Do Ravens Migrate? 5 Facts You Should Know!


Do Ravens Migrate? 5 Facts You Should Know!

The majority of birds—if not all—are known to migrate. They relocate in search of better food and nesting sites. Can ravens be classified as migratory birds, though? Do ravens move around?

Ravens are better recognized for not being truly migratory. These birds have highly territorial instincts and would fiercely defend themselves. But some stray in the fall and winter, showing up southward of the nesting range. Ravens can be regarded as partial migratory birds.

When not reproducing, they can cover 30 to 40 kilometers daily between their nest and regions where they graze during the day. The same thing can be seen during winter when ravens travel in groups during the daytime to forage and roost in large flocks at night. 

Additionally, ravens are omnivorous and opportunistic feeders. Therefore, these large, black birds typically do not need to migrate long distances to get food.

Note: Ravens are frequently considered permanent residents (birds that do not migrate). This is because they can get enough food close to their habitats all year round.

Do ravens stay in the same area?

Ravens are among the world’s most cosmopolitan birds. They can be located all around the world. But do they always remain in the same place?

Since they like to stay in one place all year round, ravens are often considered sedentary birds. On the other hand, those who live in the northern hemisphere have the propensity to fly south during the chilly winter months. However, to refer to them as “migratory birds” would be incorrect.

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Do ravens return to the same place?

Crows and ravens have some common characteristics. Crows have a habit of returning year after year to the same nest. So, can we say the same thing about ravens?

Ravens, like crows, return to the same nest location every year. What’s more, these birds add materials to the tops of their older nests, making them taller and roomier.

How far do ravens migrate?

Ravens are not true (long-distance) migrants. Instead, they typically travel 30 to 40 miles from their nests each day in quest of food.

Do Australian ravens migrate?

Australian ravens often remain in their large territory for the majority of their life, not typically migrating.

How far can a raven fly in a day?

A wild raven may fly up to 100 miles per day at speeds ranging from 22 to 28 miles per hour. However, if trained, the raven can fly at speed of up to 48mph.

However, the speed and distance traveled are determined by the bird’s endurance and the external environment. We, as humans, play an important role in ensuring that these black birds have a safe flight every time by avoiding preying on them, establishing a clear passage, removing obstacles, and so on.

Note: Ravens are not recognized for their ability to travel large distances. They prefer to fly strategically.


To summarize this piece, ravens are not normally migratory birds. They are quite intelligent and fly strategically. Nonetheless, we can find some northern ravens that go south for breeding during the winter.

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