Do Abyssinian Cats Bite? 11 Facts You Should Know


Do Abyssinian Cats Bite? 11 Facts You Should Know

There could be several causes for your cat to bite you. Knowing these causes will help you control your cat’s behavior; thus, it is definitely worthwhile to do so.

Although the Abyssinian cat breed is not known for its tendency to bite, this behavior may occasionally be seen in an Aby. And whenever they do, remember that there should be some underlying causes.

To put Abys’ inclination to bite into perspective, let’s discuss and contrast it with that of other domestic cats. The traits that one can typically discover in these cats are given below.

Do Abyssinian Cats Bite
Image Credit: Abyssinians are playful cats from Pxhere

Note: These behaviors may manifest in unique or specific situations to varying degrees.

CharacteristicsAbyssinian CatsOther Domestic Cats
Biting(Usually) Less likelyYes (When aggressive or overstimulated)
Aggressive BitingLess likely Yes, if angry 
Proclivity to ScratchYesYes, but not very high
Ruining FurnitureNot highLess probability 

Abyssinian cats are not frequently linked to feline aggression, violence, or biting. On the contrary, this breed exhibits a friendly, considerate demeanor. But as a cat lover, it always piques our curiosity to learn under what conditions these felines can lose their civility and become a little bit bite-full.

This article has been written about whether or not Abyssinian cats bite, and if so, when and why. In order to help cat lovers better understand Abys and their genuine selves, we have essentially tried to jot down the typical biting side of this breed.

Do Abyssinian cats bite more?

Abyssinian cats have a striking wildcat appearance while being a completely domestic breed. That does not, however, make Abys a true wild cat.

Abyssinian cats don’t typically bite ‘more.’ But this habit would depend on how these cats are handled. That said, Abys are extremely friendly and people-oriented. However, due to their lack of fear and curiosity, Abys can cause trouble if they are not watched.

We must remember that cats frequently exhibit the desire to bite since they are carnivorous and have a natural prey drive. However, the types of bites and their severity may differ from breed to breed and scenario to scenario.

Hence, humans must be able to distinguish between a bite that is given out in love or play and one that is given out in violence.

Do Abyssinian cats tend to give love bites? 

Image Credit: Abyssinian cat by Aleksandr Markin (CC BY-SA 2.0) from Wikimedia

It’s not unusual to see cats giving their humans love bites. Love bites, though, can terrify you if you’ve never owned a cat before. So, exploring if Abys also gives love bites would be good.

Abyssinian cats can occasionally give love bites. A number of factors may cause this behavior. Apart from love and affection, these bites could result from the neurological issues.

Cats, including Abys, can bite you out of overstimulation during petting sessions. Another possibility is that your kitty is expressing its adoration for you or confirming its ownership.

Every cat owner needs to be aware that a cat’s love bite is not “deliberate” and does not cause the skin to break. Here are some essential indicators that your cat bit you in a love bite and not another kind of cat bite:

  • The bite won’t break the skin
  • The bites would typically be near hands
  • Bites may include rubbing lips, cheeks, purring and kneading
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Is biting a sign of aggression in Abyssinian cats?

Abys are not usually known for their aggression. In fact, this breed is popular for being polite, adaptable, and friendly. Yet, can Abyssinians be aggressive and bite? 

We cannot completely nullify the possibilities that Abys can get angry and bite for self-defense. Although aggression is not one of the breed’s fundamental characteristics, how angry an Abys would become would depend on their situation. This breed has the potential to become irritated and bite.

Cat owners should be aware that cats have a natural predatory drive and may attack and bite something if they perceive it as possible prey. Additionally, improper handling, especially by young children, may impact Abys. And when that happens, they bite and fight back.

When do Abyssinian cats bite the most?

Every cat is capable of biting. Therefore, there is nothing better than figuring out what makes your Aby bite. You could do this to assist yourself get rid of those triggers.

Although they don’t typically bite, Abyssinians have been known to do so when they are agitated or annoyed. This is particularly true if young children present have no regard for pets. Being rough with them, poking them, or yanking on their tails or fur can put an Aby in an aggressive mood. 

In addition to biting out of hostility, Abys can also bite excessively stimulated. The bite might resemble a love bite in such circumstances.

Why do Abyssinian cats bite?

Living with a biting cat is no less than a nightmare. Hence, the best way to prevent this habit is to learn why your cat is biting. In this context, we will take the case of Abyssinian cats.

Abyssinian cats make excellent pets and are very adaptive. However, certain circumstances bring out their biting side. Here are a few of those with the greatest promise.

Being Overstimulated

Getting overstimulated is one of the common causes of Abys’ proclivity to bite. While playing with or petting it, you can notice your Aby biting you hard. These bites are on the milder side and do not cause skin damage.


Keep in mind that Abys are quite clever and curious. They would therefore pursue objects that moved and resembled their prey. As a result, they might use your moving hands as toys during playtime and bite them out of curiosity.


Although Abyssinians are incredibly adaptable, they will get aggressive and may even bite you if you consistently annoy them. Abys can be possessive. The cat may occasionally prevent people they don’t like from invading their space. However, this does not mean that it will ferociously attack you or another animal if you try to enter its territory. But they could show a biting tendency under such circumstances.

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For Abyssinians, boredom is particularly hazardous. These cats then begin to exhibit problematic habits. And one of those behavioral problems might be biting.


Every kitten exhibits a tendency to bite when developing new teeth, regardless of breed. This stage usually occurs in cats at the age of four months. So, if you have an Aby kitty, the chances are high that you would also notice it biting or chewing things that come their way.

How to stop an Abyssinian cat from biting?

The chance of seeing an Aby in a biting state is quite rare. Its likelihood, however, cannot be discounted. Therefore, learning how to stop it from biting may be quite useful.

Here are some useful tips that can help you stop your Abyssinian cat from biting.


Keep in mind that an Aby is a very active cat. Thus boredom is bad for them. A bored Abyssinian with a tendency to bite and scratch could be a recipe for trouble. Give your cat lots of toys as a result. Give these cats many entertainment options, such as cat trees, scratching posts, cat shelves, and so on. An animated and stimulated Aby would be less likely to engage in undesirable conduct.

Negative Reinforcement

This strategy can work for every cat with behavior issues. Negative reinforcement should be used in place of mistreating your cat in return for its bad behavior. For instance, stop your Aby right away if it is consistently biting you. Continue doing this until your cat stops biting and understands. Then, whenever it bites you, you can stop playing or yell “NO” out loud.


A few tricks can be taught to Abyssinian cats. Being intelligent, cats are simple to train to perform what you want. In order to keep your cat busy and stimulated, you might teach it to fetch and solve puzzles.

Respect the Cat

The primary cause of Abys’ overall proclivity to bite is frequently their annoyance. Abyssinians won’t usually bite unless there are specific reasons. And one of those is roughhousing with your cat. Therefore, consider its demands when bringing in an Abyssinian cat. Additionally, try not to mishandle or irritate the cat. This might be the best strategy for preventing an Aby from becoming enraged and biting.

Do Abyssinian cats scratch?

Scratched furniture is a problem that every cat owner is familiar with. All cats, regardless of breed, have a propensity for scratching. The level of the scratching would vary, though.

Abyssinian cats can exhibit a scratching propensity. If they are well trained or not, this habit would rely on that. Yet, like any domestic cat, Abys would scratch to get your attention or to stretch its front legs.

In this regard, we would like to reiterate that an Aby with hyperesthesia may scratch or bite if overstimulated.

When do Abyssinian cats scratch the most?

Abys could be great family pets, but they are not devoid of the ‘scratching habit.’ So, it is worth the situations that could drive Abys towards this proclivity.

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If an appropriate scratching post or cat tree is not provided, an Aby will naturally scratch other available objects the most. A cat cannot be restrained from stretching out. So, the following are some additional probable causes that could exist:

  • Aggression
  • Self-defense 
  • Overstimulation
  • Playfulness
  • Nervous disorder

Do Abyssinian cats ruin furniture?

In houses with cats, it’s normal to see scratched-up couches, furniture, and people. So naturally, any new cat owner’s biggest worry is frequently the above question.

The energetic and intelligent Abyssinian cats will do anything to amuse themselves, including scratching furniture. However, confirming or entirely restraining Abys’ proclivity to destroy furniture is challenging. It would depend on how well their needs are satisfied or how well they are trained.

Having said that, bear in mind that Abys are active cats, so bringing them inside would require adjusting to their habitation requirements. However, these cats are not destructive; with the right training, they can readily adjust to a quiet and social life.

How to stop an Abyssinian cat from scratching?

It may not be possible to stop an Aby from scratching, but this tendency could be minimized to a great extent. So, let’s focus on how to discourage Abys from scratching.

The following tips can come to your aid when trying to prevent an Abyssinian cat from scratching things and you:

Installing a Scratching Post

Installing a nice scratching post is one of the direct ways to stop a cat from damaging furniture. However, keep in mind that cats need to scratch, so it is not a good idea to fully discourage this behavior. A tall, robust post with a sturdy base would therefore encourage your Aby to satisfy its scratching demands there rather than on household items.

Installing a cat tree would also enable the Aby to scratch and sit in a better position to survey its surroundings. Remember, cats have a particular liking for high places!

Scratch Board

A decent scratchboard would also meet the need. Similar to a scratch post, scratchboard would enable your cat to stretch, relax, and maintain healthy nails. Additionally, you can put up a scratch lounge where your Aby can rest after a satisfying scratching and stretching session.

Anti-Scratch Sprays

Utilizing an anti-scratch spray is another technique to stop your Aby from marking up furniture. Your cat would stay away from anything that lays close to the spray because of the spray’s stench and hissing sound. Additionally, the cat would gradually learn to associate its unpleasant scent and hissing sound with its scratching behavior, and the spray would act as negative reinforcement.


That’s all, folks!

Unquestionably, one of the most well-liked domestic cat breeds worldwide is the Abyssinian. They are quite well-known due to their unique appearance and pleasant demeanor. With this breed, you may expect a blend of beautiful looks and an energetic disposition. However, you must attend to Aby’s requirements to prevent it from picking up undesirable behaviors like biting and scratching.

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