Flaxen Chestnut Horse: Exhaustive Facts and FAQs

Flaxen Chestnut Horse

Flaxen chestnut horses carry the flaxen trait as a result of which their coat is brown or liver-brown, but their mane is of a much lighter color, usually light or dark blonde. Some horses carrying the flaxen trait may sometimes have cream, orange, or yellow-coloured mane and tail.

Baby horse hooves : Interesting Facts and FAQs

Baby horse hooves

A newborn foal’s hooves are called an eponychium. More informally, they are also known as “golden slippers,” “‘foal slippers’”, or “fairy fingers”. Although the foal’s hooves remain soft at birth, once the air hits its feet the hooves start to dry out quickly. It is interesting to note that a foal is born with fully formed hooves.

Can Horses Swim: Why, How, Benefits, All Critical Faqs

Can Horses Swim

Majority of the Horse breeds can swim well, but training is required to some extent for efficient swimming. Presence of enlarged lungs help them to float in water ,but as they find difficulty in breathing underwater, they tend to keep their head over the water and their legs trotting through the water while swimming.

Are Horses Loyal : Awesome Facts

Are Horses Loyal

Horses are one of the most loyal companion animals humans can ever have. Why so? Because they have an excellent memory and can form a solid bond with humans. A horse can remember your face as well as show attachment if treated well.