Where Do Cockatoos Live? Facts You Should Know

Sukanya Chakraborty

Where Do Cockatoos Live? Facts You Should Know

There are approximately 21 types of cockatoos that are spread over many regions in the world. Let us know particularly about the regions they choose for living.

A detailed explanation on the places at which each type of cockatoos inhabit is given in the table below:

Types Of CockatoosPlaces where they live
1. Baudin’s Black CockatooThey are found in dense forest regions like the southwest like Jarrah, Marri, and Karri.
2. Blue-eyed CockatooThese types of birds are located in the lowland forests of New Britain, east of New Guinea.
3. Carnaby’s Black CockatooThey are endemic to Kalbarri in the north to Esperance in the south-east of Australia.
4. CockatielThese cockatoos are native to the country of Australia.
5. Ducorp’s CockatooThey are abundant in Solomon islands.
6. Galah CockatooThese birds inhabit the woodlands, grasslands of Australia.
7. Gang-gang CockatooThis cockatoo ranges from southern Victoria through south and central New South Wales.
8. Glossy Black CockatooThese cockatoos are found in coastal woodlands and dry forest regions of New South Wales.
9. Goffin’s CockatooThis bird is restricted to Banda Sea Islands of Yamdena and Tanimbar of Indonesia.
10. Little CorellaTheir habitat ranges from arid deserted regions of central Australia to east-coast plains.
11. Major Mitchell’s CockatooThey are types of cockatoos, which can be located in the arid and semi-arid zones of Australia.
12. Moluccan CockatooThey are native to the lowland forests of south Moluccas and eastern Indonesia.
13. Palm CockatooThey live in northern Queensland, Australia, and New Guinea.
14. Red-tailed Black CockatooThey majorly located in drier parts of Australia, like Eucalyptus forests or woodlands.
15. Red-vented CorellaThey are restricted to Philippines.
16. Slender-billed CorellaThese birds are native to Australia.
17. Sulphur-crested CockatooThis breed of cockatoo is widespread throughout north, east, and south-east Australia.
18. Western CorellaThis bird is restricted to southwestern Australia.
19. White-crested CockatooThey are seen in open woodland and tropical forests of Indonesia.
20. Yellow-crested CockatooThey are found in islands of Indonesia.
21. Yellow-tailed Black CockatooThese cockatoos are located in southeastern Australia including island of Tasmania and also Kangaroo Island.
Table1: Types of cockatoos with their habitats

Cockatoos are found to live in several variations of forested habitats, from eucalyptus groves to pine forests and rainforests as well, and are majorly located in Australia and the smaller island nations, especially northeast regions. There are certain places in the wild they choose to live. We can learn more about it in the rest of the article.

Image Credit: Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo by JJ Harrison is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Where Do Cockatoos Live In The Wild?

Cockatoos belong to the most well-known and favorable members of the parrot family due to their attractive crest and intelligence. Let us know the places they choose in the wild.

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Cockatoos live in all types of forested areas in the wild. They expand out into pine woods and rainforests from eucalyptus groves. To graze on grass seeds, they can also dwell in mangroves, open country, and the lower slopes of mountains.

Cockatoos make use of mangroves, woods, eucalyptus groves, scrublands, rainforests, and open ground. In the rest of the article, we can see where they choose to live in certain forest areas.

Image Credit: White Cockatoo by Dick Daniels is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

Where Do Cockatoos Live In Rainforest

Several cockatoo species like glossy black and some others choose rainforests to live in. Let us find out the specific locations of the rainforest, a cockatoo chooses mostly.

Cockatoos are mainly located in the tree top layer in the rainforests. They have a fascinating life by flapping around in the forest’s uppermost layers. They are stunning birds that are easily recognized by everyone for their colorful, vibrant plumage and unique mannerisms.

Cockatoos are often seen in urban areas, but they prefer the long edges of tropical and subtropical rainforests.

Image Credit: Sulfur Crested Cockatoo by Mahbob Yusof is licensed under CC BY 2.0


Cockatoos come in 21 different species, all of which may be identified by their flashy crests and curved beak. In Australia, cockatoos are the most common. Cockatoos are also located in Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, along with the Philippines and some other islands in addition to Australia.

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