Are American Shorthair Cats Vocal? Facts You Should Know


Are American Shorthair Cats Vocal? Facts You Should Know

While some cats rarely meow, others won’t miss a chance to express themselves vocally. Although cats do not talk like humans, their meows are the ways through which they communicate with us.

Not all cats are that vocal. Yet, we must learn many things about cats’ meows and chirps to understand them. The same can be stated for American Shorthairs. These cats, if not the loudest, are vocal enough to express themselves.

Different meows have different meanings. In light of this, we created this piece to examine if American Shorthair cats are vocal. We will also suggest if this breed is loud or just meows when needed. 

Are American Shorthair cats loud?

It may be a concern for cat lovers if their pets are too loud. However, we cannot deny how annoying it can be to bear a constantly (loudly) meowing cat. So, it is worth knowing that if the ASH is loud.

American Shorthair cats have a great persona; thankfully, they are not the loudest. These cats are very friendly, and you often find them meowing softly. In other words, it is lauded that the ASH is a quiet cat. They use their “silent meows” to communicate their requirements.

Are American Shorthair Cats Vocal
Image Credit: 14 years old American Shorthair by
(CC BY-SA 3.0) from Wikimedia

It is definitely a plus side for cat owners, but there is also a flip side. You may need to engage with your American Shorthair to learn its needs. It is not that they are completely silent but will not annoy you with louder and more frequent meows. 

Do American Shorthair cats meow loudly?

We all adore our cats’ gentle purrs and sporadic meows. So you might always prefer a quieter cat breed if you have young children at home. So, in which category the ASH falls?

The meowing of American Shorthair cats is not loud. It is not their typical behavior. Nevertheless, an American Shorthair cat might meow loudly under particular circumstances. For example, your ASH can express its vocal side if it is hurt, anxious, hungry, etc.

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Theoretically, the American Shorthair breed is not inherently noisier. However, we can’t properly define a cat’s behavior based on the theory’s predictions. Many more environmental elements than a cat’s breed determine how the cat will behave in real life.

The same goes for American Shorthair cats. These cats, however, are reputed to be independent and not unduly attention-seeking. So there’s less of a possibility that they’ll be obviously louder. 

Do American Shorthair cats meow at night?

Image Credit: American shorthair cat by 350z33 (CC BY-SA 3.0) from Wikimedia

Every cat parent has encountered the night-meows of their feline babies. Night vocalization is not abnormal in cats.

Few American Shorthair owners broach the subject of their cat’s nighttime vocalization. These cats are not particularly too clingy. An American Shorthair cat won’t often meow at night if it isn’t in distress.

Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee that this breed doesn’t vocalize at night. A cat may night-cry for various causes, regardless of breed traits. Remember that cats use their vocalizations at night to communicate requirements like hunger, thirst, pain, fear, etc. Additionally, during their breeding season, American Shorthairs may roam and yowl all night .

Are American Shorthair cats quiet?

Many cat parents prefer quiet cat breeds, especially if they live in apartments or have kids at home. In addition, quiet cats frequently exhibit gentler personalities, making them more popular.

American Shorthair cats are said to be quieter. But do not anticipate total silence from them. To communicate their demands, the ASH will purr and meow subtly. They are far less vocal than other cat breeds, though.

However, don’t mistakenly believe that ASHs are inherently timid. These cats won’t run away if they see a stranger. Instead, they adopt a cordial demeanor. Additionally, these cats prefer to meow softly, cuddle, and nuzzle when hungry rather than growling. 

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Do American Shorthair cats squeak? 

The American Shorthair is widely praised for its soft and friendly behavior. Another plus point for the breed is that it is a quieter feline breed. But do Shorthairs squeak as well?

Since these cats are not very loud, you may often find them chirping and squeaking to communicate. However, they might not chirp in order to connect with people regularly.

When cats discover a bird, toy, or bug that triggers their prey drive, they chirp or produce squeaking noises. Additionally, they can welcome new cats and people with their chirps. It communicates their joy at seeing them and their need for their attention.

Therefore, pet or play with your American Shorthair if you notice it chirping at you. Your relationship with your pet will become closer if you do this.

Do American Shorthair cats purr?

Image Credit: American shorthair blotched tabby by Tomo (CC BY 2.0) from Wikimedia

Why cats purr is a question that has multiple explanations. Cat owners explain it as a sign that their cats love them and want to get cuddled or petted. 

Every cat, including American Shorthair cats, purrs, regardless of breed. However, it isn’t always a friendly gesture. There are a variety of causes for purring, including the following:

Cats’ purring is advantageous to both them and their humans. According to experts, when cats purr, people get healing vibrations. The benefits of cats purring are considered to include the following.

  • Relieve stress
  • Soothing senses
  • Relive pain
  • Easy breathlessness
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Lower heart attack risks

Is it fine if my American Shorthair cat barely meows?

American Shorthair cats are known for being quiet. Yet, they frequently meow, squeak, or nuzzle softly to communicate. But is it acceptable if they meow extremely rarely?

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The answer would rely on your American Shorthair cat’s basic traits. No matter what breed it may be, every cat is different. One Shorthair may occasionally be quieter than another. Therefore, if your cat is quieter from the beginning, there might not be an issue. But if it suddenly falls quiet, you should assess its health.

It’s typical to see a Shorthair meowing softly while joyful. It might be a problem, though, if the quiet behavior comes on suddenly and is coupled with other symptoms like lethargy, sneezing, excessive sleeping, etc.

So, please pay close attention to your cat’s general behavioral pattern to determine whether being silent is typical or troublesome for it.

Less vocal cats like American Shorthair cats

Image Credit: Abyssinian Cat by Aleksandr Markin (CC BY-SA 2.0) from Wikimedia

Some cat breeds meow a lot, while others do not. Find out which cats, like American Shorthairs, are not highly vocal.

Actually, nonstop meowing can become a tad bothersome. Meowing, admittedly, can surpass 45 decibels. Therefore, you can think about any breed from the list below if you’re trying to get a quieter cat.

  • Abyssinian
  • British Shorthair
  • Chartreux
  • Russian Blue
  • Scottish Fold


The article’s key takeaway is that American Shorthair cats are not particularly vocal. Instead, they frequently meow subtly to communicate their demands. They are not a silent cat breed, though. And this is one of the traits that cat lovers value most about this breed. These cats will chirp, purr, and nuzzle their humans to express their love.

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