Are Ravens Protected? 7 Facts You Should Know!


Are Ravens Protected? 7 Facts You Should Know!

Ravens are frequently seen as “pests.” There are several interesting reasons these birds are often shooed away. This begs the question, are ravens protected?

Ravens are a protected species of the Corvus genus in several parts of the world. One of the most compelling reasons for doing so is to keep them from becoming extinct. The following countries/ regions have designated ravens as a “protected bird species.”

Countries/regions that mark ravens as a protected bird species
The UK- the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981
Australia- the Nature Conservation Act 1992
Scotland- the Wildlife & Countryside Act (1981)
Alaska- the 101-year-old Migratory Bird Treaty Act
Arizona- the Migratory Bird Treaty Act
Countries/regions that mark ravens as a protected bird species

Note: Although ravens are protected in North America, USDA Wildlife Services can manage the birds’ numbers. This agency may persecute ravens in locations where they are interfering with cattle activities.

Are ravens an endangered species?

Ravens are not considered an endangered bird species in general. Nonetheless, hunting these birds is forbidden in some parts of the world. The greatest risks to these big black birds are habitat loss and hunting by people, which we cannot ignore.

The common raven has a conservation classification of Least Concern.

Why are ravens protected?

One of the primary reasons ravens are being designated as protected in certain regions is to end the lethal population control of these birds.

Are ravens rare?

In general, ravens are not regarded as being rare. Throughout the northern hemisphere, these birds can be seen in great numbers. They can be found across the Arctic, temperate, and farther south to the highlands of South America and North Africa regions of North America, Eurasia, and even Australia.

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Can you capture a raven?

Although you can capture a raven, you shouldn’t. The Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918 forbids the capture of ravens in the USA. However, licensed wildlife rehabilitators are exempt from this law.

In addition to the US, any region/ country that has made ravens a protected bird species makes it illegal for anyone to capture these birds without special permission. 

Are ravens protected in the USA?

Ravens are found in abundance in North America. These are not just birds but are also infamous for being birds that prey on living creatures, which often gets them hunted.

Ravens are protected in the United States under the International Migratory Bird Treaty Act. This implies that you cannot capture or shoot ravens. Wildlife services, on the other hand, can obtain the requisite federal permissions to capture these protected birds.

Are Australian ravens protected?

Australian ravens are protected birds. The Nature Conservation Act 1992 lists all ravens (including Australian ravens) and crows in Australia. As a result, it is forbidden to trap or disturb raven nests, particularly when the birds are raising their young.

Is shooting a raven illegal?

Shooting ravens is prohibited in areas where these birds have been recognized as protected species. Shooting ravens, for example, is a Federal offense in the United States since these birds are protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918.


Finally, ravens are a protected bird species in some parts of the world. They do not, however, belong to an endangered species. Instead, these birds have been given the protected designation to protect their population from mindless hunting.

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