Do Baby Crocodiles Bite? 11 Facts You Should Know!


Do Baby Crocodiles Bite? 11 Facts You Should Know!

We all have heard about the powerful bite force of adult crocodiles. But what about baby crocodiles? Do they bite, and do they bite hard? Let’s find out the truth.

Experts claim that all crocodiles, from hatchlings to adults, bite. Although crocodile hatchling bites may not cause severe pain, they can still be shocking. So keep your guard up because even a baby crocodile bite can be unpleasant.

Hatchling crocs typically exhibit less aggressive behavior than their adult counterparts.

We’ll respond to some of the most frequent queries, such as do baby alligators bite? Are young crocodiles hostile? And so on. 

Do baby crocodiles have teeth?

We all have seen toothy (adult) crocodiles. But have you ever seen baby crocs? If yes, have you noticed teeth in their mouth? Let’s read below to learn more.

Baby crocodiles are born with an egg tooth to break out of their shell. Apart from the egg tooth, hatchlings also possess tiny and sharp teeth. The baby crocodiles’ teeth may be small, but they are still sharp enough to help them grasp slippery toads, frogs, fish, and insects.

Much like adult crocodiles, the hatchlings also lose their teeth. However, the rate of their teeth replacement is much higher than that of adult ones. 

How do baby crocodiles bite?

The bite of a baby crocodile is similar to that of an adult. They sneak up on their prey and ambush them before attacking with the startling maneuver of biting off a piece of meat.

Do baby crocodiles play?

We anticipate all newborn animals to be happy and playful whenever we see them.Do baby crocs play as well?

According to research done at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, crocodilians engage in locomotor play, play with objects, and social play. For example, baby crocodilians have been seen riding on each other’s backs, “courting,” riding currents, pushing sticks, and other behaviors.

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Baby crocodiles play not only with adults and other crocodiles but also with other animals. For example, research has revealed young crocodiles frolic with river otters.

These large reptiles’ playful nature has not received much in-depth research.

Are baby crocodiles friendly?

If you have a pet at your home, you will know what we mean by animals being friendly. Baby crocodiles are pretty different from other baby animals in their regular demeanor. 

Young crocodiles are often seen playing with humans and other animals (in some rare cases). They cannot, however, be described as “friendly.” We don’t mean to sound harsh when we say this because crocs cannot experience emotions. Therefore, they cannot interact amicably with people or other animals.

We must also recognize that these reptiles cannot acquire these emotions or develop a friendly relationship with their owners. However, nature frequently astounds us with unexpected things. for instance, the crocodile Pocho had an odd bond with the person who saved its life. Their unusual friendship drew a lot of attention, and they were frequented by visitors, researchers, and animal behaviorists. This relationship lasted 20 years before Pocho passed away at 50.

Are baby alligators aggressive?

Crocodilians, regardless of species, are notoriously aggressive. Even if not all of them are considered man-eaters, they are known to be hostile. But what about the youngsters?

Even if they have only recently hatched, baby alligators are aggressive. So keep an eye out for these wild babies. They are not friendly and have strong jaws and tiny sharp teeth that can puncture your flesh if you enter their territory.

However, baby alligators are weaker than their adult counterparts. As a result, their mothers shield them for the first year after birth.

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Do baby alligators possess teeth?

Crocodilians have thecodont teeth that are the strongest. We all have seen those scary-looking teeth in adult gators. But what about the babies?

Baby alligators are born with teeth as well. Most baby gators have about 20 teeth at birth, replaced by 32 adult teeth. Crocodiles can have 60 to 110 teeth, according to the species. And an alligator can replace over 3000 teeth in their lifetime.

Do baby alligators bite?

Why wouldn’t they bite? Baby alligators possess tine sharp teeth that are sufficient to puncture the slippery skin of frogs, toads, insects, fish, etc. So, if they gate a chance, and the reason, they would definitely bite you. 

Also, regardless of age, crocodilians have evolved to be aggressive, if not always man-eaters, and to bite. After all, they are active carnivores. 

How hard do baby alligators bite?

The bite force of American alligators is approximately 2125 psi. This is quite potent, though not as brutal as the salties. In this regard, what can we say about baby alligators?

If you mean a hatchling that has just been born and is less than a year old, their bite would feel like hundreds of sharp clothespins pricking you. It will be more of a shock.

However, if a “baby alligator” is under three feet long, its bite could be potentially lethal. Their bite is commonly mistaken for a dog bite. However, there have been reports of a 2-3 foot-long gator vigorously moving its head in chainsaw-like movements and even going on a death roll. Such actions could severely injure and bruise you. So, don’t underestimate the strength of a “baby alligator.”

Can you get killed by a baby alligator bite?

It is not yet recorded that baby alligators have killed humans. Also, the baby gators won’t attack humans under normal circumstances. Yet, their bite can come as a shock if they are too young. 

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Can you keep a baby alligator as a pet?

How far is it correct to keep a baby gator as a pet?

It is not at all recommended to keep baby gators as pets. They are not like other animals like cats, dogs, cows, etc. In addition, crocodilians are not capable of feeling, or learning, emotions. So, they cannot form an amiable bond with their owners. 

Furthermore, keeping baby alligators as pets in states such as Florida and Arkansas is illegal.

There are some compelling reasons to avoid keeping crocodilians as pets. The first is that they will grow up; by that time, it will be like having a pet dinosaur at home. Second, adult gators consume an enormous amount of food. They may become aggressive if they do not receive as much as they would like. Third, keeping gators in captivity is an expensive endeavor. They’d need the right amount and type of food and water to survive.


So, the key takeaway of this blog is that baby crocodiles bite. Even if their bite does not kill humans, it will definitely give them a shock. Also, if a baby crocodile is over a year old, it may bite you to tear off your arm or leg. So, never underestimate a baby croc or gator, even if they look adorable and apparently less vicious. 

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