Abyssinian Cats As Good Pets: 18 Facts You Should Know 


Abyssinian Cats As Good Pets: 18 Facts You Should Know 

Abyssinian cats, also known as Aby grabby, are considered one of the world’s oldest feline breeds. The Aby, a native of Ethiopia, is known for being intelligent and playful.

Abyssinian cats are popular family pets because they are easy to care for. These cats are extremely active, intelligent, and almost always on the move. And their insatiable curiosity drives them to seek out something or other. In addition, Abys are simple to train and can be taught tricks.

Despite their active and agile demeanor, Abys are very polite and social. Unless hounded, they usually do not exhibit any behavioral issues. A family with children is ideal for Abys to have fun and be a splendid companion. Aside from that, the breed’s distinct appearance and stout build make them popular feline fashion models.

As a result, this post aims to determine whether Abyssinian cats can be good pets in general. We’ll also find out if they can adapt to indoor life. This post is specifically for those thinking about getting an Abyssinian cat or kitty as a pet.

Abyssinian Cats As Good Pets
Image Credit: Abyssinian Cat by Aleksandr Markin (CC BY-SA 2.0) from Wikimedia

What makes an Abyssinian cat a good pet?

Abys are a well-known domestic cat breed. But what factors contribute to them being good family pets? Let’s shed some light on this.

Abys are like high fashion models with a dash of agility and intelligence. Here are some qualities that make this feline breed an excellent family pet.

  • Intelligence
  • Polite
  • Easy to train
  • Playful
  • People-oriented
  • Friendly with other pets
  • Loyal
  • Good with kids
  • Interactive
  • Extrovert

It should be noted that because Abys are very people-oriented, they would require human companionship. Therefore, it is not advisable to leave Abys alone for an extended period, as they will become bored and may exhibit problem with behavior.

Are Abyssinian Cats good family pets?

Abyssinian cats are fantastic creatures. Do they, however, make good family pets? Of course, every first-time Aby owner has this question on their mind. So, let’s go exploring.

Abys are intelligent and loyal, with a mix of comical antics and an outgoing personality, making them ideal family pets. However, keep in mind that an Aby requires constant human attention and cannot be left alone for long periods.

One amusing aspect of Abys is that they frequently choose one person from their entire family to be loyal to them. In other words, these felines are one-person cats. Furthermore, Abys is a very active cat breed that enjoys jumping around and playing games. So, if you give them enough space and toys to play with, they will be happy and content.

Are Abyssinian Cats good indoor pets?

The Abyssinian cat is a medium-sized feline. Abys can be kept indoors, but the question is whether they should always be. Let us examine the facts.

Abys can be kept indoors and will be content if given enough space to play and stretch. In other words, Abys can make good apartment cats. However, for these felines to be happy, they require plenty of space to play and human or other pets as companions.

If you intend to keep your Aby indoors, make sure that it gets abundant exercise. They require a lot of stimulating play sessions with their humans because of their intellectual prowess. They are very energetic and enjoy being held when they decide it is appropriate.

However, if you have the scope, there is no harm in taking your Aby outside for a short walk and play session.

Can Abyssinian cats be left alone?

Because of our hectic lifestyles, most of us spend long periods outside. And if anyone is thinking about adopting an Aby, one question that should come to mind is whether this breed can be left alone.

Abyssinian cats are people-oriented felines who cannot be left alone for long periods. Hence, Abys are very affectionate but cannot be left alone due to their clinginess.

Every cat enthusiast considering getting an Aby should keep in mind that this is a demanding breed. You can treat them like a dog in a cat’s body that needs the family to be always around. Although they do not require you to stick with them, your presence is essential.

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Hence, if you think you may not be able to give your Aby the needed attention, you can take in another pet to be your cat’s playmate. Abys can get along well with other cats and dogs. 

Can Abyssinian cats in pairs be good pets?

The best thing about Abys is that they can get along with other cat-friendly animals. So what if you are planning to keep two Abys together? Can they be friends?

Because Abys demands lots of attention, getting another Aby is a good idea if there is a lack of sufficient human company. Two Abys can be best friends. They would have similar requirements, so they would be simple to manage.

Two Abys will keep each other amused and busy by playing, bouncing around, and being playful. And because they have similar personalities and temperaments, keeping them together won’t be difficult.

Do Abyssinian cats like to be petted?

Abys are a very active cat breed that is also very affectionate. But the question is whether these cats enjoy being petted. Let’s go exploring.

Abys enjoy being petted, but only when they are in the mood. It is up to your cat to decide when it wants to be petted. Don’t expect Abys to be couch potatoes who prefer a relaxed lifestyle.

Although you cannot expect an Aby to be petted all the time, they will come close to you and show affection. They would purr to express their love, and it would be a good time to pet them.

Where do Abyssinian cats like to be petted?

Although Abys dislike being petted excessively, it is not a bad idea to show them some love on occasion. But where would they rather be petted?

You can pet your Aby behind the whiskers, ears, and the underneath its chin just like any other cat. Aside from that, Abys enjoys being combed or massaged with a comb or chamois cloth.

Here, it will help you if you remember that each cat is unique and has different needs. So there are no rules about where you can pet your Aby. Instead, it’s more of a trial and error approach. Begin by experimenting with different areas to see where it prefers petted or stroked the most.

Are Abyssinian cats cuddly?

Image Credit: Abyssinian cat by Aleksandr Markin (CC BY-SA 2.0) from Wikimedia

Cats are frequently regarded as cuddle creatures. However, not every cat enjoys being cuddled all of the time. So if Abys enjoy being cuddled, it’s worth investigating.

Abys are not the most cuddly feline breed, but they can be cuddled occasionally. However, remember that Abys are active felines, and occasionally picking them up and cuddling them is not a good idea.

Nonetheless, your Aby would show you a lot of affection, but the ways do not always have to be cuddly. You can touch and caress them, but you can’t put your Aby lap on your lap if it doesn’t want to.

However, spending more time with your Aby will allow you to bond with it and give you plenty of opportunities to show affection.

Do Abyssinian cats like to be held?

Don’t we all enjoy cuddling our cats on our laps? However, not all feline breeds enjoy being held and placed on the lap all of the time.

Abyssinian cats are active felines who prefer to be held only when they feel like it. Therefore, interrupting your Aby’s play session is not a good idea simply because you want to cuddle with it.

It is prudent to recognize that not all cats express love in the same way, nor is there a single way to express affection to them. Sometimes, cats prefer to sit beside you to show affection rather than being held on your lap.

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Not all cats are alike. Here are some signs that your Aby loves you that you can look for:

  • Follow you everywhere
  • Purrs near you
  • Rub their body against your legs
  • Slow blinks
  • Rolling onto the back 
  • Come near you as soon as you enter the room

Do Abyssinian cats love to play?

Some cats prefer a relaxed lifestyle, and then some are constantly on the move. The second type is highly active, flexible, and playful.

One main factor that builds Abys’ basic characteristics is their playful nature. This breed enjoys playing and jumping and is always behind things they find interesting. In fact, if you want to keep Aby as a pet, you should give it plenty of room to stretch out.

Abyssinian cats are a very active cat breed. To be happy, they require constant mental and physical stimulation. Therefore, one of the only mantras for getting a happy Aby is “keeping it stimulated.”

This breed can be trained easily, and you can play fetch with them. And if your Aby finds water, nothing can please them better.  

Do Abyssinian Cats have high maintenance?

Abyssinian cats are indeed extremely demanding. But does that imply that this breed requires a lot of upkeep? Let’s find out what’s going on.

Abyssinian cats have short hair and a thick coat, making them low-maintenance cats. Therefore, you do not have to spend time every day combing your cat’s fur. However, an Aby would benefit from a weekly combing.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind in your Aby. Abyssinians, for example, frequently have serious tooth problems. Brushing their teeth at few times per week is therefore essential. Also, check your cat’s ears for wax and clean as needed.

Abys do not require a lot of upkeep, but they require constant attention. This breed is extremely demanding in that context. An Aby necessitates a constant human presence and company.

Do Abyssinian cats need a lot of room?

Because Abyssinian cats are active feline breeds, it is worth investigating whether they require a lot of space to be happy. What are your opinions?

Allowing Abyssinian cats plenty of space to play, jump, and stretch out is always a good idea. These cats can be your apartment pet if you provide them with plenty of toys and space to play. Always remember, Abyssinians are hyperactive.

The ability of Abys to stay indoors is medium. It means you can’t keep this breed if your home is too cozy or cluttered. Abys do not fit into confined spaces. A large house with plenty of space is ideal for this breed. Moreover, since they enjoy escaping, an escape-proof interior is extremely important!

Can Abyssinian cats adapt well to changes?

Image Credit: Abyssinians do not like changes from Pxhere

If you are constantly on the move, it is worth learning if your Aby gravy is adaptable to changes. It will also assist you in determining whether you should get an Abyssinian.

Unfortunately, Abyssinians do not adapt well to change. As a result, shifting with your Aby can be a chore. These cats will reveal their true selves, spending time playing and exploring in their familiar surroundings, but the same cannot be said in an unfamiliar setting.

It is common for cats to dislike change in their daily routine. And if you have an Abyssinian cat, you will notice this even more acutely. As a result, while traveling, an Aby may require relaxants. And they may be stressed if they do not feel confident in their new surroundings.

Are Abyssinian cats easy to take care of?

Getting an easy-to-care-for pet is always a good idea. This is especially important if you have a hectic schedule. So, let us examine whether Abyssinians fall into that category.

Despite their high exercise requirements and energy levels, Abyssinian cats are easy to care for. They do not require daily grooming because their coat is short and dense. As a result, this breed requires only a weekly combing session.

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Can Abyssinian Cats go outside?

Dog owners understand the importance of taking their four-legged babies outside every day. However, not all cat owners are concerned about this.

There is no harm in Abys venturing outside. Because this breed is hyperactive and very playful, taking them out for play sessions would allow them to explore their surroundings. However, constant supervision of your cat outside is required.

Abyssinian cats can be content with an indoor life if they have enough space to play and run around. However, providing them with a balanced indoor and outdoor life is always a good option.

Certain outdoor hazards, such as cars, other moving vehicles, and stray animals, can harm your cat. Also, keep in mind that cats can be very territorial. As a result, when cats meet outside, the whole scenario could be very unstable, and a catfight is possible. So keeping an eye on your Aby outside is critical.

Can you take Abyssinian Cats on walks?

Dogs require daily walks, but we rarely see cats being taken out for walks. But can you really take your Abyssinian cat for a walk?

Abyssinians can be walked outside. There’s no harm in taking them outside and exploring their environment. It could be a good way for them to invest their energy. Nonetheless, If your cat has enough indoor space to play and run, taking it for walks may not be necessary.

Then again, if you want to take your Aby for walks outside, make sure you get a good harness and leash. Keep in mind that Abys have a proclivity to flee. As a result, a strong leash will assist you in controlling your cat and its movement.

You can also purchase a cat stroller or backpack if you do not want your cat to walk. Both options are excellent, but neither will allow the Aby to walk or take a stroll outside.

Are Abyssinian cats calm?

Like the Persian, several domestic cat breeds prefer a calm and laid-back life. But some are hyperactive and always on the run.

One thing you will not find in Abyssinians is a calm demeanor. Although the level of energy varies between cats, they are anything but quiet. Instead, Abys are known for their hyperactive personalities. They enjoy running, jumping, and playing and will keep you entertained at all times.

Is Abyssinian cat loyal?

Dogs are almost always associated with a high level of loyalty. What about cats, though? Can they, including the Abyssinians, be loyal? Let us investigate.

Abys are one-person cats, which means they frequently choose one person in the household and are completely devoted to them. They enjoy interacting with humans and form dog-like connections to those they prefer the most.

Are Abyssinian cats easy to train?

Abyssinian cats are known for their intelligence and intellectual prowess. So it would be worthwhile to investigate whether they are easily trained.

Trainability is one of the characteristics that make Abys a popular pet. Because of their intelligence, you can easily teach Aby simple tricks like fetching and walking on a leash. However, it is more convenient to teach Abys tricks with a clicker. These felines can also be taught to run agility courses.


So, that was the detail that demonstrated how Abyssinian cats could make excellent family pets. While these cats are very polite and will pester you for attention, they are also funny, playful, and extroverts. And if you decide to get an Aby, make plenty of room for it and spoil it with toys and your attention.

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