Where Do Ravens Live? 9 Facts You Should Know!


Where Do Ravens Live? 9 Facts You Should Know!

A raven is as cosmopolitan as a crow. But they aren’t found in every corner of the world. So where are they actually found? Let’s take a look at the following table for the answer.

CountriesRaven sub-species
Northern North AmericaThe Northern raven
IrelandThe Northern raven
ScotlandThe Northern raven
WalesThe Northern raven
Bhutan The Northern raven
CanadaThe Northern raven
EnglandThe Northern raven
SiberiaThe Northern raven
North-East Asia The Kamchatkan raven
EuropeThe North Eurasian raven
Greenland The Northern raven
Lake Baikal The North Eurasian raven
CaucasusThe North Eurasian raven
Northern IranThe North Eurasian raven
IcelandThe Icelandic raven
The Faroe Islands The Icelandic raven
GreeceThe South Eurasian raven
Northwestern IndiaThe South Eurasian raven
Central AsiaThe South Eurasian raven
Western ChinaThe South Eurasian raven
North AfricaThe North African raven
The Canary IslandsThe North African raven
The HimalayasThe Tibetan raven
South-central North America The Western raven
Central AmericaThe Western raven
Places where ravens are found

It would be interesting to note that there are eight subspecies of ravens. Additionally, there aren’t many variations among the subspecies related to their appearance and habitat adaptation.

Where do ravens live in the wild?

Ravens can be found in a wide range of ecosystems. Therefore, finding out where these birds live in the wild would be interesting.

In the wild, ravens prefer to live in open spaces. Even so, if we had to name their habitat, it would be safe to say that ravens can be found in the wild in the following locations.

  • Mountains
  • Open forest
  • Coastal areas
  • Grasslands
  • Islands
  • Deserts 
  • Scrubby woodlands 
  • Open riverbanks

The temperate and terrestrial biomes, such as the tundra, taiga, savanna, mountains, etc., are where ravens are most frequently seen.

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Can ravens live anywhere?

Ravens have a hardy appearance, which makes us wonder if they can live anywhere. So let’s get right to the answer.

Ravens are found in almost every region of the world, which makes them birds that can virtually live anywhere. It’s interesting to note that every temperate continent is home to these large, black birds from the Corvus genus. However, South America does not contain them.

Experts think ravens, like crows, have a commendable capacity for coping. As a result, this aided in their rapid and widespread habitat-based diversification.

Where do white ravens live?

White and ravens seem to contradict each other. However, they do exist and are very uncommon birds. Where are these birds actually found, then?

Because White Raven are so rare, these birds are preserved under the guidance of specialists. However, recently white ravens were seen on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.Unlike their black cousins, white ravens cannot be found in the wild.

These are a few locations where white ravens are accommodated.

  • North Island Wildlife Recovery Centre
  • California Wildlife Center 

Which is the native place of the white-necked ravens?

White-necked ravens are native to eastern and southern Africa. These birds can also be found close to the American and Mexican borders.

Where do common ravens live?

Common ravens, aka northern or western ravens, are found almost across the globe. However, the Northern Hemisphere is where these birds are most frequently seen. Additionally, these ravens can coexist with humans and can be found in both urban and rural areas.

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Where do Australian ravens live?

Australian ravens are all large, black birds belonging to the Corvus genus, just like common ravens.

The Australian raven can be found across all habitat types except for the more arid regions of Western Australia. As a result, most of Australia’s eastern, southern, and central regions are home to these birds.

Open woodland and transitional areas are where Australian ravens prefer to reside. These large black birds can be found in the wild as well as in populated areas like Sydney, Brisbane, Queensland, New South Wales, Perth, and Canberra.

These birds can also be found in rare locations, including Cape York at Coen, Windmill Creek, the Mitchell River, the Australian Alps, Rottnest Island, Kangaroo Island, and others.

Where do common ravens live in North America?

Common ravens are pretty common in North America. But where are they specifically found? 

In North America, common ravens are found in the following places.

  • New York
  • Pennsylvania
  • Virginia
  • West Virginia
  • Western Maryland

Where do ravens nest?

Ravens use seclusion as a design element for their nests. When breeding, these birds try to keep out all other ravens.

Common ravens typically build their nests in tall trees or on cliff ledges. In addition, these birds construct their nests on billboards, old buildings, low bushes, bridges, towers, and power lines in urban areas.


In conclusion, we can say that ravens are commonly seen birds that can be found in both urban and wild environments. These birds may have a spooky appearance, but they are resilient enough to live alongside people and in almost any habitat. We hope you enjoyed reading our post and learned more about these glossy black birds.

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