How Do Ravens Communicate? 5 Facts You Should Know !

Piyali Das

How Do Ravens Communicate? 5 Facts You Should Know !

Ravens are one of the smartest bird species. They perform certain behavioral activities to communicate. Here we are going to find out how ravens communicate. 

Ravens commonly communicate by making sounds and eye contact, but they can also make gestures using their bill and wings to communicate. Ravens are the only studied species that make gestures to communicate other than primates.

How do ravens communicate with each other?

As ravens are excellent communicators, mostly they are found in small groups. Let us find out how ravens communicate with each other.

Ravens use different kinds of calls to communicate with each other. They make about more than 30 different types of calls to communicate and can also mimic other birds’ calls and phrases as well. Ravens make gestures using their bill and wings to communicate with their mate or potential mate.

To communicate vocally, ravens make their classic gurgling croak when responding to other ravens. They also make short shrill calls while chasing predators and females make completely different kinds of repeated calls.

To communicate non-vocally, ravens make gestures like clasping their bills together. They also put objects like stones, and twigs to attract attention and offer them to their mates.

Image Credits: Flying Raven by Copetersen licensed under (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Do ravens communicate with humans?

Ravens are usually wild birds but when they live with humans they become social with them. Let us find out if ravens communicate with humans or not.

Ravens do interact with humans. They can befriend human, and also mimic their sounds. Ravens can remember human faces if they are affectionate with someone.

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On the other hand, there is proof that if ravens are angry at someone, they remember the person along with the whole incident and hold grudges against that man. 

Do ravens work together?

Ravens do work together. They live in smaller groups and build smaller communities. They communicate as well as cooperate with each other. They perform several works together like food hunting. They also have the ability to solve different problems together. 


Ravens are one of the smartest bird species that live in small communities. They are so intelligent that they can even give tough competition to primates and dolphins in some tests as well. Their unique gesture making ability helps them to communicate better

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