Pet Crocodile: Can You Have One? Read This First!


Pet Crocodile: Can You Have One? Read This First!

Crocodiles are adorable and endearing creatures, this might make you wonder if you can have one as a pet.

It is true that you can have a pet crocodile. However, only two species of crocodiles can be kept as pets: freshwater crocodiles and saltwater crocodiles. It is mandatory to apply for a permit before keeping protected wildlife like crocodiles. 

In theory, you can have a pet crocodile, but it is recommended not to since they are dangerous animals and meant to be kept in the wild.  Crocodiles can, however, only be adopted as pets if permission is granted by the state.

Since not all states allow people to domesticate crocs pets,this article is intended to highlight a few states where you can adopt a croc and we will also mention a few tips & tricks to keep them as pets. 

Can Crocodiles be Tamed?

Crocodiles are magnificent looking animals which can live for a very long time, reaching large sizes. But can you tame or domesticate them? 

Crocodiles cannot be tamed or domesticated but can be kept in captivity or you can pet them. This is because they are wild & dangerous animals and belong to the wild. Crocodiles are predatory creatures, and they are impossible to be fully tame.

Image Credits: “Nile Crocodile” by wallygrom is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

Since crocodiles have never been domesticated, they have not been bred to form close relationships with humans like cats or dogs.

As a result, it is almost impossible to predict how a wild predator will react when it encounters humans and other unfamiliar stimuli.

As solitary animals, they do not adapt well to a home environment full of strange sights and sounds. In addition, crocodiles are unlikely to thrive in captivity, and you may find them lashing out in frustration if you try to tame them.

Are crocodiles good pets?

Crocodiles are known for their size and strength, and are known only as monstrous beasts that live in the wild and terrorize small animals but can they really be good pets? 

Although some species can be more tolerant than others, crocodiles are not generally good pets. This is because a croc has the strongest bite force, their jaws can generate 3,700 PSI of power, enough to easily break bones. 

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From providing the right diet to good space and handling, caring for a pet crocodile is a big responsibility. If you are prepared to meet the demands of pet ownership, and think that you can give your new friend all the affection, time and attention it needs, then you qualify for that special kind of love that comes from having a pet crocodile!

How to keep crocodiles as pets?

Image Credits: “Oz- 1700m” by p_c_w is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0.

Crocodiles can turn out to be one of the most dangerous animals you own. If you’re considering adding one of these scaly beasts to your family, you should know how to care for it properly first!

Responsible pet ownership is important to keep the crocodile. Make sure to arrange a right cage with enclosures so that they do not escape, and arrange the ample amount of food and water for their daily needs. Briefly, space, food, temperature, light, and water must be combined in the right way.

Also do not forget to get the state permit, take insurance and enquire if feeding live food is legal in your jurisdiction or not because these exotic creatures need a lot of live food.

Not to forget these reptilian friends need the access to both land and water to sustain so make sure the enclosure you’re building for them should be at least 60% of water. 

How much does a pet crocodile cost?

How much does a pet crocodile cost? You may have heard that they are expensive to buy and to keep. We’ll give you an inside look at the expenses involved.

The cost of a pet crocodile depends upon its age and weight. While young crocodiles of a few months can cost around $80-$100. The cost of adult crocodiles of 1 year and older can vary between $900-$1000. 

It also costs a lot of money to feed and care for crocodiles. Depending on the size, they can eat up to one quarter of their body weight. Various insects and crawfish can be fed to crocs in captivity.

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Can crocodiles be trained?

Crocs can make wonderful pets, but they can require plenty of specific care and attention to stay disciplined.

With years of hardwork and patience, crocodiles can be trained. A 100-year-old crocodile named Cassius is currently the largest in captivity. He has been trained for years to be kept in captivity. 

There is no doubt that crocodiles can be trained to perform tricks and pay attention to commands, just like other animals. Training is possible with enough time and effort for almost any creature that has intelligence and decision-making abilities.

Can you have a pet crocodile in the UK?

Image Credits: “Nile Crocodiles” by wallygrom is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

Can you have a pet crocodile in the UK? You may well wonder whether or not it’s possible to own an exotic reptile as a pet. If you’re interested in keeping a croc as a pet, keep reading to know.

Under the Dangerous Wild Animals Act (1976) you can have a pet crocodile in the UK. But, you need to obtain a Government- regulated DWA license to pet wild animals like crocodiles. 

Applicants must submit an application to their local council and adhere to strict habitat requirements. In addition to safeguarding the animal’s welfare, you must ensure that they pose no risk to the public.

According to wild animal welfare charity Born Free survey in 2021 found that 158 crocodilians kept as pets around the UK.

Can you have a pet crocodile in Australia?

While the idea of petting or holding a crocodile might seem strange to us, can you pet a crocodile in Australia just like Florida still remains a debatable question. We’ll reveal the truth.

Crocodiles cannot be kept as pets in every states of Australia. For instance in Queensland state does not allow to pet crocodiles unless required for farming or educational purposes. However, in cities like Melbourne, you can pet a croc with a state permit. 

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Can you pet a baby crocodile?

Image Credits: “Baby Crocodile” by MyFWC Florida Fish and Wildlife is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0.

Baby crocodiles are much less fearsome than older ones. Does that mean you can pet them? Is it safe to keep these little cute yet wild animals at home? 

It is true that you can pet a baby crocodile however not all states allow petting a baby crocodile, thus you need to check and if it is legal then you need to take the license to adopt a baby crocodile. 

Also do not pet a baby crocodile thinking they cannot bite you, remember every crocodile from young to older does bite and harm you. They are equally dangerous as their adult counterparts. 

However, if you have planned to get the baby croc home, remember that baby crocodiles can easily burn or overheat in high temperatures thus you need to build a proper shelter with the right temperature setting for them. 

Also these little creatures are fond of climbing and can easily escape from enclosure so make sure that the corner of the tank is covered with blocks so that they do not escape out or harm other people in the surrounding. 

In short, while it’s possible to pet baby crocodiles, you should never actually do so. It can take decades for them to become tame enough to touch and they can still attack you. 


In conclusion, if you want to own a pet croc, it is important that you first get your state’s permission. The possession of a crocodile is regulated and restricted in most states due to the animals’ potential danger to humans. The laws vary from state to state, so make sure you have the proper paperwork and permits in place before attempting to own any alligators or crocodiles.

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