Do Cockatoos Migrate? 5 Facts You Should Know


Do Cockatoos Migrate? 5 Facts You Should Know

The yearly movement of birds, known as migration, is most frequently observed during winter. Birds migrate in search of better food and nets. Can we call cockatoos migratory?

Wild cockatoos have been seen to migrate when their current habitat is no longer suited. Therefore, these birds prefer to migrate to new locations that appear to be comparable to and conducive to their natural habitat.

Large cockatoo flocks have recently been spotted in cities and parklands in Sydney. They primarily move close to cities in search of food and roosting locations.

For instance, Mrs. Macquarie Road, the Royal Botanical Gardens, and Rushcutters Bay are among the top areas in Sydney where sulfur-crested cockatoos can be seen.

Do cockatoos migrate in winter?

Not all types of cockatoos migrate in winter. These are not typically migratory birds. 

However, Carnaby’s black cockatoos are migratory. They travel back and forth from the Wheatbelt, where they reproduce in tree hollows during the winter, to the Swan Coastal Plain, where they graze during the summer. On the other hand, the wild sulfur-crested cockatoos do not migrate and typically remain in the same region all year.

Where do cockatoos go in winter?

Most species of cockatoos remain in the same place all year long and typically do not move during the winter. They have done well adjusting to life in both rural and urban environments.

Do cockatoos stay in the same place?

The majority of cockatoos prefer to stay in the same location. So they make their nests in tree hollows and return to the same nest every year.

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However, because cockatoos are nomadic, they may migrate to new locations with a plentiful food supply if they fail to find food in their prior environment.

Can cockatoos handle cold weather?

Cockatoos are typically sturdy birds that can survive in a variety of climates. That does not imply that these birds have no tolerance, though.

Cockatoos can survive in rather frigid temperatures, according to specialists. A temperature of 18 to 22 degrees Celsius for these birds is excellent. 

Having said that, it is advisable to remember that these birds can withstand extreme cold or heat if given time to adapt gradually.

Experts have revealed that cockatoos would spend their days outside in strong sunlight throughout the winter. Additionally, these birds adore playing in the snow and will go outside even when it is below double digits.


However, if the food in their natural habitat runs out, their sizable flocks can move to new locations with abundant food and water. Additionally, given the proper amount of time to adapt, they are sturdy birds that can endure really cold conditions.

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