7 Facts On Do Cockatiels Bite? When, How, Types

Sukanya Chakraborty

7 Facts On Do Cockatiels Bite? When, How, Types

The cockatiel is a medium-sized parrot, also referred to as quarrion. It is a unique member of the cockatoo family, native to Australia. Let us know about some of their behaviors.

Cockatiels sometimes bit or nip their owners as well as other living beings. They are natural prey, so biting comes naturally to them. The biting does not happen all the time, and also not for the same reasons.

The biting or attacking nature of cockatiels is not visible always. It happens at certain times, due to certain reasons. These reasons and timings will be discussed in this article later.

Image Credits: Cockatiel by Richard Taylor is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Why Do Cockatiels Bite?

Birds bite or nip using their beaks. These beaks are quite hard in cases of cockatiels. Let us know the reasons why cockatiels feel to bite others at certain times.

Cockatiels bite due to fear, stress, hunger, communication, and so on. In a manner to communicate, it can nip its owners to grab attention. It can bite a bit stronger if it is irritated because of any stress or is afraid of any unknown person.

A person needs to understand the environment of the cockatiel, which is biting. It is not necessarily the result of the anger of the bird. The force of biting can sometimes help to understand the situation also.

Cockatiel Bite Force

The force of biting of a cockatiel varies. Let us learn about the intensity of a cockatiel’s biting.

The bite force of a cockatiel can be 70 psi and also has the ability to reach around 100 psi without any additional effort. If a cockatiel is angry or upset, its bite can break the skin and draw blood as well. The slight bite can create discomfort for 30 seconds.

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Are Cockatiels Aggressive?

Aggression does not come naturally to all birds. We can discuss whether it is similar to cockatiels or not.

Cockatiels, especially mature cockatiels are sometimes aggressive, depending on the situation. Generally, pet cockatiels develop an even temperament due to the emotional bonding with their owners.

Female or male cockatiels become a bit aggressive and protective towards their offspring. Even in some cases, when they do not get a return for the affection they show, they may behave aggressively.

Do All Cockatiels Attack?

All cockatiels do not attack. Attacking nature is not always common, it can develop for various reasons. Some male cockatiels get aggressive and become attacking in nature. They can develop territoriality as well.

Image Credits: Pair of cockatiels by Jim Bendon is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

How Do Cockatiels Attack?

The attacking pattern of a living being is not similar to each other. The cockatiels bite in a certain manner while attacking. Let us know more about them.

Cockatiels first hiss to warn the person or object in front of them when they are frustrated. Then they start biting very hard in the face of the person or animal in front of them. When they sense danger from their own species, they start to attack each other.

The frustration of a cockatiel can develop when they are not satisfied with their companion.

Do Cockatiels Attack Humans?

Cockatiels attack humans, commonly their owners. Pet cockatiels can develop a certain attachment with their owners and become possessive about them. When they do not get proper attention, they can bite and show aggression to grab affection. The bite can become hard with the intention to show their anger.

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Do Wild Cockatiels Attack Humans?

Wild cockatiels can attack humans more commonly than pets. Wild cockatiels can bite and behave with more aggression as they sense more danger towards the human species. The attack of a wild cockatiel is more forceful than the pet one.

Wild cockatiels also take free life seriously, so if they sense captivity, they can attack the person in front of them. Taming the wild ones can take some time like weeks or even months.


Cockatiels are naturally good-natured until they are disturbed for some reason. In several cases, like hunger, anger, and fear they can attack other organisms as well as other cockatiels. Pet cockatiels and wild cockatiels are not much different, but male captive ones are more ferocious and attacking in nature.

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