Do Ravens & Crows Sleep At Night? 9 Facts You Should Know !

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Do Ravens & Crows Sleep At Night? 9 Facts You Should Know !

Birds like owls and nighthawks are usually awaken at night. Let us explore about the crows and ravens sleeping habit.

Crows and Ravens both sleep at night. They do most of the activities during the daytime and return to their nest site before the sun sets. They take the complete sleep between the duration from sunset to sunrise. As they are diurnal creatures, crows rise early and take off to gather food for them and their family.

Although many animals and birds are nocturnal by nature, crows and ravens sleep at night. But unlike humans, they have to deal with several difficulties during their sleep. Let us look into how they sleep and other relevant information.

Where do ravens spend the night?

Ravens typically spend their nights sleeping in large trees (coniferous or deciduous) with sprawling branches. They also resides during night in heavily populated residential areas, such as an abandoned exhaust pipe, window ledges, or the sides of buildings 15 to 60 feet above the ground.

How many hours do ravens sleep?

Sleeping hours can vary among different bird species. Let us find out the sleeping hours of ravens.

Ravens take about 10 hours of sleep on an average. Like crows, ravens are also diurnal birds, ravens cannot be seen after the sunset. This sleep can vary according to the location and length of the day. It is very common for the ravens to wake up before the sunrise.

What time do ravens sleep ?

Ravens sleep in the late afternoon and wake up in the early dawn. Depending upon how long the day is, the majority of ravens sleep sometime between a little after sunset and a little before sunrise.

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However, crows and ravens residing in the cities and towns can go to their roosting locations even at 10 p.m. This happens because of the reason that lights are everywhere in cities.

Where Do Crows Sleep When It Rains At Night?

Crows keep a position on heavy branches during nighttime rainstorms to avoid being swept over. On the side, they lock their feet around a perch that is extremely close to the trunk. This technique makes them best shielded from wind and rain. Crows hide out in dense bushes and shrubs, when it is raining a lot.

Nature has given all birds to tackle the calamities. Crows have feathers that can keep them warm in cold weather and shield them from the rain. When the rain stops, they puff their feathers to capture insulating air and become warm. So, even under windy and rainy conditions, they are kept safe.

Do Crows Sleep Upright?

Crows sleep in upright position. Crows do not prefer to sleep on their backs like other birds do. In order to protect their babies during the breeding season, they can snooze standing up. During the non-breeding seasons, they can do the same in a big, communal roost.

Crows are kept awake and partially asleep in an upright position. In case a predator tries to chase them, they can respond  as rapidly as possible in this manner. Keeping in mind that eagles, hawks, owls and snakes are common predators of crows and they have to be active all night.

How do ravens sleep at night ?

Before it gets dark, ravens start to assemble at the roost and appear to talk to one another while fluttering between trees. This behaviour continues until it is the darkest. They then go to sleep and become quiet. Crows in large roosts that are close to city lights seem to sleep longer and quiet down more rapidly.

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Do crows spend each night in the same place?

A bird finds it challenging to spend the night in the same location when it is alone, but crows can. Let us investigate.

Crows typically spend each night in the same place with communal roosts. As the sunrise, the large communal roost divides into smaller flocks. In the late afternoon, all the small flocks of crows gather at the same place to the huge communal roost.

Crows often follow the same flight path every day. As they fly very early, they have a pre-roosting site where all the small flocks will meetup in the late afternoon. Before flying the last mile to the communal roost, crows have enough food to sustain them into the next morning.

Do male and female crows sleep together?

Birds pair normally sleep together but it is different for crows during breeding season. Let us find out.

Female and male crows do not sleep together during breeding season. But they frequently sleep next to their nests for the young. Crows seem to mate for life and remain together. They must remain together once breeding season begins in order to watch over their young.

Do Raven and Crows sleep with their babies?

Birds normally spend the night with their young. However, the scenario is different for crows and ravens. Let us investigate this further.

Image Credits : Young Ravens on a nest by Lara Stefansdottir is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Ravens and crows rarely spend the night in nests with their babies. They usually rest on the branches next to the nest. This makes them easy to gather food for their babies and also protects them from predators. However, if their babies feel cold, adult crows sleep alongside of their babies to keep them warm.

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When do crows wake up at night?

Crows get awaken when a predator, such as an owl or hawk, tries to disturb them at night. Crows typically do not stay awake at night. Though, they might not perceive day and night clearly because of the street lights. As we already know, they sleep standing up, thus they always appear to be half asleep and half awake.


In conclusion, crows and ravens sleep at night. Crows and Ravens sleep upright in order to stay awake at the same time in case if a predator strikes. They do not spend the night in the nest with their young. Crows stay with their babies in the nest to keep them warm, if their baby feels cold.

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