7 Facts On Do Cockatiel Dance? When, How

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7 Facts On Do Cockatiel Dance? When, How

It might be surprised to hear that cockatiel is not limited to singing as a skill. These birds also have some other amazing skills. Let us see if dancing comes in this list.

Cockatiels love to dance just as much as humans do. This habit is extremely uncommon and only a few number of  other creatures can do it. Typically, they mimic their owner’s dancing. Cockatiels also start swinging their heads and making other gestures when they hear a loud beat.

Let us explore some interesting facts on the way cockatiel dance along with their reactions to music as we go forward in this article.

When does a cockatiel dance?

Cockatiels dance when they hear loud music or when they are happy with their owner. They start dancing by banging their head. Sometimes they open their wings and move in a circle. Cockatiels demand to be in a good connection with their owner and they try to receive the attention singing and dancing.

How to make cockatiel dance?

Best way to have fun with cockatiel is by demonstrating some dance moves. So here are some steps by which owner can make cockatiel dance.

1. Keep cockatiels in good health

Make sure cockatiel is in good health. A sufficient amount of food, water, and cage space should be provided for the bird.

It is unlikely that cockatiel will talk to the owner if it is feeling unwell.

2. Handling is important

Handle and hold the cockatiel frequently to establish a bond with it.

3. Spend time with your bird

If an individual spend a few minutes each day petting their cockatiel, one can develop trust with it and learn more about its preferences.

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Cockatiel like being touched and spend more time with the owner.

4. Start the training with simple exercise

Once the cockatiel feels secure, begin with simple exercises like holding out the finger like a ladder rung.

5. Gaining trust of the bird is important

Building trust and familiarity with cockatiel will enable the owners to make them dance on their palm.

6. Show some dance moves to the bird

Show cockatiel how to dance by putting it in a certain location, like a table or bench, and playing bouncy music that cockatiel can pick up.

7. Observe the bird activity

To signal the beginning, say something like “let’s dance.” Wait to observe whether the cockatiel imitates it by doing some of their own head-bobbling and wing-flapping motions.

Once they listen and understand the command “let’s dance”, cockatiel might be able to get into the swing of things.

8. Bird should feel secure in your hand

Start by raising and lowering the hand while holding it on the finger. Once the cockatiel feels secure around their owner, they can be easily carried.

9. Cockatiel learns through visual cues

Cockatiel might amaze their owner with some of its own after lots of practice because birds learn through visual cues. If the owner shows off some dancing steps, it might learn some of its own.

When owner start dancing after that, bird will naturally turn its head and spread its wings to dance with their owner.

Do cockatiel like music ?

Cockatiels are well renowned for having a high level of intelligence and are even capable of mimicking some noises. But do they enjoy music. Let us find out.

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Cockatiels are fond of music. They enjoy music much like the majority of other parrot species do. Finding the right music for these birds may take some time because each has a different taste in music. Once they start to enjoy the music, they will try to imitate the words, and shake their heads to the beats.

What makes cockatiels enjoy music?

Image Credit: Male Cockatiel by WoaItsBren is licensed under (CC BY-SA 4.0)

The presence of protein called alpha-synuclein in cockatiels make them enjoy music. This protein causes the production of dopamine every time when they hear music which in turn makes them feel good.

Is Music Good for Cockatiels?

Music is good for cockatiels as they can be instantaneously cheered up by music. So, if one can play them their favorite song while they seem depressed, they will soon show a change in their mood. Their loneliness and boredom will be reduced if music is played for them.

What kind of music do cockatiels like?

Music is something cockatiels adore although, they can only listen to certain types of music. Let us learn more about those musical genres.

Songs like whistling, light pop, or classical music that have melody which resemble the natural sound of a cockatiel interests these birds. However, some cockatiels do like loud beats.

It has been observed that many cockatiels react to louder music more proactively and fiercely bobbing their heads and dancing to its beats.

How to Tell If A Cockatiel Likes Music?

Few signs which indicate cockatiels like music are:

1. Chirping

The first indication of happiness and pleasure in cockatiels is chirping. So it is nice to hear that they are chirping in response to the music played for them.

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2. Mimicking

Second, if they are trying to mimic the song which is played, it is also a sign that they are enjoying the music.

3. Puffing out feathers

When cockatiels are excited, they puff out their feathers. It is a positive sign if they are doing it while listening to music. 

The tongue-clicking behavior of cockatiels is another indication that they are thoroughly enjoying the music.


To sum up this post, we conclude that cockatiels are intellectual birds and are fond of dancing and singing music. For these birds, music frequently has a relaxing impact and sometimes even improves their mood

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