds” and wondered if ravens are truly morbid creatures? If you want to know the truth, read the following answer. 

The answer varies depending on how a raven was treated. If it is born and raised in captivity, it will likely not be vicious to humans. However, if a wild bird is taken and domesticated, it might turn violent. Nonetheless, these birds are never known to attack any humans lethally.

Ravens, however, remember human faces that have treated them unfairly and can show aggression against them. If you have ever treated them poorly, they will hold a grudge. Unfortunately, they can also get violent, so always be careful if you encounter one. They might bite your finger!

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It’s crucial to avoid approaching a raven nest up close. People get bitten here because ravens are naturally defensive. It doesn’t matter what happens; they’re just birds and shouldn’t be given a bad reputation.

When are ravens aggressive?

Ravens are renowned for getting into trouble with both people and animals. Can they, nonetheless, become hostile or aggressive? Let’s investigate.

Ravens can be aggressive if they don’t like your approach. They might peck at you with their beaks if you annoy them, especially if they feel like they’re protecting their family.

Do ravens show affection?

Ravens can express their affection for people by coming back to them, eating from their hands, etc. Ravens are capable of bonding emotionally with people. But compared to other birds, like parrots or doves, ravens don’t have the same reputation for loyalty. However, they can explicitly express emotions.

Can ravens understand humans?

Studies reveal that ravens understand human actions even though it is complicated to answer. They can remember bad as well as good reactions they get from humans. 

Is The Common Raven A Threat To Humans?

In general, common ravens pose no injury to people. However, if someone disrespectfully approaches their nest, they may respond by pecking back forcefully. Serious wounds, though, are unlikely.

Are ravens loyal?

Ravens are loyal and monogamous, and they bond for life. If animals are cared for (in captivity) or treated nicely by people, they will appear and remember compassion.

Ravens cannot be expected to be as devoted as dogs. However, since they are birds, they have a unique method of expressing their love and allegiance. Ravens may exhibit emotional attachments to people by returning to their favorite people, eating from their hands, and other behaviors.

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Can you keep ravens as pets?

It is not uncommon to find ravens living around human settlements. This makes us question whether we can catch and keep some of these birds as pets.

Ravens can not be kept as pets. They are wild birds and require a lot of attention to keep them fed and content. In captivity, they get bored easily without any room to fly around. It might be difficult to fulfill their curiosity and need for adventure in captivity.

Most people agree that petting a raven is not a good idea. The Migratory Bird Act of 1916 prohibits civilians from keeping any raven in the States. Therefore, if you intend on getting ravens as pets or keeping them in captivity, it must be with a special permit.

Do ravens hold grudges against humans?

Have you ever noticed why Corvus researchers wear masks? Because this genus of birds remembers human faces. So, do they harbor grudges toward humans as well?

According to a study published in Animal Behaviour, ravens and other Corvus genus members can harbor grudges. These birds actually possess the astounding capacity to harbor animosity for up to two years. Also, ravens can recall the human faces who have mistreated them.

Did you know that most experts also believe that ravens tend to be less forgiving?

Do ravens remember kindness?

Along with holding grudges, ravens also remember kindness. Even though they are less gregarious than crows, ravens are nevertheless incredibly bright and curious creatures who remember people who have treated them well.

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If you typically love observing these birds and their amusing actions, you can make them feel welcome by feeding them and providing a secure environment. Even the ravens can become more receptive to you due to your kindness.

Note: If ravens have permanently settled in your yard, get ready to be annoyed by their croaking voice, yelling from their whole family/ community, and frequent visits. 


To conclude, we can state that ravens can display friendliness towards humans. However, it would depend on humans regarding how we treat these birds. They remember human actions and reciprocate exactly what they receive. 

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