Are Cockatiels Emotional? 5 Facts You Should Know !

Piyali Das

Are Cockatiels Emotional? 5 Facts You Should Know !

Cockatiels are one of the most popular and lovable parrot species having different color patterns and beautiful crests. Let us find out whether cockatiels are emotional or not. 

Cockatiels are one of the most emotional bird species. They are intelligent as well as emotionally complex. They can express their joy, affection, sadness and stress through different activities. When raised with love and care, they get emotionally connected with their owner and show immense love to them. 

Let us discuss some more facts on how emotional cockatiels are, what kind of bond they form and many other related facts in this article.

Do cockatiels bond with their owners?

Cockatiels make strong bonds with their owners. If the bird is raised with proper love and care they become so affectionate with its owners that make contact calls with them. Cockatiels can even understand if the owner is happy, sad, or stressed out at a moment, and react accordingly.

But in some cases, due to the lack of attention from the owner, the pet cockatiel feels lonely, stressed out, and depressed that it even hurts itself and pluck its own feathers often. 

Do cockatiels bond with only one person?

Some captive birds bond with only one person in the household. These kind of birds are known as one-person birds. Let us see if or not, cockatiels are one-person birds.

Cockatiels do not bond with one person only but in most cases, the owner take care of the birds and spend most of the time, hence they become so affectionate with that person only. If others also spend time interacting with them, cockatiel would make a beautiful bond with them as well.

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How long does it take cockatiels to bond?

There is no exact timeline for cockatiels to bond. It depends on many factors. Sometimes it can take a couple of weeks or sometimes it takes months. Generally, because of their social behavior of getting proper care taken, cockatiels tend to become very friendly with their owner as well as their mates naturally.

Image credit: A pair of cockatiels by Geoff McKay licensed under (CC BY 2.0)

How do cockatiels bond?

Just like other parrot species cockatiels also have different courtship behaviors and by analyzing them properly we can understand how cockatiels bond with each other.

Cockatiels bond with each other when they like each other’s company and do different tasks together. When two adult cockatiels spend the most time together by sitting closely, grooming and snuggling with each other, and eating food together, it indicates that they are a bonded pair and capable of healthy breeding. 

How to bond two cockatiels?

Cockatiels mostly take up to two weeks to settle down with a new situation. Here is a step by step guide on how to bond two cockatiels naturally.

1. Separate the birds

  • Before adding two stranger cockatiels into a cage, place them in different cages.

2. Let the birds play

As a second step, place the cages close to each other so that both cockatiels have enough time to get familiar.

3. Unite the birds

After some time if both birds come in close proximity for interacting, place them together in a single cage. That is how two cockatiels bond easily.

Cockatiels mostly bond for lifelong and bond-making is very important for successful breeding. In bonded pairs, the male easily allows the female to enter the nest box. After clutching, both the parents incubate the eggs and take care of the young chicks together. 

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Cockatiels are one of the most lovable pets around the world. They can be an affectionate partner to their owners. They make bonds with their mates and love to spend time with them. Both male and female cockatiels take responsibility for taking care of their eggs and raising their babies together.

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