5 Facts On Do Cockatiels Talk? When, How, Types

Sukanya Chakraborty

5 Facts On Do Cockatiels Talk? When, How, Types

A medium-sized parrot under the family Cacatuidae is known as a Cockatiel. They are very famous cage birds and are easy to breed. Let us discuss their talking abilities in detail.

Cockatiels are capable of talking. They can sing too. They are not as chatty as other parrot species but they can learn some kind of small phrases like “Good Morning”, “Hello”, “Pretty Bird” and some others. Their memory is not as good as Cockatoos hence they do not have extraordinary vocabulary.

Do all cockatiels talk?

Talking is an innate ability of cockatiels. Now let us know whether all types of cockatiels can talk or not.

All types of cockatiels can talk. Male species are very nice talkers whereas the female species do not like to talk much. Female cockatiels majorly whistle and often can make only one call. Male species are more talkative because they can attract their potential mate through their talking skill.

Female cockatiels also can be trained to talk with some proper methods. It is easy to train a male cockatiel than a female cockatiel to talk.

Image Credit: Cockatiel Pair by Geoff McKay licensed under CC BY 2.0

Are female cockatiels quieter than males

Female cockatiels are nicer and softer than the male species. Now let us know whether they are quieter than the male species or not.

Female cockatiels are quieter than the male species. Female cockatiels generally sing softly and vocalize when they see any friend nearby. They do not like to talk much and they are less passionate about mating. They just murmur a bit when they want to mate with their potential male species.

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The sound of a female cockatiel is low in tone and also not very high-pitched.

Image Credit: Female pied-pearl cockatiel by Meepdasheep licensed under CC BY 3.0

What age do cockatiels talk?

Cockatiels are mainly known for their cute talking abilities. Let us know at what age they start to talk.

Cockatiels starts to talk when they are 8 to 10 months old. Some of the cockatiels start to make some cute chirps and noises from their very early stages of life like 2 to 3 months old.

How to train cockatiel to talk?

A cockatiel can be trained to talk by following the below given steps:

1. Create a bond with cockatiel

Bonding is the key feature while teaching a cockatiel to talk.

The owner has to bond with the bird properly and the bird will be much more comfortable around the owner.

2. Health always comes first!

A healthy cockatiel is always a good option for chatting. Hence, an owner should ensure the bird is in good health condition and the bird gets enough food and water.

The cockatiel also needs enough space in its cage to roam properly.

3. Avoid distractions

An owner should train a cockatiel in a quiet place so that the bird only can focus on what the owner commands.

The cage also should be covered at the time of the training. This will also eliminate the chances of any kind of visual distraction of the bird.

4. “Slow and shrill” wins the race!

The owner should focus on teaching one word at a time to the cockatiel. The cockatiel is a high-pitched bird hence, the owner also should try to teach them with a high pitch.

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5. “Trick or treat” time for cockatiel?

The owner also should offer the bird a treat when they are able to perform some kind of certain tasks said by the owner. This practice will increase the chances of the cockatiels interacting more with the owner.

6. Show some love to the bird’s eyes

The owner should focus on the pupils of the cockatiels.

If the eyes and the pupils are getting bigger after hearing some sounds and phrases, it implies that the bird is enthusiastic about that sound or phrase. The owner should repeat that more than once to train them in a proper way.


So, the key take outs of this article is that cockatiel is a talking bird. They generally talk when they are very happy or feeling bored. Male cockatiels are generally louder than the female species. There are certain steps to train a cockatiel to talk.

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