Quarter Horse VS Thoroughbred : Detailed Analysis and FAQs


Quarter Horse VS Thoroughbred : Detailed Analysis and FAQs

The Quarter horse also popularly known as American Quarter Horse and thoroughbred are two of the world’s fastest running horses. Although they look similar at first glance, there are a whole range of differences that make them unique. Here we will discuss the exact difference between the quarter horse and the thoroughbred so that you can recognize them the next time you attend live horse racing. 

Thoroughbreds are bred for endurance more than quarter horses. Quarter horses just go a quarter of a mile, this is why they are known as quarter horses. On the other hand, thoroughbreds can run a mile or three with ease. 

Image Credit; white quarter horse by KayleneSerafina pixabay

Despite their running capabilities thoroughbreds and quarter horses do have many other differences as well. For instance- they have different speeds, temperaments, appearance, and lifespan.

To discover more with regards to Quarter Horses and Thoroughbreds, continue reading. In this blog, we give you an overview of the two breeds and help you understand the main difference between these two. 

Quarter Horses vs Thoroughbreds Comparison Chart

ThoroughbredQuarter Horses
Height60 to 68 inches tall55 to 65 inches tall
Weight800 to 1200 lbs800 lbs
AppearanceTaller, finer-boned, longer necks and toned bodySomewhat shorter, broad chest, a short head, and muscular body
Speed40 mph55 mph
Lifespan22-28 years25-30 years
Exercise2 hours a day1 hour a day
Ideal for BeginnersNoYes
Quarter Horses vs Thoroughbreds

Quarter Horse Vs Thoroughbred Size

Image Credits; thoroughbred by Ceccucci pixabay

To begin with, size is the most prominent difference between these two breeds. This is because the size difference makes them unique in terms of speed and appearance. 

As far as size is concerned, a Quarter Horse is a medium to huge size horse. They are commonly 55 to 65 inches tall and weigh around 1200lbs. On the other hand, thoroughbreds are 60 to 68 inches tall and 800lbs to 1200lbs in weight. 

The huge difference in the size indicates that thoroughbreds are tall, huge, and built stronger, powerful, and muscular in comparison to quarter horses. However, the size can vary according to the age and health condition of the horse. 

Image Credits; Quarter Horse by Wildfaces  pixabay

Thoroughbred vs Quarter Horse temperament

Although there are many similarities between these two types of breeds, when it comes to temperament they are complete opposites. Read on to know the difference between a quarter horse and thoroughbred temperament.

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Due to their good temperament, quarter horses are known as the calmest breed among horses. On the other hand, thoroughbreds are hot-blooded, hence they are not as friendly as quarter horses.

Because of the bad temperament and aggressive nature of thoroughbreds, it is not recommended to ride on them, unless you are an expert. 

Quarter Horse Vs Thoroughbred Speed

Since thoroughbreds are taller there is a common misconception that they run faster than quarter horses. However, both are running horses and have greater speed. Since both can run well, you must be wondering what is the difference in their speed or which one is faster. Read on to know the differences in their speed.

On average, Thoroughbreds have a maximum speed of 40 mph, on the other side, quarter horses can run with a speed of 55 mph. This shows quarter horses can run faster than thoroughbreds. But, this can vary according to different circumstances. 

Because quarter horses run at a constant speed. This is why if they start slow there will be no chances that they will win the race. On the other hand thoroughbreds are quite the opposite as they can speed up any time between the races and can even win if they start slow. 

Quarter Horse Vs Thoroughbred Appearance 

The appearance is the first thing that will help you differentiate between the two breeds. And When it comes to appearance both breeds look different and have huge differences in their appearance. 

Thoroughbreds are taller, finer-boned, longer necks on the other hand quarter horses are muscular and short-headed. 

Concerning their coat, they can arrive in a variety of hair tones. Among which hair tones like bay, roan, chestnut, black, and brown coats are most famous among both breeds. 

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Quarter Horse Vs Thoroughbred Uses

Image Credits; quarter horse by Waltpage10 pixabay

Besides racing, both breeds can be used for a variety of purposes. This might sound interesting and confusing at the same time. Don’t worry we are here to help! Read below to know the various uses of these two breeds. 

While thoroughbreds are essentially bred for horse racing and show-hopping contests, they can also be used as riding horses. On the other side, quarter horses are called versatile horses as they can be used for working horses, family pets, or show animals. 

Besides, quarter horses can also perform well in various events. Their versatile nature and capability to do more work make the quarter horses more useful and popular among riders. 

Quarter Horses Vs Thoroughbreds Training

As now you know, Quarter horses and thoroughbreds are particularly known as the best racing horses. They require regular training to compete in a race. Now you must be wondering how are they during training sessions? Or what is the best technique to train them? Let’s discuss this in detail. 

Strangely, Quarter Horses and Thoroughbreds usually decipher guidelines the same way. Accordingly, they will in general react to the commands in a similar way. But, the only difference between them is that thoroughbreds are quite difficult to train because of their warm-blooded nature.

This means you need to be a little patient while training your thoroughbreds. Because they might lose their cool anytime between the training session. 

Thoroughbred vs Arabian

Image Credits; Arabian horse by AinslieGillesPatel by pixabay

The thoroughbred is the fastest running horse in the world, followed by quarter horses and then the Arabian horses in third place. But, just like quarter horses and thoroughbreds, there is a major distinction between thoroughbreds and Arabians. Let’s explore together and understand the major difference between them. 

The most noticeable distinction between Thoroughbreds and Arabians is their physical experience. Thoroughbreds are taller and heavier, making them greater and quicker contrasted with Arabians. Unlike thoroughbreds, Arabians are friendly and calm. 

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Besides, the load-carrying capacity of Arabians is much lower than thoroughbred, this is because of the difference in their size and build. 

Quarter Horses Vs Thoroughbreds FAQs

Can a quarter horse beat a thoroughbred?

Quarter horses can beat thoroughbreds. However, this will rely upon the racing event. For example, a Quarter Horse could beat a Thoroughbred in short races. They usually perform well if they don’t start slow because they have a constant speed and if they start with a good speed, they will maintain it throughout the game, and their chances of winning increase. 

What two breeds make a Quarter horse?

Quarter horses originated in the 1660s in the United States. They are a cross between native horses of Spanish origin, including the Chickasaw horse. 

How Many Breeds of Quarter Horses are There?

There are three types of quarter horses , They are; bulldog type, intermediate type, and thoroughbred type. While bulldog types have muscular body types, thoroughbreds are lean and have sleek legs. And the intermediate type has substantial muscle growth. 

What is a Quarter horse Thoroughbred cross called?

The cross between quarter horse thoroughbreds is called the Appendix Horse. Although they are considered friendly horses, their moods are uncertain and unpredictable, which is why they are not suitable for beginners. 

How Much Does Quarter Horses and Thoroughbreds Cost?

The average cost of buying an American Quarter Horse is around $3000 whereas thoroughbreds cost around $100,000 and $300,000 to purchase.This is why thoroughbreds are also known as the most expensive breed. 

What is the Lifespan of Quarter Horse and Thoroughbred Horses?

Quarter horses often live longer than thoroughbreds. The average lifespan of quarter horses is 25-30 years; on the other hand, thoroughbreds have an average life expectancy rate of 22-28 years. 

Can Quarter Horses Jump?

Quarter horses can jump. In fact, they are considered the best jumpers. But, they are not ideal for the very high jump because they are muscular. So, if you want horses for lower-level jumps then you can consider buying these horses. 

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