Do Crocodiles & Alligators Eat Snakes? Facts You Should Know


Do Crocodiles & Alligators Eat Snakes? Facts You Should Know

Crocs and alligators eat diverse foods. Crocodiles, however, have a bigger menu than alligators because of their larger size. Do they, however, eat snakes? Let us see the fact.

Crocs and alligators are both carnivorous, and both of them eat snakes. However, snakes are not their primary prey. They may sometimes hunt down and eat snakes, they would mostly stick to other prey like crabs, turtles, fish, frogs, etc.

Having said that, crocodiles will eat practically anything. Because of their massive size, they frequently seek larger prey. The same is true for alligators. Gators, on the other hand, prefer smaller prey than crocs.

The following is a list of potential prey that crocs and gators hunt the most in the wild.

Crustaceans Fishes
Rays Frogs
Small sharksOtters
List of Prey for Crocodiles & Alligators

In this post, we shall specifically discuss snakes as prey. The explanation is that crocs and gators eat snakes, among other facts.

Crocodiles vs. alligators: Basic Facts

If you are a novice, it is very easy to confuse a crocodile with an alligator. However, they are not identical despite belonging to the same phylogenetic order.

Here are some characteristics discussed below that distinguish these huge reptiles from one another.

Size (Ave.)Up to 5.2 metersUp to 4.6 meters
Weight (Ave.)Up to 520 kgUp to 230 kg
ColorWith a speckled pattern, olive green or light brownDark gray or black on the outside with a creamy underside
Teeth60-70 teeth74-80
SnoutV-shaped U-shaped 
Crocodiles vs. Alligators

Male alligators, like crocodiles, are larger than females. Crocodiles, on the other hand, are larger than alligators.

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Do alligators eat snakes?

Alligators have been observed hunting snakes. Although hatchlings do not eat snakes but smaller prey, older alligators eat larger prey such as fish, snakes, otters, and so on.

In fact, gators have been known to survive even the most dangerous snakes, such as rattlesnakes.

What type of snakes do alligators eat?

Alligators consume a wide variety of snakes, including the most deadly. In this context, gators prey on pit vipers, pythons, Burmese pythons, and other snakes.

What snakes do American alligators eat?

American alligators hunt snakes. These gators eat snakes including Burmese pythons, vipers, etc.

However, whereas adult alligators eat on copperheads, gator hatchlings’ situation is quite different. Copperhead snakes have been observed preying on hatchling American alligators. Furthermore, the protective covering of alligator blood may not be effective in saving hatchlings from snakebite.

Do alligators eat copperhead snakes?

Copperhead snakes are extremely poisonous. So it’s worth learning if alligators hunt and prey on these snakes.

Alligators eat Copperhead snakes. Copperhead snakes have been discovered in the guts of alligators by experts. They deduced from this that gators could consume dangerous snakes without being harmed by the venom.

In this context, a study was carried out to compare the venom of eastern copperheads to the blood serum of alligators and mice. Alligator blood was found to be 100 times more immune to venom than mouse blood.

Do alligators eat poisonous snakes?

Several investigations have revealed toxic snake remnants in the stomachs of alligators. Also, as we stated above, alligator blood has characteristics that make it resistant to viper venom. So, feeding on vipers is not a cause for concern for gators.

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Do alligators eat water snakes?

Common watersnakes are widely found across North America. They are mostly non-venomous and spend their lives in and around water. They also sometimes share their habitat with alligators.

Water snakes tend to be aggressive but preyed on by alligators. If gators find them easy to be fed on, they won’t hesitate to attack and devour them.

Do alligators eat pythons?

Alligators have been observed eating pythons. However, the opposite can occur, with alligators becoming the snakes’ prey.

According to a recent Newsweek report, the American alligator and the Burmese python share the same habitat in the Greater Everglades Ecosystem. As a result, they regularly cross paths and predate one another.

Do crocodiles eat snakes?

Snakes are hunted and eaten by crocodiles. But crocodiles, like alligators, do not typically prey on snakes. Instead, they would rather eat fish, crabs, birds, and other mammals.

Do saltwater crocodiles eat snakes?

The saltwater crocodiles are known to show aggression and are the largest crocs out there. So do snakes make their menu whatsoever?

Remember that salties are opportunistic eaters who can consume considerably larger prey. Their menu may occasionally include snakes. However, they primarily hunt birds, turtles, buffaloes, wildebeests, and occasionally humans.

Do saltwater crocodiles eat anacondas?

Anacondas are the world’s largest snake species. They live in tropical South America and eat a variety of prey. But do saltwater crocs eat them?

Anacondas live in South America, whereas salties live in Asia and Australia. But if they ever cross paths, salties will not hesitate to hunt down and eat anacondas.

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Do Nile crocodiles eat snakes?

Nile crocs are aggressive and can take down any animals within their range, including snakes. But snakes do not make their primary food. Instead, these crocodiles mostly feed on birds, small mammals, fishes, etc. 


The key takeaway of the article is that YES, crocodiles and alligators eat snakes. However, snakes are not their primary food source feed on frogs, crabs, fish, small mammals, worms, and so on.

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