Crocodiles In New Zealand: Facts You Should Know


Crocodiles In New Zealand: Facts You Should Know

Crocodiles are ambush predators. They are fascinating and worth studying. So, it is intriguing to explore if these predators have any presence in New Zealand, the neighboring nation of Australia.

Crocodiles are not officially found in New Zealand. In other words, if the official assertion is to be believed, New Zealand is a crocodile-free country.

Although there are no native crocs in the country, this does not indicate that these predators have never appeared there. They frequently swim from Australia, one of the worst croc-producing countries, and occasionally exhibit their existence.

Crocs like warmer climates than those found in New Zealand. So, while they can be found in Australia, where the climate is warmer, they can only be found in zoos in New Zealand.

Is it possible for crocodiles to live in New Zealand?

If the crocodile grows large enough, it will be able to thrive in New Zealand’s cooler temperature. Size, according to experts, is a significant aspect of an animal’s thermal relationships with its surroundings. As a result, the larger the animal, the lower the surface-to-bulk ratio and the higher the potential for thermal storage.

Furthermore, solar radiation is vital in helping crocs to stay warm. As a result, they can sun themselves before the air temperature drops. Furthermore, crocs that arrive in New Zealand during summer have a better chance of surviving till winter.

Are there saltwater crocodiles in New Zealand?

There are no native crocodiles in New Zealand. Is it possible, however, that this country has saltwater crocodiles? Let’s look at the facts.

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Two Australian saltwater crocodiles, Scar from the Northern Territory and Goldie from Cairns in Queensland, were rescued in New Zealand in 2009. These restless crocs caused a nuisance for the Royal New Zealand Air Force Hercules, which took on the task of airlifting them to Manukau’s Butterfly Creek Zoo.

These two saltwater crocodiles are currently the star saltwater crocs for visitors to Manukau’s Butterfly Creek Zoo.

Image Credit: Saltwater crocodile by fvanrenterghem (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Are there crocodiles in New Zealand zoos?

Crocodiles can only be found in New Zealand in Manukau’s Butterfly Creek Zoo. Scar and Goldies, two feisty Australian saltwater crocodiles rescued in 2009, call this place home.

You may get up and personal with Scar and Goldie, maintained in a full enclosure with climate control. If you go to the zoo at about 1 p.m., you can see the feeders feeding the animals. These crocs can be seen in action.

Here is some basic information regarding Scar and Goldie, New Zealand’s only saltwater crocs.

The namingDue to the snout injuryDue to the color of his hide
SizeApprox 4.9mApprox 4.8m
WeightApprox 600kgApprox 600kg
OriginThe Northern TerritoryNorth Queensland
Facts He despises boats.He featured in a short film that was screened at Cannes.
Crocodiles in New Zealand Zoos


We learn from the post above that New Zealand does not have a native crocodile. However, Manukau’s Butterfly Creek Zoo is the only place to see these fascinating reptiles. It is home to two saltwater crocodiles from Australia. Although the climate in New Zealand is cooler than what crocodiles enjoy, these two crocs reside in a fully contained, temperature-controlled environment. So, if you want to get up close and personal with these crocs, go to the zoo in the afternoon.

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