Are Mules Stronger Than Horses : Exhaustive Facts On Mules Vs. Horse


Are Mules Stronger Than Horses : Exhaustive Facts On Mules Vs. Horse

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Mules and horses are distinct equine animals with several advantages and uses. Let’s learn more about them. 

Mules are stronger than horses since they have greater endurance, fortitude and are more sure-footed. They also have smoother muscles and immense physical strength. Since they are a cross between a mare and a donkey, it is said that they get their intelligence from donkeys and athletic ability from horses.

There are several questions people ask about horses and mules, and their differences are a subject of much debate. Let’s take a look at some frequently asked questions about mules and horses. 

What is the advantage of a mule over a horse?

Mules and horses are two different animals, and both have their advantages. Let’s check out the advantage of a mule over a horse.

Mules live longer than horses and are healthier than them. They are hybrid animals and are considered genetically superior to horses. Besides, mules are not prone to injury and aren’t delicate like horses. They are pretty sure-footed, can tolerate harsh weather, and are hardy, which gives them an edge.

Mules have high tolerance power and can easily handle themselves. As such, they don’t require any special care.

What is the advantage of a horse over a mule?

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Horses are social creatures with several advantages. Let’s explore the advantage of a horse over a mule. 

Horses can reproduce, unlike mules that are sterile. Besides, horses are easier to train since they follow instructions quickly and are not as stubborn as mules. Horses are also faster than mules, so they are often preferred for competitive sports. 

All said and done, horses are great if you are looking for a pet that you can train quickly and use for various sporting events. 

Are mules harder to ride than horses?

Both mules and horses have enough power to carry heavyweights. Now, let’s explore whether mules are harder to ride than horses. 

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Mules are not harder to ride in comparison to horses. In fact, they are recommended for riding on narrow paths and rugged terrain. They are more sure-footed and confident than horses and can easily pick their way than an average horse. In addition, they have tougher feet and legs than horses.

Given their strength and intelligence, mules are unlikely to suffer from soundness problems, and you can easily ride them. 

Are mules safer than horses?

As a rider, safety is of utmost importance. Let’s check out whether mules are safer than horses. 

Mules are safer to ride than horses since they are more sure-footed and have a smoother gait. Besides, their self-preservation instinct makes them avoid all dangers, and you get the benefit of it if you are on their backs. In addition, mules are excellent if you intend to ride on rough or steep terrain. 

Overall, mules are pretty smart and will keep themselves and you safe. 

Can mules run as fast as horses?

Mules are smarter and more sure-footed than horses, but can they run as fast? Let’s explore this aspect together. 

Mules cannot run as fast as horses. While mules can run at the speed of 35 miles/hour, a well-trained horse can cover around 45 miles/hour. Some mules have thoroughbred or quarter horse genes, and these can be slightly faster than average mules, but even then, they cannot beat a horse of the same breed.

The bottom line is that although mules are athletic creatures, they fail to beat the speed of horses. 

Can you train a mule like a horse?

Horses are pretty easy to train and domesticate, but are mules the same? Let’s find out.

You can easily train a mule like a horse. In fact, mules have the added advantage of being extremely intelligent and quick learners. However, you need to be careful while training mules since they do not blindly follow commands as horses do. They need a proper reason to act the way you want them to. 

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You need sufficient experience and knowledge of mules to train them well. Besides, you need to be patient with them. 

 Are mules more intelligent than horses?

Mules are a cross between mares and donkeys and get their intelligence from both. But are they more intelligent than horses? Let’s find out.

Mules are more intelligent than horses since they inherit the best from both their parent species. They have what is called the ‘hybrid vigor’ that improves the functioning of the hybrid offspring. Although horses are among the most intelligent equine animals, mules deliver better cognitive performance.

All in all, mules and horses are both intelligent animals who can learn quickly and adapt to different conditions.  

Are mules better than horses?

Mules and horses are two completely different animals who render similar functions. Let’s check out whether mules are better than horses. 

Mules are considered better than horses since they are easier to feed, genetically superior, more intelligent, and hardy. They have got an excellent sense of self-protection and have strong feet that don’t require shoeing. Mules also have superior memory and develop stronger bonds with their owners. 

Overall, mules have the genetic advantage of inheriting the best traits of both their parents and therefore are said to be superior to horses. 

Is it easier to keep a mule?

It is commonly known that horses are popular domestic animals that are easy to train and befriend. However, are mules easier to keep? Let’s find out.

Mules are easier to keep since they do not have extensive food requirements and are hardy creatures. They can survive in warm climates, are quite independent, and do not feed on grain. In addition, mules are unlikely to overeat, owing to their sound eating habits.

Horses are also easy to domesticate, but you need to watch out for what they’re eating.

Mules vs. Horses appearance 

Image Credits: “two mules” by greg westfall. is licensed under CC BY 2.0

At first glance, you might confuse a horse and a mule. However, there are certain distinct characteristics that separate them. Let’s check out. 

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Mules have longer heads and long ears that can extend up to 33 inches. They also have tougher hooves. On the other hand, horses have larger feet and are usually taller than mules. On average, males have a height of 60 inches, whereas horses measure 60 to 80 inches. 

All in all, horses have a smoother coat and heavy manes, which gives them a distinct appearance and makes them stand out from mules. 

Image Credits: “Two Horses” by Jake Wasdin is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Mules vs. Horses lifespan 

Another point of distinction between mules and horses is their lifespan. Let’s explore more about this difference. 

Mules live longer than horses since they are hardier and genetically superior. Mules eat less than horses but have more stamina and can work for longer hours. On average, mules are quite resilient and can live up to 30 to 40 years, whereas horses live up to 25 to 30 years. 

As such, mules can work in their 30s, whereas most horses can do heavy-duty work only till their early 20s.

Mules vs. Horses temperament

Another essential aspect that one must explore is the difference in the temperament of horses and mules. Let’s learn more about it. 

Mules are stubborn and bad-tempered, but that comes from their sense of self-preservation. They can be unwilling to learn new things, but they are extremely intelligent. Horses are quick learners and remain calm unless they feel threatened. They are also intelligent animals and have a friendly nature.


Mules and horses are reliable and versatile animals that are strong enough to ride and carry heavy loads. Both animals are characterized by their intelligence, dependability and resilience.

Mules are more adaptable and can work for longer hours and travel through rough terrain without losing grip. Horses are easier to train since they aren’t as stubborn and can pick up commands quickly. Both mules and horses have their advantages, and the right choice for you depends on your requirements.

Overall, both these animals are wonderful creatures and have been used for ages for all kinds of domestic and commercial work. 

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