Do Cockatoos Get Jealous? 5 Facts You Should Know

Sukanya Chakraborty

Do Cockatoos Get Jealous? 5 Facts You Should Know

Cockatoos are very decent and well-behaved birds in captivity. They are able to talk and they scream a lot. Now let us know about their jealousy.

Every cockatoo gets jealous of so many different events in the surroundings. They just need the attention of the owner or the person who is nearby. This behavior can be treated but it is not acceptable if a person expels a jealous cockatoo.

When do cockatoos get jealous

Cockatoos are monogamous and so they are capable of feeling love and jealousy. This feeling started to grow in a cockatoo from a young age. Now let us know when they get jealous.

The causes of being jealous of a cockatoo are listed below.

  • Cockatoos majorly get jealous when the owner does not put much attention to them. They need the attention of the owner.
  • When the owner does not spend time with the cockatoos, like playing, they generally feel jealous.
  • Cockatoos do feel jealous when there is a newborn baby in the family. It is quite obvious that the family members are starting to get busy with the newborn baby. They do not generally take good care of the bird. At this time they feel jealous of that baby.
  • Cockatoos are monogamous and are mating with the same partner for years. They can feel jealous if an injury or illness separates them. Female cockatoos have stronger feelings than the male cockatoos.

This kind of jealousy can be treated by interacting more with the cockatoo. Cockatoos need proper sleep and need a thing to get busy with. A busy owner can bring specialized bird toys or some dolls for the bird.

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How to identify whether your cockatoo is jealous

Cockatoos are very attention-seeking birds and often feel jealous when they are not treated well. Now let us see how to identify a jealous cockatoo.

There are some proper indications to understand a cockatoo’s jealousy. These are:

  • Cockatoos scream more when they see the person nearby with whom they are jealous.
  • Cockatoos do hunch to the perch or to the door of the cage to show their jealousy.
  • Cockatoos also can flare their wings up and make them look bigger when they are envious.
  • Totally erect standing cockatoo is also an identification of their jealousy pattern.
  • Cockatoos also can blaze their tail when they are resentful. They also pin their eyes with small pupils to display their jealousy.

Do cockatoos bond with one person

Cockatoos are very popular cage birds all over the world. They are very lovable and playful to humans. Now let us know whether they bond with only one person.

Cockatoos use to make a very strong bond with one person, the person who is taking much care of the cockatoo. They usually get attached to that person and feel jealous of the person. The chances to bond with one person get higher when there is no cage friend or mate present nearby to the cockatoo.

After living along with the particular person the cockatoo used to disdain the other person in that captivity. They also can get aggressive to the other person with whom they are not bonded.

Image Credit: Palm Cockatoo by JJ Harrison licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

Do cockatoos like more than one person

Cockatoos are very socialized birds. They like humans around them and like to play and interact. Let us know if cockatoos like more than one individual or not.

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A cockatoo obviously likes more than one person but gets strongly attached to only one person. They become one-person birds in the captivity. They like to interact and love to be busy with the people. They can also remember the person by their physical appearance and try to enact their activity.

Image Credit: Cacatua galerita by Sergio Almeida licensed under CC BY 2.0

Do cockatoos get emotionally attached

Cockatoos get emotionally attached to the particular potential mate. Captive cockatoos also have strong emotional feelings. They get connected to the owner and rest their head on their shoulder. They can also peck the owner to show extreme emotions.


The summary of this article is that the cockatoo is very emotional and also jealous. They are one-person birds and also very lovable toward their mate. They generally do not like to share the person with something other with whom they are closely bonded.

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