Do Cockatoos Get Lonely ? 9 Facts You Should Know

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Do Cockatoos Get Lonely ? 9 Facts You Should Know

Cockatoos and other intelligent birds have the ability to convey their emotions. Let us find out if they ever feel lonely.

Cockatoos experience loneliness occasionally for various reasons. They become extremely lonely if the owner or partner is missing, which causes them to act erratically afterward.

Due to their great intelligence, wild cockatoos require the company of other parrots. They are loud birds who demand the attention of their companion or owner. Let us discover below some behavior of cockatoos when they are lonely and many more interesting facts around it.

When do cockatoos feel lonely ?

Cockatoos feel lonely when they experience stress bar. Cockatoos may become stressed for a variety of reasons, one of which is when cockatoos need for companionship interaction is not met.

The other reason can be that when cockatoo’s companion is deceased or the cockatoo’s pair get separated due to some reason. They feel very lonely and behave abruptly till they find a new companion.

How cockatoos behave when they feel lonely?

Cockatoos exhibit different behavior when they feel lonely. Some of them are discussed below:

  • The majority of the time, cockatoos pace, tap their toes, and swing their heads in a repetitive manner when cockatoos are bored and feel lonely.
  • An outward manifestation of stress in the bird’s environment is psychological feather picking.
  • Cockatoos are enormous birds with loud vocalizations; when they feel lonely and trying to get their master’s attention, they’ll scream annoyingly.
  • Since they rely on social connection, lonely cockatoos frequently attempt to hide from their owners.
  • If a cockatoo has not formed a link with its owner and the companion has passed away, the bird will conceal them more.
  • A lonely bird won’t be very happy or playful and can even refuse to being touched.
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Do cockatoos need companions?

Cockatoos are talkative birds. They may or may not require a companion to express their emotions. Let us see if they actually require one.

Cockatoos need companions to live. They are well adapted with humans. A cockatoo’s primary objective in life is to attach physically to their owner.

Image credits : Salmon-crested cockatoo, showing signs of feather-plucking on its chest by
Julie corsi
 is licensed under CC BY 2.0

If cockatoos do not get enough time to spend with their companion or owner, they will exhibit common behavioral problems like screaming and neurotic feather picking.

Can cockatoos live alone?

Cockatoos cannot live alone. They need a partner or master to live happily. They are highly attached towards their partner. When they are in captivity they consider their masters as their partner. It is also observed that without partners or master, cockatoos cannot live longer.

What to do if a Cockatoo feels lonely?

Spending more time with cockatoos is the best thing you can do to make it feel better. Still there are many things by which an owner can do to help cockatoos overcome the loneliness.

  • Provide cockatoos with a lot of toys to keep them from feeling lonely and bored.
  • Some keepers suggests that adding a mirror in front of them makes them feel as though there is another bird nearby because of the reflection. But it can become an issue later.
  • Getting another bird as a companion for your cockatoo is quite helpful. But make sure to put them in separate cages. There is no assurance that the two will get along or even become friends.

Do loneliness affects the lifespan of cockatoos?

Isolation makes the life span of cockatoos shorter due to chronic stress because they are flocking birds and they live in pair or groups. Stressful situations that are repeatedly experienced impair antioxidant defenses, increasing cellular and DNA impairment, particularly in the telomeric region.

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Do cockatoos make bond with their owners?

Cockatoos are able to form strong bonds with their owners. They establish deeper bonds with their owners and treat them like a member of their flock. Nuzzling, preening, vying for attention, and eagerness are ways that parrots express their love for certain individuals.

Image Credits : Black Cockatoo with his master by Brenda Clarke is licensed under CC BY 2.0

You might even get a unique contact call from your cockatoo. Cockatoos are usually one-person birds because they can differentiate between humans, which may cause them to develop a special attachment with you alone.

Why cockatoos live longer than other birds?

In comparison to other bird species, cockatoos and other parrot species have been found to have longer life spans. Let us understand what contributes to their longevity.

  • Cockatoos and other parrot species have huge brains compared to their body sizes, just as humans. This helps them control their aging and senescence of cells.
  • It is found that cockatoos forebrain contains high density of neurons.
  • Vocalizations acquired through cultural transmission makes use of particular brain circuits.
  • Smaller birds have faster metabolism so they reproduce quickly in order to maintain their species balance, but cockatoos have remarkable longevity, especially considering their fast metabolism.


To sum up, we can say that cockatoos are fascinating social birds.  They may experience loneliness for a lot of the reasons that are covered above. With substantially bigger brains than other similar-sized birds, they have highly developed intellectual and vocal communication skills, and a long lifespan.

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