Can Crocodiles Hear: 9 Facts You Should Know!


Can Crocodiles Hear: 9 Facts You Should Know!

Crocodiles are famous for their fake tears and a strong sense of smell and sight. But, can crocodiles hear? Let’s explore this today!

Crocodiles can hear, in fact, they have a strong hearing sense that is often compared with that of elephants. Their hearing range varies b/w 100-3000 Hz, which means they can detect high-pitched sounds that even humans can’t hear. 

Crocodiles have such powerful hearing, they can hear their babies calling from inside their eggs. Although it might seem like they’re not very sensitive to their surroundings, with their bulky bodies and short limbs, these reptiles actually have a keen sense of hearing that allows them to hear subtle sounds from far away. 

Almost all crocodiles have an external ear consisting of a short tube attached to a valvular flap near the tympanum that allows them to hear well.

Image Credits: “Crocodile about to Snap some chicken-01&” by Sheba Also 18 Million Views is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

Do crocodiles have ears?

Crocodile ears aren’t visible externally. In some opinions, they do not possess ears because they cannot be seen; others still believe they have ears. Let’s find out. 

Crocodiles have ears, but rather than external they have well-developed internal ears. Besides having ears, these cold-blooded creatures also have excellent hearing abilities. Their hearing can pick up inaudible sounds that humans cannot hear.

The ears of these creatures are situated behind the eyes, on the upper part of their head, as they are with alligators. Underwater, their ears are protected by flaps that form a tight seal, preventing water from entering them. With their ears positioned high on their heads, they can easily detect sounds when most of their bodies are submerged.

Image Credits: “Crocodile close-up NQ-01&” by Sheba Also 18 Million Views is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

Can crocodiles hear out of water?

Crocodiles and alligators can hear out of the water and use their hearing to get around, listening to everything that goes on around them and then reacting accordingly may it be underwater or out of the water. 

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Crocodiles have the amazing ability to pick up on very low-frequency sounds and vibrations, even out of the water because they have structures in their inner ears called the saccule and the utricle that are especially sensitive to these frequencies.

Image Credits: “Cairns Wildlife Dome never smile at a Crocodile-01=” by Sheba Also 18 Million Views is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

Can crocodiles hear underwater?

Crocodiles like to spend lots of time in the water, but whether they can hear underwater is still unknown to most. Read on to learn more about the hearing capacity of crocs.

Crocodiles have a strong sense of hearing that allows them to hear underwater, but their thin tympanum enables them to hear well in the air. It’s likely that these animals hear underwater by transmitting sound information to their ears through their skulls, since they have no obvious means of channeling underwater sound.

Their ears are located in such a way that they can hear while underwater, while only the tops of their heads are above the surface. To prevent threats, they use water vibrations rather than real noises when underwater. 

Can crocodiles hear on land?

Image credits: “Crocodile about to Snap some chicken-02&” by Sheba Also 18 Million Views is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Crocodiles have extremely keen hearing which allows their internal ears to hear on land and when underwater. They have a tympanic membrane, or eardrum, which gives them an excellent hearing on land, – meaning that there’s no place you can hide from them! 

Crocodiles also have keen senses that make them exceptional hunters, including incredibly sensitive ears that can help them hunt prey even on land.

But according to a new study, crocodiles can not only hunt but also listen to their prey when it’s on the land, and can even hear to humans or any possible danger around them. 

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Are crocodiles attracted to noise?

Crocodiles have a strong sense of hearing, so whether they are attracted to the noise? Let’s find out. 

Crocodiles are attracted to noise, in fact, they are very curious creatures that respond immediately when they hear even the slightest of noise. They are curious creatures that don’t like the sound of their own calls or the sudden appearance of something in their domain. They can be easily startled and run away from the source of these sounds.

What is the hearing range of a crocodile?

Image Credits: “Cairns Wildlife Dome never smile at a Crocodile-02=” by Sheba Also 18 Million Views is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

The hearing range of crocodiles ranges from 100 to 3000 hertz, and they are able to hear frequencies up to 8000 hertz., which means they can hear both low-frequency vibrations and high-frequency. Among the sounds that the American alligator can hear are between 50 and 4,000 hertz.

It is the frequency that allows such creatures to hear other things such as their prey and predators. In fact, crocodiles have extremely sensitive ears that can pick out individual sounds within the range at which they are listening. This is why you should never swim around an area where they might be because they are bound to hear the splashes of water.

Do crocodiles have external ears?

It’s difficult to spot crocodile ears but they do have external ears. In fact, they are the only reptiles having external ears. Crocodiles’ external ears are covered by an ear flap, which makes it difficult to identify their ears. They possess an external auditory meatus that has a slit-like appearance

When the top of the head is out of the water, the anterior part of the meatus is open, but when it is submerged, it is closed. Even when the head is above the surface, the posterior part of the meatus is nearly always closed.

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How many ears do crocodiles have?

Crocodile’s ears aren’t visible outside, this makes people wonder how many ears they actually have. 

Crocodiles have two ears. They are probably the only creature in the world with ears on top of their head. Their ears allow them to hear sound clearly and keep themselves safe from other predators.

Where are crocodile ears?

Image Credits: “Lazy crocodile” by Tambako the Jaguar is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0.

Crocodiles have sophisticated inner ears accessed by narrow openings in their heads. The ears of these animals are located directly behind their eyes. These openings are promptly closed by tiny folds of skin when crocodiles fully plunge into the water. As their bodies are mostly submerged in water, their ears are placed on the upper portions of their heads.

Do crocodiles have good hearing?

Crocodiles have incredible hearing thanks to special sensory organs in their inner ears and tails that help them detect faint vibrations in the water and detect low-frequency sounds.

Using their strong sense of hearing, crocodiles can locate the source of a sound. They can detect and locate their prey as well as other animals living in the swamp. They also use their power of hearing for communicating and when looking for a mate. 


In conclusion, it’s a myth that crocodiles can’t hear, they can hear very well. Crocodiles have been proven to hear higher-pitched noises or frequencies. This allows them to both hear other crocodiles fighting and baby crocodiles trying to call for their mother from their eggs and it also allows them to communicate with each other.

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