Stallion vs. Gelding : Key Facts on Stallion and Gelding


Stallion vs. Gelding : Key Facts on Stallion and Gelding

There are various types of horses that exist on the planet, each having distinct features and behavior. Just like any other horse, these two also have many similarities and differences. Take a look at these differences.

A neutered male horse is referred to as a gelding horse. In contrast, stallions are male horses that are reproductively active. Hence, the use of stallions is vital for reproduction, while gelding is used for working purposes. 

Geldings are castrated when they reach the age of maturity, and afterward, they lose all interest in mares; this makes them more calm and quiet by nature. 

Apart from this, both of the horses differ in characteristics, health, reproduction, size, behavior, speed, and much more. Let’s explore these differences in more detail. 

Difference between Stallion and Gelding

Comparison BasisGeldingsStallions
MeaningThey are NeuteredThey are not Neutered
SizeThey weigh around 900- 2000 poundsThey weigh around 870-900 pounds
BehaviourSince they are neutered they are calmer in natureAggressive in nature
Ideal for BeginnersConsidering their calm nature, they are ideal for riding by beginnersThey are aggressive and difficult to handle while riding hence they are not ideal for beginners
ReproductionReproductively inactiveReproductively Active
Stallion vs. Gelding

Stallion vs. Gelding Behaviour

Stallions and geldings are both grown up male horses used for various 

purposes, but their temperaments differ significantly due to reproductive and biological differences. 

Geldings are more sensitive and obedient than stallions. This is because testosterone levels decline when testes are removed, making them more calm and gentle. However, stallions are hostile and violent by nature. 

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Stallions can be really aggressive, particularly around other stallions. They can be violent and even dominant around humans. Stallions are unpredictable to ride, to such an extent that experts advise that you should never ride them unless they are trained well. 

As a result of being castrated, geldings are well behaved because they no longer need to dominate or compete with horses. Mood swings are less frequent in geldings than in other types of horses. This makes them great riding partners. 

Are Stallions Stronger than Geldings?

The testosterone in their body is believed to make a stallion stronger than geldings. However, the statement is untrue!! Let’s delve deeper to examine the facts. 

Stallions are not stronger than geldings; being grown up male horses, both of them are strong. In fact, geldings are enormous in size than stallions. They can also run at the same speed. 

It’s pretty accurate that stallions and geldings are stronger than mares and foals, but when compared with each other, both of them are muscular and can even compete in races.

It is only because of the calm nature of geldings that they are frequently used for riding and carrying loads. But, they are as strong as stallions and can even defeat them in races and carrying heavy loads. 

Stallion and Gelding : Which is faster?

Equine bodies are built to run faster, mainly because horses are prey animals, which other predators often threaten. Let’s find out who is fastest among them. 

Both gelding and stallion can run at the same speeds of 30 to 55 mph. Therefore, both of these male horses are capable of running well on a race track if appropriately trained.

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The speed at which they can run can be significantly affected by age, health condition, training, and other factors. For instance, a young horse can run faster than an old nag horse. 

Although there is a widespread belief that hot-blooded stallions can run faster than geldings, this is untrue. In fact, considering the aggressive nature of stallions, it is hard to train them while the training process is more straightforward and quick with the gelding. 

Stallions or Geldings : Which is Ideal for Beginners?

In the sphere of horse riding, a beginner has various options for which horse to choose. However, if you are riding for the first time, you need to select the best possible safest option. 

When it comes to riding, a gelding tends to be the least aggressive and most predictable on the whole. So you do not have to worry about their aggressive nature when interacting with other horses or about their competitive nature with humans like some stallions do.

Gelding horses are ideal to ride by womens as well since they are friendly and easier to control. 

Stallions are short-tempered, aggressive, and rude by nature. The slightest mistake or trouble by riders can easily annoy them to the extent that they might kick or hit them. 

However, if you plan to ride with stallions, always do that under the supervision of experts and ensure that they are trained well and easy to handle while riding. 

Stallions and Geldings : Which Needs More Care?

Almost every creature on earth requires some sort of maintenance and care. But the level of care can vary significantly. Similarly stallions and geldings require different degrees of care. 

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The stallions need more care and attention than geldings because they are breeding animals and always need a companion to mate. Their aggressive nature also prevents them from being kept in herds.

 However, geldings can be kept alone or in herds since they are calm and friendly creatures. Since they are neutered, they neither care about mares around them nor are jealous of other horses. Hence, they don’t require any additional care and can be domesticated easily. 

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