Riding A Draft Horse : Critical FAQs,Whole Insights


Riding A Draft Horse : Critical FAQs,Whole Insights

Can you ride a draft horse?

Draft horses are one of many types of horses. They are bigger and bulkier and are mostly used on farms. There are many perceptions on whether they can be used for riding, let’s talk about that.

You can ride a draft horse. Man used draft horses for pulling heavy weights and farming. It is because of their big body, patience, and endurance. This characteristic makes them easy to train for riding. Draft horses may require more training for riding but they are very good companions to have.

Are draft horses good for beginners?

The big size of draft horses can be intimidating, especially for beginner riders. But, they are popular by the ‘gentle giants’ name. We will see how beginners can start to ride this breed. 

Draft horses are suitable for beginner riders. This is because they have submissive nature and slow rhythmic movements. Moreover, they can pull heavyweights. Although they are not as athletic as the riding horse they are very much in demand in horse riding schools. 

When can you start riding a draft horse?

Generally, horses are ready to be ridden at an age of 4-5 years, kids can ride a 2-year-old pony. This data can vary as per the horse’s breed depending upon their maturity. 

Draft horses grow fast but they mature slow. It is advisable to wait for training till they turn atleast three years old. Even them they should be used for light riding. Every horse health is different so always seek your vet approval before you prepare training your. 

Are draft horses good for riding?

Draft horses are not the athletic type but that makes them unlikely to ride. A lot of people have misconceptions on this breed which we are going to bust down and answer related faqs.

Draft horses are good for riding. Yet, when compared to riding horses draft horses do not match their speed. They have slow arithmetic movement and are taller and stronger. This characteristic makes them better at other purposes like pulling, trail riding, farming and more.

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Are draft horses good for trail riding?

Using horses for trail riding requires proper training and the right mindset. Although with good training and discipline any horse can be used for trails, only a few breeds achieve excellence. 

Draft horses may not be the sport horses but they have all it takes to become a trail riding horse. Behind the bulkiness of draft, their lies gentleness, submissive nature. They also slow rhythmic movements which makes them suitable for trail riding. 

Are draft horses comfortable to ride?

With proper training draft horses can be ridden. But, whether they are comfortable to ride, still remains a big question. 

Gaited breed are the comfortable to ride horses. They are selective breed horses with the ability to ride and intermediate speed. Unfortunately, draft horses are not on the list of gaited horses. However, they are good for beginner riders as they good temperament to learn and walk in long strides.

Which draft horse is best for riding?

While the docile nature of drafts allow you to train any kind of draft horse, some breeds are better at riding than others. Here are the top three drat riding horses.

Draft Horse TypeCharacteristics for Riding
American DraftRemarkable endurance is excellent for trail riding.
European DraftFeathery legs and black manes often used for competition. 
Small DraftResonates with pony, calm and hardworking best use as children mounts.
Heavy DraftsAdorned for sports and competitions like showjumping and upper-level dressage.

Can short people ride draft horses?

Draft horses majorly are taller horses. Many people may have the perception of short people not being not able to ride taller horses. Let’s see what is the actual truth on this matter. 

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Short people can ride taller horses. Yet, it totally depends upon the rider. The rider should be a good experience and have the ability to handle taller horses. Getting on the horse may be a task but later on, it doesn’t affect so much if you are a good rider. The height of your horses can be an affecting factor in competition, though.

Draft horse vs riding horse?

Horses breeds are far beyond into major types and drafts and riding horses are most recognised. Let’s find more details on that.

Riding and draft horses have differ in various parameters. Riding horses are athletic. They are majorly trained for riding and often used for sports. Draft horses are bulkier and walk in slow rhythmic movements. They are use for labour work like pulling wagons or on farms. 

Draft HorseRiding Horse
Walk in slow rhythmic movementsMajorly trained for racing
Used for labour work like pulling wagons or on farmsUsed for sports

How to ride a draft horse?

Draft horses are not the typical riding horse but with good training, they can be used to ride. We will see what are the necessary step that goes behind training a draft horse.

If you have your draft horse since they were born, it is effective approach to teach them ground manners. Be cautious when handling them, they are very bulky and cause damage if they step on you. Use long-lining tools for training and most important be patient. 

Image Credit: Draft horse at Clarendon Tasmania by Peripitus (CC BY-SA 3.0)

How fast can a draft horse run?

Draft horses may not have the speed of riding horses but that doesn’t mean they are too slow. Let’s see what is the average top speed of a draft horse and similar faqs. 

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Most breeds of draft horses can run up to 55 miles or 88 kilometres per hour. They are mostly used in riding schools for new riders.  Their speed and pace them the best performers of rodeos, horse shows and ranch horses. Draft horses have various breeds, there will be slight differences in their speed.

How much can a draft horse pull?

The big and heavy structure of draft horses make them suitable to pull heavy weight. Let’s see how much weight a normal draft horse pull and similar faqs. 

Draft horses hold the reputation of pulling heavy weight on average they can pull up to 8000 pounds. However, the number may differ with the breed. Explained in table below.

Strongest Draft HorsePulling Weight (Upto)
Percheron3600 lbs

Are draft horses gentle?

The tall and heavy-looking drafts haven an intimating appearance. But their characteristic is totally opposite. Let’s see why this horse type are popular  as gentle giants. 

Draft horses are known ‘gentle giants’ because of their big size and docile characteristics. The big and bulky draft have wider shoulders, barrels and hooves bigger than humans. They are submissive to their master and are have the patience to learn challenging tasks.

Draft horse riding equipment?

With a big size differences between draft and riding horses, riding equipment also differ. Here are some of the essential riding equipment you will need to ride a draft horse.

  • Draft Size Splint Boot Pair. 
  • Draft Size Bareback Riding Pad.
  • Draft Bell Boots. 
  • Western Cinch or Girth.
  • Breast Collar 
  • Treeless Endurance Saddle.
  • Riding Bridle 
  • Riding Bridles – Leather.

Are draft horses easy to train?

The big size of draft horses and the ability to carry heavy weight makes them suitable for farms. But with proper training riders can ride them. We will see if training draft horses is as easy as riding horses.

Horses are prey animals, their intelligence and submissive nature makes them trainable. Draft horses are more docile, so it is easier for owners to handle them. Like all the other breeds need draft too need training for riding, pulling, poling and farm labour.

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