Do Dolphins Eat Crabs? Facts You Should Know


Do Dolphins Eat Crabs? Facts You Should Know

Dolphins have a very erratic behavioral pattern and complex diet requirements. Let us find out whether they eat crabs or not. 

Dolphins eat crabs and other crustaceans, but there are a number of factors that determine a dolphin’s feeding habits. The environment in which they live as well as the availability of different marine creatures influences the dietary habits of a dolphin, who feeds on fishes, squid, jellyfish, sharks, whales, and other dolphins. 

There is a lot of doubt about dolphins and what they eat. Together, let us answer some frequently asked questions. 

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Do all dolphins eat crabs?

Wondering whether all dolphins eat crabs? Let us find out together.

Being carnivores, most dolphins eat crabs, but it depends on their environment and the availability of the species. Some dolphins, such as dusky dolphins, consume squid, shrimp, and various fishes. 

On the other hand, rough-toothed dolphins mainly prefer eating squid, while large dolphins can consume seals, sea turtles, and so on. Crabs form an essential part of the diet of various marine creatures like sharks, baleen whales, sea turtles, and so on. 

Do bottlenose dolphins eat crabs?

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Bottlenose dolphins are wild animals with a fierce appetite. Let us find out whether they consume crabs. 

Although bottlenose dolphins eat crabs, their primary diet is made up of fish,  shrimps, and crabs. However, in case these options are not available, they would be more than happy to consume crabs.

Interestingly, bottlenose dolphins can hunt for food either separately or in groups. They have a variety of techniques to capture their prey. They are stealthy predators who are also quite aggressive. 

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Do dolphins eat lobsters?

Dolphins consume a wide variety of aquatic animals. Let us find out if they eat lobsters. 

Dolphins eat lobsters, but it depends on the species. The primary food of most dolphins is fish, but they also eat crabs, lobsters, and other crustaceans. Some dolphins prefer eating cuttlefish and octopuses, while some prefer crabs and shrimp.

Being toothed animals, dolphins can easily bite into their prey to capture it before swallowing them as a whole. Besides, they are quite aggressive and tend to often hunt in groups.

Do dolphins eat blue crabs?

Image Credits: “Callinectes sapidus (blue crab) (Cayo Costa Island, Florida, USA) 5” by James St. John is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Blue crabs are a popular marine species. But do dolphins eat them? Let us find out. 

Dolphins eat blue crabs, but since they primarily occupy underwater grasses, they are consumed by coastal dolphins who eat different types of bottom-dwelling creatures like shrimps and several crab varieties.

Although blue crabs are fantastic swimmers, it is easy for dolphins to catch them, given their enormous size and excellent hunting techniques.

Do dolphins eat hermit crabs?

We’re sure you have heard of hermit crabs. But, are you wondering whether they are eaten by dolphins? Let us find out.

Hermit crabs are eaten by dolphins. However, we must mention here that the type of food a dolphin eats depends on its habitat and the availability of potential prey. So, if hermit crabs are readily available, dolphins would certainly eat them along with other marine species. 

We must add here that hermit crabs are quite small, and a dolphin can gulp them down in one go. 

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Do dolphins eat horseshoe crabs?

Image Credits: “horseshoe-crab (1)” by NOAA’s National Ocean Service is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Wondering whether dolphins eat horseshoe crabs? Let us tell you more in this regard.

Dolphins eat horseshoe crabs, particularly the large ones. Smaller varieties are eaten by shrimps, fishes, and larger crabs. However, it all depends on their availability. There are not many horseshoe crabs in the ocean.

Horseshoe crabs are also preyed upon by gulls, sea turtles, sharks, and humans, who use them as fertilizers or bait. They are therefore declining in numbers and steps have been taken to ensure their conservation. 

How do dolphins eat crabs?

Wondering how dolphins manage to eat crabs? Allow us to delve deeper into all the details. 

Dolphins are toothed animals who have very sharp teeth that help them grab and bite into their food before swallowing. However, they are not known to chew their food.

Dolphins are also excellent swimmers, so they can catch their prey with ease. They move quickly and use their sharp teeth to bite into the prey and maim them. 

Do dolphins eat squid?

Curious to know whether dolphins eat squid? Let us tell you all about it. 

Dolphins eat squid. In fact, along with fish and crabs, squid is the most common food available to dolphins. They also eat shrimp and other crustaceans. 

We must mention here that dolphins are pretty ferocious creatures with a large appetite. As such, they hunt and eat quite indiscriminately. 

What type of squid do dolphins eat?

Are you wondering what type of squid dolphins eat? Allow us to tell you all about it. 

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Dolphins are opportunistic feeders meaning they eat all types of squid and other marine animals that come their way. The type of food they eat depends entirely on their environment as well as the availability of different marine species. 

There are around 300 types of squid, so dolphins and other oceanic creatures have various options to choose from. However, it largely depends upon the availability of these species in the ocean.

What type of squid do bottlenose dolphins eat?

Bottlenose dolphins frequently consume squid. Let us check out what type of squid they prefer. 

Bottlenose dolphins eat whatever type of squid is available. They are active hunters and are not particularly choosy when it comes to their prey. So, they eat fish, squid, crabs, lobsters, and even larger animals like sharks and whales. 

Most of the bottlenose dolphins found in oceans across the world primarily prey on fish. This is largely due to the fact that different varieties of fish are widely available in the oceans. 


Dolphins are not choosy eaters and eat whatever comes their way. Although they primarily prefer fish, they also consume squid, crabs, lobsters, and other crustaceans. Larger dolphins also prey on sharks, whales, and smaller dolphin species, including their offspring. 

Dolphins who live near shores and the seabed are the ones who eat large quantities of crab since it is readily available in these regions. 

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