Why do Cows Like Music: Exhaustive Facts Around it


Why do Cows Like Music: Exhaustive Facts Around it

The idea that animals enjoy music is something we never thought about, but what if we tell you that cows do? You won’t believe it, right? Let’s find out why cows enjoy music.

It is believed that cows like music because it helps them to relax and feel at ease, even when they are potentially stressed. It helps them relieve the stress hormones. Also, the fact that they are generally curious about every other thing around them, music makes them curious and they tend to enjoy it.  

Considered as one of the most emotional creatures, cows exhibit a wide range of moods and behaviors, from loving unconditionally to ferocious aggressiveness, they have a tendency to change their mood very quickly. This is where music comes as a rescue to help them overcome the stressful situation they are dealing with. 

Having said that, cows don’t like all kinds of music and are very particular about the type of music they enjoy, as we will explain in the second part of the article. So, continue reading the article to know the amazing facts about them. 

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Do cows Like Music?

If you are a frequent visitor to a farm, you probably have heard the farmer say, “My cows like the music.” And you must be wondering, is that true? Let’s find out whether they really like the music or not. 

Not only are cows drawn to music, but they also seem quite absorbed when they listen and stick around to vibe with the music. Sometimes, they even sing along or sleep while listening to their favorite music. 

Cows are intelligent creatures with unique ways to handle various situations. Handling stress and loneliness is also one of them, and when it comes to relaxing, listening to music is the only way that comforts them. 

Why Do Cows Like Music?

So now that we have established that cows love music, let’s look into what makes them like it? Is it the sound, amplitude, pitch, or the lyrics that makes them like the music? 

Cows are known to get distressed easily and cry when they feel threatened, music helps to uplift their mood and make them happier and reduce the stress of loneliness, pain, or separation from their herd. 

There are many challenges faced by all cows, especially dairy cows. On top of the physical pain caused by milking and being separated from their calves, the harsh and loud noises in the dairy parlor can make them more stressed. The melodious music helps cows ignore all the pains and calm down. 

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Why Do Cows Respond to Music?

While other animals ignore the music, cows have a unique way of responding to it. Let’s find out what makes cows behave in such a way when they are listening to music. 

There’s something inherently fascinating about cows and music: they have a keen, intuitive sense of hearing different sounds; this is why they respond to music. Apart from this, cows are curious creatures and when they hear various tunes of music, they are known to be drawn to the tunes and actually listen to them. 

Music releases chemicals such as serotonin and endorphins in most mammals, including cows so whenever cows hear music, these chemicals are released into their brains, resulting in relaxed, happy, and non-threatening states. Since cows have large brains, they probably have more of them flowing through them.

Is Music Good for Cows?

Following our reading that listening to music relieves stress in cows, let’s find out how it improves their overall health. Or is it good for cows to listen to music or not? 

As a matter of fact, there is no doubt that music is good for cows since not only does it increase milk production, but it also boosts their reproductive ability, keeps them healthy, energetic, and happy. This is why music is considered to be the best thing for cows. 

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What Songs Do Cows Like?

The common belief that cows enjoy every type of music is incorrect. When it comes to listening to music, cows are extremely picky and select only particular genres. Let’s find out what songs do cows like the most. 

There is no particular song that cows like. They just love the music that is calming, relaxing, and slow appeals to cows. Various studies have demonstrated that cows prefer slow and classical music as it helps them to relax.

However, even if you are playing slow or classical songs to your cow, you need to make sure that the volume is under control. Also, avoid playing western music, jazz, or hip hop to your cow because the fastpitch and loud volume can scare them. 

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Do Cows Like When You Sing to them?

Singing around cows must have sparked their curiosity and you must have observed their responses to songs. It might make you wonder if it’s just curiosity or if they really enjoy being sung to. Let’s find out. 

Cows have been known to actively seek out the music they are hearing. Thus, they enjoy it when you sing to them. However, the song should be sung in low volume and the song should be melodious. 

Even from the farthest distance, cows can hear you singing and come running straight to you to listen to and enjoy the song, unlike other creatures that get very scared when humans sing to them. However, to make sure they enjoy the music you need to sing in a very low tone. 

Why Do Cows Like Classical Music?

Although cows are accustomed to many different types of music, the reason why they prefer slow classical music is still a mystery, so let’s find out why they enjoy only this type of music.

Cows like classical music because high-pitch songs and loud volume usually scare them and place them in even more stressful situations. Since classical music has a low tempo, is slow and melodious, cows usually found them relaxing and soothing. 

They love classical music to the extent that they try to sing along with you when their cute mooing voices, nod their heads to vibe with you, and even dance in joy. 

Do Cows Understand Music?

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Now that we know cows enjoy listening to music, what makes them take pleasure in the music? Yet to be discovered is whether they understand the lyrics or just the music and rhythm. We’ll figure this out together.

Even though cows do not seem to understand or enjoy the lyrics of the song, they do enjoy the music, rhythm, and melody. Studies have even shown that cows remember the song they once listened to.

Do Cows Give More Milk When Listening to Music?

It has been found that listening to music relieves stress hormones in cows. Does that mean they can produce more milk when they are relieved? Let’s find out. 

Listening to music definitely increases milk production in cows. But, they only prefer listening to classical music while giving milk. Apparently, slow music relieved stress and relaxed the animals, resulting in higher milk production

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When cows are milking, they usually experience discomfort and pain, which is probably why they produce less milk. However, the researchers have found out that cows’ milk production increased by as much as 2 percent when they were listening to slow tunes, including downtempo and classical music.

When Should You Play Music for Cows?

Cows can benefit from listening to music, but how long is that good for them? Should you play or sing for them the entire day? Or is there any specific time when they love to listen to music? We will answer all such questions below. 

Although there is no specific time of when you should play music for your cows, it is usually advisable to play music, when you are separating them from their calves, milking them, weaning calves, or when you are bringing them to your farm for the first time.

Similar to humans, cows also like listening to music when they are feeling down and having trouble relaxing. As a means of combating the stress, music can be used to promote calmness in a herd.

Why do Cows Like Accordion Music? 

Despite their immense love for classical music, do you know cows are also fond of accordion music? Let’s find out the reason behind this. 

Cows like accordion music because of their low and melodious voice. Usually, cows fear instruments, for instance, the drums or the trombone because of the loud noises it causes but the sweet mellow sound of the accordion makes them love it. 

Besides, trombones, saxophones, and even downtempo tracks seem to appeal to them. No matter how much they enjoy it, these options can never replace classical music.


Clearly, cows enjoy listening to music, especially the classical ones! They seem to prefer slower melodies when they wish to relax and unwind. But unlike humans, they cannot enjoy jazz music. Apparently, faster music seems not to be their thing, making them anxious and causing them stress. 

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