Cockatoos and Cats: Can They Get Along?


Cockatoos and Cats: Can They Get Along?

Cockatoos and cats are both fierce animals with very distinct needs. But can they get along? Let us find out.

Cockatoos and cats can get along as long as each of them has an individual space and does not intrude upon the other’s space. Cats often like pouncing and playing with whatever comes their way, and this might put the bird’s life in danger. 

Cockatoos usually like having their own space, and so do cats. This is why it is recommended that they should be kept away from each other, and the owner must be vigilant. 

What are the pros and cons of having cats as pets?

Cats make wonderful pets, but just like all other pets, there are several pros and cons of having them. Let us see what they are in the table below.

Pros Cons
1. Cats are self-cleaning pets; frequent baths are not necessary.Cats tend to be slightly aloof, especially when compared to dogs.
2. Cat food is cheaper in comparison to dog food.Cats are a tad more difficult to train since they do not obey commands easily.
3. Cats are easier to litter train since they are inherently shy animals who do not like littering in open.A lot of people are allergic to cats.
4. Cats are quite independent and can keep themselves entertained.Cats often scratch and damage furniture. 
5. Cats can help alleviate symptoms of anxiety and reduce stress levels.The cost of having a cat is quite high and should be kept in mind before purchase/adoption.
Pros and cons of having cats as pets
Image Credits: “Domestic Cat” by Aizuddin Saad! is licensed under (CC BY 2.0)

What are the pros and cons of having cockatoos as pets?

Cockatoos are an interesting choice for a pet. However, knowing the pros and cons before purchasing one is an advantage. 

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1. Cockatoos are quite intelligent and humorous.Cockatoos are expensive birds, with the price varying according to the species.
2. Cockatoos are vibrant and very colorful.Cockatoos are very noisy and often yell a lot.
3. Cockatoos are quite easy to train and pick up human voices quickly.If left out of their cages, cockatoos can chew or destroy furniture. 
4. Cockatoos love interacting with humans and make for fantastic companions.Cockatoos are quite aggressive towards other birds and animals.
5. Cockatoos are social animals and may quickly adjust in a new setting. Cockatoos can be quite messy and may shed dander in house.
Pros and cons of having cockatoos as pets
Image Credits: “Moluccan cockatoo” by Snowmanradio is licensed under (CC BY-SA 3.0.)

What are the pros and cons of keeping cockatoos and cats together?

A cockatoo and cat can keep their owner thoroughly entertained and are quite lively. Besides, they can significantly reduce stress. However, cats can be a threat to the cockatoo since both these animals are territorial. 

How to keep cockatoos and cats together?

In order to keep cockatoos and cat together, the following measures can be taken:

  • Ensure that the bird is in their cage and both the animals are at a certain distance from the other.
  • Ensure that both these animals feel safe and are not stressed before bringing them closer to one another.
  • Always ensure that both cockatoo and cat have enough individual space and do not intrude upon each other’s space.
  • Make sure that the birdcage is heavy so that the cat does not topple it and wide enough for the bird to protect itself from the probing paws of cat.
  • Always ensure that the birdcage has a lock (padlock or sliding lock) so that the cat cannot open it easily.
  • Give cat other toys that they are interested in so that their attention remains diverted and they do not start viewing the cockatoo as a toy.
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Cats are naturally curious creatures, so they may initially act quite hostile toward the cockatoo. Besides, cockatoos themselves are highly territorial, so they are likely to add fuel to the fire. If to keep these two together, ensure that the bird is provided with a proper birdcage and remain alert at all times. 

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