5 Facts On Do Crows & Ravens Abandon Their Babies

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5 Facts On Do Crows & Ravens Abandon Their Babies

There are many myths about mother birds who abandon their babies. Let us find out actual reason for this.

Crows and Ravens do not abandon their babies, but for some period of time, as they become fledge, they leave their nest and perch on the ground area close to their nest. Crows and ravens both fall under the family Corvidae and share the genus Corvus.

Both crow and raven juveniles grow very quickly, and their parents care for them until they are fully grown and able to fly. They return to their nest once they can fly well and remain there for several years with their parents.

Why crows abandon their babies?

Not every mother bird is cruel to their babies. Let us explore the reason for crows to abandon their babies.

Crows abandon their babies for some period of time when they are fledge. It is a normal phase in their growth cycle. But that does not mean crows completely abandon their babies. Baby crows normally  stay inside the nest for 20 to 30 days before leaving temporarily.

Even after they have fledged, crow juveniles remain with their parents for several weeks, sometimes even months or years. After fledging, parental care typically lasts for an additional two to three months, but unlike many other birds, crow families frequently remain together for a very long time.

How long do baby ravens stay with parents?

For various bird species, staying with the parents after hatching varies. Let us find out how long do baby ravens stay.

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As baby ravens fledged, they stay with their parents for extra six months. Infants are fed by both parents until they fledge at 35 to 42 days. It is also seen that between 5 and 7 weeks old, the young ravens leave their nest. They occasionally have the ability to move away from their birthplace.

Do crows abandon their nests ?

Many birds are known to leave their nests after brooding. Let us  find out whether crows do the same thing.

Image Credits : Crow’s nest by Vijayanrajapuram is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Crows abandon their nest after young ones fledged. A normal nest only lasts for around 9 weeks. Despite the fact that they build strong nests that can last for years in a tree intact. Still, the crows do not return or reuse their nest once the juveniles have flown. 

Every year, a few weeks before they begin construction, crows return to the same nesting area. Crows may indicate that nest building is ready to start if a small group of them hangs around in a specific location every day. Crows typically only raise one brood per year and will only utilize a nest once.

Why does the mother crow leave every morning?

Mother crow leave the nest every morning because of various reasons. Let us discuss briefly.

Mother crows usually leave in the morning in search of food, to feed their young ones. Another reason for leaving could be finding the best place to construct their nest.

When their young one becomes mature and leave their nest, mother crow usually joins the communal roost with their family. Every morning, the roosts is dispersed in different flocks for finding food. Less experienced roost members can accompany more experienced birds to well-known feeding locations.

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How long do crow babies remain on the ground?

Newly fledged crow babies usually spent one or two days wandering around the ground. Before they were completely able to fly from their perches in the trees, baby crows stays on the ground.

Do crows eat their young ?

Crows do not eat their babies at all. They nourish their young well and are good parents. But for survival of their own, they do hunt other birds eggs and babies. They are omnivores birds and consume both plants as well as animals. They can hunt and consume adult birds also.

How long do baby crows stay in the nest?

Crow babies are known to develop feathers pretty early. It is possible that they do not stay in nests for very long. Let us investigate.

Before fledge, baby crows stay in the nest for around thirty days. As baby crows grows quickly, they often leave the nest at earliest. But in some species of crows and raven, they stay with their parents for months. Their young ones never separate completely from their family.  

Crow species including the American, Carrion, and Hooded crow frequently maintain lasting family connections. 


We could draw the conclusion that the mother bird needs a highly strong reason to leave her young behind. There are many birds like cuckoos and cowbird who shows brood parasitism. Crows and ravens juveniles naturally leave the nest as a part of their growth cycle, although their parents do not abandon them.

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