Are Bengal Cats Good Pets: 15 Facts You Should Know


Are Bengal Cats Good Pets: 15 Facts You Should Know

Bengal cats, a hybrid of an Asian leopard cat and a domestic cat are known for agility and playfulness. Can they, however, be good pets? Let’s delve deep.

Bengal cats make excellent pets. However, how they are trained and socialized will be crucial. Bengals are genetically predisposed to be wild. As a result, they should be taught to behave socially, as is appropriate for any cat, to become great family cats.

Are Bengal Cats Good Pets
Image Credit: Bengal cat, 12 weeks old by
Sean McGrath
(CC BY 2.0) from Wikimedia

Remember that Bengal cats can have behavioral problems due to their wild genes and blended breed. Even so, if you know how to train them, you can control such issues. But, of course, they should also be trained from a young age.

In fact, humans who enjoy traveling can train their Bengals to be their traveling companions. Some owners even claim that if you want to share your space with an active creature running and hopping around you, this breed is “pure bliss.”

So, this post has been dedicated to determining whether Bengal cats can be good pets in general. We will also shed light on whether they can adjust to indoor life. This post is intended specifically for those considering adopting a Bengal cat or kitty as a pet.

What makes a Bengal cat a good pet?

Despite their wild genetic factors, Bengal cats make excellent pets for various reasons. Let us shed some light on these elements.

This breed has distinct characteristics that qualify them as ‘good pets.’ Some of these characteristics are as follows.

  • Trainable
  • Playful
  • Intelligent
  • Social
  • Friendly with other cats and dogs (if socialized early)
  • Loyal towards their humans
  • Kid-friendly (if socialized early)
  • Athletic 

Although primarily known as a ‘wild’ house cat, your Bengal can be trained and socialized to exhibit less of its wild side. This is probably the most important pre-adopting consideration for any prospective Bengal cat owner. You must be active to keep up with your active pet.

Are Bengal cats good family pets?

One of the most common apprehensions among prospective cat owners is whether Bengals make good family pets. Let’s explore. 

Bengal cats are very loyal and intelligent, making them excellent family pets. However, keep in mind that this breed is extremely active, ambitious, and daring. So, for them to blend in with your family, you must accommodate their needs as well as train them to behave like any other pet cat.

The ability of Bengal cats to become good family pets is also highly dependent on your lifestyle. For instance, if you live an inactive life and want to adopt a Bengal, it will most likely never make a good family pet. Likewise, Bengals may not be a good pet if your family lives in a small apartment with limited space.

That being said, if you and your family enjoy getting outside and being active, you can certainly train your cat to do the same. But, again, early training and socialization will be critical.

Are Bengal cats good indoor pets?

The Asian leopard cat contributes half of the Bengal cat’s genetic factors. So, let’s investigate whether these cats would make good ‘indoor’ pets.

Bengal cats can be kept indoors, but it will be hard for them to become pure indoor cats. This breed is very active and requires constant stimulation to channel its energy. As a result, taking it for walks and play sessions is required.

Having said that, you can keep your Bengal cat entertained indoors by providing it with toys and other cat accessories. They will not be couch potatoes, though they may occasionally snooze in your lap after a long day.

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Keep in mind that a purely indoor Bengal will require a lot of play and attention to be happy. In the absence of these, your cat may become prone to behavioral issues such as aggression.

Can Bengal cats in pairs be pets together?

Image Credit: Two Bengal cats by Appaloosa (CC BY-SA 3.0) from Wikimedia

You enjoyed your Bengal cat petting experience and would like to get another Bengal? One question you may have is whether Bengals in pairs can make good pets.

Two Bengal cats can make good pets and get along well. When kept with other Bengal cats, they often develop into their best selves. These cats are extremely social and do not mind being in pairs.

The following are some reasons why Bengals in pairs make excellent pets.

  • They keep each other amused.
  • They will continue to stimulate each other.
  • Two Bengal cats can be great companions, keeping each other busy and active.
  • They will learn to share the same space.

With two Bengal cats, you will surely enjoy a stress-free home environment! However, keep in mind that a Bengal cat’s ability to socialize depends on how it is trained. Therefore, if you get two Bengal kittens, be prepared to spend time training them. However, if you have an older Bengal cat and want to adopt a Bengal kitten, train your older Bengal cat to share space and socialization.

Do Bengal cats like to be petted?

Cat owners can’t seem to keep their hands off their feline companions. And most cats are thought to be born to be petted. Can the same be said of Bengal cats?

Bengal cats may not be the typical “love-to-be-petted” breed, but they don’t mind a little petting. However, how much petting they will tolerate varies.

Bengal cats are unquestionably affectionate. However, it is not advisable to constantly pet them. They are very active, and forcing them to stay in one place for an extended period to be petted is not a good way to meet their needs.

Where do Bengal cats like to be petted?

Bengal cats dislike being held back in any way. Even so, light petting is acceptable. But where do they prefer to be petted?

Petting your Bengal behind the whiskers and at the bottom of the chin is recommended. Each cat is unique. So there are no rules about where you can pet your cat. Instead, start with different areas and see where it prefers to be petted.

Spending more time with your Bengal cat will allow you to know it better. It will also assist you in learning its likes and dislikes.

Are Bengal cats cuddly?

We envision a ball of fur and a cuddle machine when we think of cats. But is this true for a Bengal cat? Let us investigate their proclivity for cuddles.

Bengal cats dislike being cuddled frequently. But we are not saying that you will not touch it or pet it. Although these cats are very affectionate, they do not like cuddling too much. Nevertheless, they are most cuddly after expending all of their energy by being busy all day.

When your Bengal cat is tired and ready to sleep in your lap, you can have your cuddling time with your feline baby. However, keep in mind that this breed prefers quick, brief and light petting at other times.

Do Bengal cats love to play?

Cats have a natural propensity for playing. Even the most sedentary cats will be active and engaged in play sessions at various times of the day.

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One characteristic of Bengal cats is their penchant for play sessions. Regular play sessions are essential for these cats because they have a reservoir of bouncing energy.

These cats expend their energy playing, running, climbing, and hopping around. So, if you don’t let their energy out, they’ll become upset and may even tear your house apart.

That being said, one of the feasible ways to keep them entertained is to provide them with a variety of toys and an equally active play buddy. Pairing them with another Bengal or dogs such as Beagles, Golden Retrievers, and so on are also viable options.

Do Bengal cats require a lot of room? 

One of the most common questions from prospective Bengal owners is whether this breed requires a large space to thrive. What are your thoughts?

It is not common knowledge that Bengal cats cannot thrive in enclosed areas. Actually, how the space is managed to provide them with scopes to express their energy are more important factors to consider. However, it is not advisable to confine a Bengal in a very small space.

There are a few things to consider when making room for a Bengal cat. First, make sure there is sufficient space for them to leave their scent. Next, remember that this breed is highly territorial, and you don’t want to make them feel insecure about their territory. Afterward, you can install a few cat accessories like cat trees, scratching posts, cat shelving, etc. 

Do Bengals like to be held?

It may feel divine to have your cat on your lap. However, is it possible to do the same with a Bengal cat? Do these cats enjoy being held?

Bengal cats dislike being held. These cats are not lap-cats and are more of a “four-leg-on-the-floor” type. There’s, however, a slight possibility they’ll want to curl up on their owner’s lap, but too much cuddling is a no-no for them.

A few observations may help us understand why these cats dislike being cuddled:

  • They dislike being restrained.
  • Bengals are extremely self-sufficient and have a strong sense of personal preference.
  • They want to be kept at bay at times.

These points, however, should not lead you to believe that Bengals are not affectionate enough. They each have their way of expressing and receiving love. However, if you really want your Bengal to tolerate being held, you can train them when they are young.

Always keep an eye on your Bengal while holding it to see if it is uncomfortable. If so, put it down right away.

Are Bengal cats high maintenance?

Short-haired cats are commonly thought to be low-maintenance. All you have to do is keep the feline fed and change the litter. And you’re done.

Bengal cats are high-maintenance despite their short-haired coat. Although their thick coat does not require daily brushing, their nails must be trimmed regularly. Brushing their coat should be done once or twice a week. Furthermore, this breed is very social. So, there is a need to train them to socialize. They also require separate playtime.

Do not confuse your Bengal cat with any other type of house cat. They do have a wild side. As a result, you also must exercise caution when it comes to feeding them. Bengals are unable to digest all types of cat food.

Can Bengal cats go outside?

Although it is not a very common sight to take cats out for regular walks, it is not unheard of. Hence, it would be interesting to explore of Bengal cats can go outside.

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Bengal cats should be introduced to the outside world. In fact, many owners of this breed report that their cats prefer to spend time outside. In addition, because this cat breed has a wild genetic predisposition, taking them out for walks and playing can effectively stimulate them mentally and physically.

However, not every domesticated Bengal cat has the same taste. In some cases, owners provide enough space indoors for their cats with toys and cat accessories, making it unnecessary to take them outside every day.

Having said that, this breed favors and is pretty happy to go outside. This clearly shows that Bengal cats can venture out and enjoy outdoor activities.

Can you take Bengal cats on walks?

Bengal cats are easily trained and can be walked with a leash and harness. So, are you able to take them for walks?

Bengal cats can go for walks. It is a good way to invest their energy and explore the world around them. However, you may not need to take your cat for regular walks if they have enough space to play and explore indoors.

If you want to walk your Bengal, you should start training it to walk on a leash at a young age. There are also various types of leashes and harnesses available for Bengal cats.

Are Bengal cats smart?

Consider getting a feline baby who is intelligent enough to trick you. Sounds intriguing? So, Bengal cats are that intelligent?

Smartness is a characteristic shared by all Bengal cats. These cats have a natural ability to learn and perform tricks. Their intelligence is extremely beneficial in allowing them to become smarter through proper training and stimulation. In other words, Bengal cats can be your intelligent feline companion at home.

However, remember that you will need to put in some effort to increase your Bengal’s intelligence. Bengals can be truly mischievous because they are “smart pants.” They will quickly figure out where you hide their treats and toys, as well as what they can get away with.

Hence, teaching them to channel their intelligence positively may reduce the likelihood of developing problem behaviors.

What are the disadvantages of having a Bengal cat at home?

Numerous things make Bengal cats lovable pets. Yet, certain cons come with them as well. Let’s explore those.

Despite being paw-some pets, it would be unfair not to talk about the downsides that Bengal cats bring with them. So, here are the cons that every potential cat owners need to keep in mind.

  • Too much energy to handle
  • Several health issues
  • Separate food habit
  • Constant mental and physical stimulation
  • Expenses in healthcare
  • Need to give a lot of attention
  • They can be really noisy
  • Not lap cats
  • Sometimes aggressive and predatory 


So, here’s our take on whether Bengal cats make good pets. To summarize, whether or not this breed can develop into a good pet is highly dependent on how they are trained and handled. These cats are not like other house cats. As a result, you’d have to put in more time and effort to get the most out of them. Finally, Bengal cats have everything in them that can make them purrfect pets; all they need is proper training and love.

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