Are Cows Smarter Than Dogs: Interesting Insights


Are Cows Smarter Than Dogs: Interesting Insights

Cows and dogs are one of the most popular domesticated animals. However, cows’ slow movements and large size are often seen as rather stupid. But is that really so? Are cows really stupid? Let’s find out.

Cows and dogs are the smartest animals. In addition to solving problems well, both of them make lifelong friends, and they remember humans and animals alike. This makes them the most brilliant animals of the animal kingdom. 

However, not all cows possess the same qualities. Just like dogs, cats, or other humans, some might be competent, quick learners, and adventurous, while others can be shy, timid, or introverted. 

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Who is Smarter Dog or Cow?

It is evident from observing cows and dogs closely that dogs are comparatively more active than cows. This may make you believe that dogs are more intelligent than cows. But this is not the Fact. 

Although both cows and dogs have the same level of intelligence, the PETA study indicates that cows are generally more smarter than dogs. Due to their ability to remember things for an extended period. 

There is so much more intelligence in cows than we give them credit for. They solve problems well, remember faces, nurture their calves well, are easy to train, and show emotions well. 

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What Qualities Make the Cows Smarter?

They are exceptional problem solvers.

Animals such as cows are excellent at solving problems based on logic. They can quickly solve the issues and often celebrate their victories after learning how to solve a problem. 

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They usually get really excited when they solve problems by themselves. Their excitement is similar to that of humans, and they typically show through jumping, wagging tails, and running. 

They have a sharp memory

Besides being innocent, cows are also intelligent creatures. They tend to remember faces well, which is evidence that they have sharp memories. It’s not just their faces; they remember where they live, where they find food, and even what their calves look like. 

They are affectionate towards humans.

Perhaps because of their sharp memory, they make such great connections with other cows in the herd and with humans. Cows show affection to humans by wetting, following around, playing, and cuddling with humans. This is precisely how dogs show their love and respect to humans. 

They show different personalities.

Exactly like humans, cows show different personalities. For instance- Some days, they may be sad or moody the entire day, while other days, they may be excited and playful. Despite their calm nature, they can be destructive if they become sad, angry, or irritated. In this way, they are similar to humans in many ways, reflecting that they are animals with language and intelligence. 

Cows have strong Maternal Feelings.

Every animal nurtures its offspring to the best of its ability, and cows are no exception. In Fact, they are connected to their babies in a way that they go through physical and emotional pain when they get separated from them. As soon as their babies go missing, cows become restless and often make noises, smells, and touch things in an attempt to find them. 

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Are Cows More Intelligent than Dogs?

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The intelligence level of cows has been a topic of debate for a long time now. Despite some claiming they are more intelligent than dogs, others may believe they are less intelligent. Continue reading to find out the truth.

Cows and dogs both have almost the same level of intelligence. They tend to possess the same level of intuitive and adaptive ability to learn that makes them different from other animals.

The Fact that they learn quickly and are easy to train and expressive makes them more intelligent than dogs. In Fact, they have sharper memories than dogs and remember even the slightest of details. 

Which Animal Bond Best with Humans: Cow or Dog?

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Dogs being one of the most popular animals owned as pets, it is usual for people to think that they are the best animals to bond with humans. However, this is untrue. 

Although cows are herd animals, they bond best with humans. They are as affectionate as dogs and really enjoy being around other humans and animals. 

Certainly, cows are not as playful as dogs, as they do not display the same level of excitement and do not greet their owners in the same way.

 Since they are grazing land mammals they are not as expressive as pets like dogs and cats. However, it is evident that cows become pretty excited when they see their owners after a long time apart. 

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But, if you compare the bonding of cows and dogs with humans then there is no denying the fact that dogs being the most loved pet animals, bond with humans in a most unique way.

 Their love for humans is immense and selfless. They not only show love but also get jealous if their humans show love to other animals. 

Are Prey Animals Stupid? 

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Many arguments support that herbivores and prey animals are stupid. It is because they do not need to hunt for food and do not face predators. But is that really so?

This is nothing but a myth. Just because prey animals like cows are not as active as hunting animals and do not need to search for food doesn’t make them stupid. They are perfectly adapted to their needs and are really smart. 


Considering the traits exhibited by them, it appears that they both are marvelous and intelligent animals. In a nutshell, dogs are the smartest of all domesticated animals, while cows are the most brilliant of all field mammals based on their territorial behavior. This makes it to the end of the discussion that most of these animals are intelligent in their own ways. 

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