How Smart Are Ravens And Crows? 9 Facts You Should Know!

Sukanya Chakraborty

How Smart Are Ravens And Crows? 9 Facts You Should Know!

Crows, ravens, magpies, and many other birds make up the Corvidae family. A wide, heavy bill and other features can distinguish this family from others. Let us know more in detail.

Ravens and crows are highly intelligent for their size. They have been considered cunning birds because of this intelligence. Several scientific studies like radio collar tests and satellite transmitters have been used on them and tried to establish this fact.

These birds are intelligent as they have unique skill sets, which help them to adapt to nature. Their cognitive ability has been studied over time and is found to be distinguishable because of their adaptability in diverse conditions. We can learn more about their uniqueness in this article.

How Are Ravens So Smart

Ravens are big black-bodied birds and have the largest brain with compared to body size among any other birds in the avian family. We can learn more about their smartness.

Ravens are smart because they have excellent skill sets that can help them to solve problems and have an excellent memory. They can utilize logic to solve the problem and many of their abilities can surpass the intelligence of apes.

Image Credits: Common Raven by Yifei He is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Ravens are not only wiser than other birds but they are also found to outcompete other higher categories of animals as well. Their cognitive development assists them to adapt in different environmental situations.

How Smart Are Ravens Compared To Humans

Ravens are as smart as human children because of their cognitive ability. Their cognitive ability of food searching, and problem-solving make them stand out. They use tools to search for food. They have great memories and they can also plan for their future.

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When Ravens are trained for certain activities, like exchanging tokens for food, they are found to be following this activity and adapting it. This kind of adapting activity is found in higher categories of animals like humans also. Ravens can mimic human beings and remember faces.

How Smart Are Australian Ravens Compared To Common Ravens

The genus Corvus has over 45 dispersed species including the Australian raven, Corvus coronoides. Let us see how smart Australian Ravens are compared to Common Ravens.

Australian Ravens are as smart as Common Ravens but they differ in terms of their appearances, behaviors, and habitat. Although they occasionally hop when rushing, Australian ravens mostly walk when moving about on the ground.

Image Credits: Australian Raven by Kytabu is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

How Smart Are Ravens Compared To Dolphins

Dolphins are reputed as the smartest animals on Earth, surpassing even humans. They have exceptionally enormous brains compared to their size. Let us compare them with the ravens.

Ravens are said to be as smart as dolphins. Although both ravens and dolphins are intelligent creatures, they exhibit various skills and behaviors.

Characteristics RavensDolphins
1. BehaviorCompared to dolphins, ravens are more adaptive and social.Dolphins, meanwhile, are more flexible and eager.
2. SkillsRavens have the tools and methods to deal with problems and to solve them.These animals can use echolocation to navigate and communicate with others.
3. Related to humansThey can imitate human speech and gestures.They have more complex social gestures.
Table 1: Some set of differences can be seen between Ravens and Dolphins

Are Crows Smarter Than Dogs

Crows are one of the most intelligent creatures on Earth. Let us see if crows are smarter than dogs or not.

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Crows are smarter than dogs. Crows can manufacture and utilize tools, work out problems, and distinguish between different people. Dogs, on the other hand, are unable to build or utilize tools yet are capable of solving difficult challenges like puzzles. Analogies are also understood by crows.

Are Crows Smarter Than Parrots

Parrots are colorful birds with four toes on each foot and renowned for mimicking human speech patterns and noises. Let us see if crows are smarter than parrots or not.

Crows are smarter than parrots. If you keep a parrot as a pet, it has intelligence on par with that of a crow. It is tough and challenging to quantify intelligence. Due to their bent beaks, parrots have a difficult time using tools. Crows will therefore be a step ahead of them in several ways.

Are Crows Smarter Than Chimps

The chimpanzee or chimp, is a species of great ape exclusive to the tropical African forests and savannah. Let us see if crows are smarter than chimps or not.

Crows are just as intelligent as chimpanzees. They can utilize tools, work out puzzles, and even exchange complicated vocalizations with one another. Although they have a different social structure and a more sophisticated language, chimpanzees are likewise incredibly intelligent.

Some studies claim that whereas primates are able to recognize human faces, crows are also known for same. When compared to chimpanzees, the size of a crow’s brain is about the same.

Image Credits: Juvenile Chimp by Chi King is licensed under CC BY 3.0

Are Crows Smarter Than Cats

Crows are typically smarter than most cats and other pets as they can use tools to further problem-solve. However, like dogs, cats are smart and adept at solving a variety of challenging issues.

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Are Crows Smarter Than Eagles

Crows are way smarter than eagles in a matter of intelligence. Eagles cannot solve puzzles or use tools. But, eagles can defeat crows due to their flying skills and feed on their young ones or to steal eggs.

Eagles can spot prey up to two kilometers away thanks to their keen vision. These birds show animosity against crows in a matter of territoriality and breeding. Still, eagles cannot win in the matter of intelligence.

Image Credits: Eagle by Paul Friel is licensed under CC BY 2.0


Ravens and crows are smarter than any other birds and many animals due to several reasons. They outsmart several species because of their cognitive skills, mimicking, memory, and socialization. They can remember people’s faces, understand diverse vocabulary, and can adapt to changing environments easily.

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