Do Cockatoos Attack? 9 Facts You Should Know

Sukanya Chakraborty

Do Cockatoos Attack? 9 Facts You Should Know

The family of parrots known as Cacatuidae includes the cockatoo bird. The family’s distribution is primarily in Australasia. Let us know some significant features of them.

Cockatoos can attack several animals as well as objects for some reason. Cockatoo is a strong bird with a prominent curved bill that can injure majorly any living thing.

Cockatoos have several significant reasons for being attacking in nature. The reasons behind their attacks and the nature of attacks they exhibit are discussed after this.

When Do Cockatoos Attack

When cockatoos are irritated by someone or something, they typically attack. They become more aggressive during their breeding season. This behavior is mainly visible when they are in fear or stress, or they do not intend to socialize. They are capable of attacking their caregiver as well.

In the spring, flocks of sulfur-crested cockatoos vigorously attack wood on buildings, decks, outdoor furniture, and window sills. There are several explanations for why they do this, but they certainly enjoy chewing, especially softwoods used in construction, like cedar.

Image Credit: Pair of cockatoos by Christopher Watson is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

How Do Cockatoos Attack

A larger cockatoo can reportedly bite with a force of roughly 350 psi or pounds per square inch, which is comparable to that of a husky (a certain breed of dog). When a certain time comes, cockatoos can become very aggressive and may lunge or bite someone or something in front of them.

Why Do Cockatoos Bite

Cockatoos bite to communicate and exert authority. Biting is not a randomly chosen behavior. They bite other living creatures as well. Seasonal hormonal changes can occasionally cause birds to become a little more “edgy.”

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Do Cockatoos Attack Humans

Cockatoos attack humans. Pet cockatoos bite their owners or other family members when they are agitated, stressed, or in need of food. Their disturbance comes mainly from captivation but seasonal changes may also trigger some hormonal imbalance in them.

Not only humans but also other creatures are not spared from their attack. Living and non-living, all creatures can face a cockatoo’s wrath.

Do Cockatoos Attack Chickens

Cockatoos can attack chicken. Some species of cockatoos can be very nasty and if kept in a poultry farm, can vigorously attack small hens. Smaller breeds are at risk of getting attacked by these big birds as they belong lower rank in food chain.

Do Cockatoos Attack Possums

Cockatoos and possums do not get along. They attack possums and fight against them. Ring-tailed possums try to avoid cockatoos.

Do Cockatoos Attack Rabbits

In general, cockatoos can attack rabbits but these two creatures do not have animosity. Some chatterbox species like Quakers, Macaws, Cockatoos and many more can give rabbits irritation and stress.

Do Cockatoos Attack Dogs

Cockatoos generally do not directly attack dogs. They can be kept together as pets. Dogs are ahead in the food chain and they are kind of predatory in nature. Due to this nature, both of them do not get much along but still kept as pets in some households.

Do Wild Cockatoos Attack Humans

Wild cockatoos directly launch an attack on humans and other creatures. They harshly bite humans and give them cuts. They are even known for damaging other birds’ nests to dominate their appearance.

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Cockatoos can bite humans and also other creatures. They can launch an attack. These attacks are not necessarily because of aggression, they can be also because of stress, fear, breeding season, and also to display domination. Several cockatoos can be trained friendly, but some can bite their owners also.

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