Mustang vs Bronco : Interesting Comparative Analysis


Mustang vs Bronco : Interesting Comparative Analysis

The mustang is a breed among horses, while broncos are a type of horse, not a species or breed. As a result, they are pretty different. Let’s find out their differences. 

A primary difference between these two horses is that one is a wild animal originally from the United States, while the bronco originated in Mexico. One of them is not trained, hence cannot be domesticated. The broncos can be tamed easily. 

Besides this, they do have many differences in their physical strength, behavioral analysis, and lifespan. Let’s explore these differences in more detail.

Image Credits: “Wild Horses” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by cone_dmn

Difference between Mustang and Bronco Horses

Comparison Basis    Mustang    Bronco

On average mustangs are about 56 inches tall at the shoulder
At the shoulders they are approximately five and a half feet high

Behavioral Analysis 
The mustangs are generally wild, which means they cannot be domesticated. Broncos are known for being wild, solid and rough. But modern broncos are not wild. And they can be domesticated

Mustangs can run up to 35 mph
Bronco can run up to 25-30 mph 

It’s one of the breeds of horses with the most prolonged longevity- up to 40 yearsTheir life expectancy may be as long as 20 years. 
WeightThey weigh around 700-900 poundsThey weigh about 700 Pounds
Origin They originally belonged to the United StatesThey initially come from Mexico, Canada and the United States


Image Credits: Tom6667 by pixabay free Images

The mustang is a free- range horse that the Spanish brought from Europe when they set out to explore territories. Let’s find out about their appearance and other facts. 

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Characterized by their feathered legs, defined dorsal stripe and short stock appearance, mustangs were born to live wild and free in the endless grassy plains. 

Interesting Facts about Mustang

  • It is not defined what gender a mustang is. They can be either males or females.
  • The Mustangs tend to have brown eyes and a wide upper body compared to other horses. 
  • The weight of a Mustang ranges from 800 lbs to 1600 lbs depending on the horse.
  • The gestation period for a Mustang varies dramatically from what it takes for humans. Mustangs may take more than 11 months for a newborn to be born.
  • The mustangs have big and strong legs as a result of running through all the rocky mountains in the wild. 
  • Despite the fact there may not be much food available in the wild. Mustangs are able to survive within a small amount of food. The amount of food they need is 2-3 pounds before they begin to suffer. 
  • Mustangs are considered very fast but not every mustang has the ability to gallop.
  •  Wild Mustang horses are still able to be found in some areas across the United States. 


Image Credits:By317 by pixabay free images

As mentioned above, broncos are a type of horse rather than a breed. Thus, they are described as another name for bucking horses. Let’s figure out who exactly they are and why they are called broncos. 

Bronco horses are classified as most potent and oversized. This is why they derived their name from a Spanish word meaning tough and rough. 

Interesting Facts About Bronco

  • There is no exact date when this type of horse appeared in the United states, but it is believed to have been around 100 years ago. 
  • Initially, these horses had three toes. The toes are usually padded just like a dog’s paw.
  • A bronco is thought to be rough, strong and wild when in fact, it is a domesticated horse descended from the original horses in America
  • According to historical records, we began domesticating the Broncos not more than 70-80 years ago to find a better transportation method. 
  • Horses like Broncos can sleep in two ways. They can either sit or stand while they sleep.
  • Unlike their roughness and strength, modern broncos are not wild, so they are ideal competitors for different racing events. 
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Initially, both the horses were brought to the western area of the United states by Spanish people as a form of transportation. Despite that they differ in significant ways as highlighted above. 

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