Are Bengal Cats Friendly: 15 Facts You Should Know 


Are Bengal Cats Friendly: 15 Facts You Should Know 

Bengal cats are regal and have a distinctive charm, despite their resemblance to big cats. However, one question that may arise in your mind is whether Bengal cats are friendly.

Bengal cats are among the most intelligent cat breeds. They are affectionate and can develop into friendly pets if properly trained. In fact, this active breed can actually act like a dog who enjoys playing and retrieving. One of their fundamental characteristics is their love for humans.

Are Bengal Cats Friendly
Image Credit: Bengal cats are very smart and beautiful by Wesam Saka (CC BY-SA 4.0) from Wikimedia

Any cat can make a good pet. However, how you treat your cat will greatly impact how it grows. While we do not deny that each cat breed has genetic factors that influence its temperament, external factors also play a role.

This post is dedicated to all Bengal cat owners who want to know if their pets are truly friendly. Additionally, our perspective on Bengal cat friendliness may also be useful to prospective Bengal cat adopters. 

What are Bengal cats?

Before discussing whether Bengal cats are friendly, let us first discuss the breed. It will assist us in learning the fundamentals of these cats.

Bengal cats have an exotic appearance and cross between small Asian Leopard Cats and house cats. These short-haired cats are distinguished by their multicolored spotted or marbled coat. A single glance at these cats will leave you speechless. Bengal cats can be described in three words: active, intelligent, and inquisitive.

Bengal cats can make wonderful pets. They are, however, extremely active, and you will need to prepare to match their level of energy. Also, remember that no amount of toys can quench their thirst. However, if properly trained, they can make lovely and obedient pets.

Here are some general facts about this cat breed.

Common nameBengal cat
OriginThe US
Cross between Asian leopard cat and  domestic cat
Weight8–15 pounds
Lifespan10–16 years
Coat patternMarbled, spotted, or rosette 
Coat colorSeal or brown
AdaptabilityVery high
Activity levelVery high
Social behavior Friendly, vocal, socialCan also pick up wrong behavior traits 
Club recognitionACFA, FIFe, TICA

What is the temperament of Bengal cats?

Bengal cats are thought to be one of the most unusual breeds. But knowing these cats’ temperaments can help you treat them appropriately.

Bengal cats are a lively, intelligent breed. They are very active and can be very loving to their cat parents. However, it would be best if you begin their socialization with family members at an early age. Also, being intelligent means your cat would need constant stimulation to keep themselves busy and channel their energy. It is also important to emphasize Bengals’ affinity for water.

As per the International Cat Association, it is the world’s most popular feline breed. Nonetheless, this breed is prohibited by law in New York City, Hawaii, and other US states. Why? Because the Bengal cat is classified as a wild cat breed.

Is Bengal cat friendly with another Bengal cat?

Image Credit: Two Bengal kittens by Suhasini from Pixahive

Bengal cats are typically friendly. However, it is worth investigating whether they will be friendly to another Bengal cat.

Bengal cats can get along with other Bengal cats. Nonetheless, unfortunately, these cats have a bad reputation for being wild. Bengals are very social animals, and keeping two Bengals in a pair would be no problem if properly trained. That being said, they would need to be socialized from a young age.

Because both Bengal cats have similar characteristics, they will find it easy to adjust to each other. However, cat experts advise every Bangal cat parent to be cautious when introducing a second Bengal cat to the previous one. Begin limiting your first cat’s territory by defining its laying area, eating area, litter box, etc. This allows the cats to know their zone and avoids fights.

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Are Bengal cats friendly with other cats?

There is a common misconception that because Bengal cats are highly territorial, they will not get along with any other cat. Is there any truth to this point of view?

Bengal cats are territorial, but they can become friends with other cats with proper socialization and training. However, remember that they will not acknowledge other cats unless formally introduced because of their possessive nature. Hence, the correct answer to the preceding question is contingent on how you introduce your Bengal to other cats.

You should keep in mind that Bengals adore human attention. Therefore, the key is never to ignore your Bengal cat. Try to be as affectionate with your Bengal cat as possible if you’re playing with both cats simultaneously. Bengal cats may struggle to deal with their humans’ shared attention.

Are Bengal cats friendly with dogs?

Image Credit: Cats and dogs can be friends from Pxhere

Dogs are the adversaries of cats, according to popular belief. However, this is not true. So, it is worth investigating whether Bengal cats get along with dogs.

Bengals are very social and get along well with dogs. Because these cats are very active, pairing them with an equally active dog may allow them to spend a lot of time playing. This could be a method of stimulating them and channeling their energy.

Energetic dog breeds such as Beagle, Golden Retriever, Basset Hound, Labrador Retriever, etc., make excellent companions for Bengal cats. Introduce these cats to dogs at a young age and give them plenty of time to get to know each other. Here are some tips to ensure a smooth introduction between a Bengal cat and a dog.

  • During the first few weeks, keep an eye on both pets.
  • Never introduce a new dog right away after bringing it home.
  • Limit your Bengal cat’s space to teach it about its personal space.
  • Take your time.
  • Never ignore your Bengal cat.
  • Give both pets a lot of toys.
  • Allow the dog enough time to explore its new surroundings if it is a new dog.
  • Keep both pets behind an obstruction for the first meeting and allow them only to see each other.
  • Reward them for their good behavior.
  • Bring both pets to face once they are comfortable seeing each other.

Are Bengal cats friendly with humans?

So you’re thinking about getting a Bengal cat. You’re not sure if these cats get along with humans. If you answered yes, continue reading.

Bengal cats are naturally affectionate and playful. As a result, they can be extremely friendly with their humans. In fact, these cats tend to have a favorite human among all family members. In addition, they are trainable and will not be afraid to be highly vocal about their needs to their humans.

It is a general rule that you should never ignore your Bengal cat, especially if you have another pet. Above all, these cats require a great deal of attention and stimulation. So, if you have a Bengal cat, plan your life accordingly.

Are Bengal cats good for first-time owners?

If you enjoy cats and consider getting a Bengal cat, you should first determine whether this breed is suitable for first-time cat owners. This is necessary to handle these cats properly.

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Bengal cats are not typically recommended as first-time pets. This is a cross between an Asian leopard cat and a domestic cat. As a result, Bengal cats’ genes have a wild predisposition, making them highly active, intelligent, and athletic. Unfortunately, these characteristics may be too much for first-time cat owners who lack cat handling experience.

However, we cannot confirm that Bengals are the worst choice for first-time cat owners. If you are truly passionate about this breed, we recommend researching and speaking with cat experts and vets to learn more about it. If you believe you can handle the characteristics of Bengal cats, you can certainly get one for yourself.

Nevertheless, we’d like to highlight some factors that frequently make Bengals unsuitable as a first pet.

  • Wild predisposition.
  • High levels of energy
  • Requirements for constant stimulation
  • The predominance of an aggressive behavior
  • Highly vocal 
  • Attention seeking

Can Bengal cats be good pets?

This is a simple question. When choosing a pet, the first thing we consider is whether it will be a good pet. The same thing can be said about Bengal cats.

Bengal cats make excellent pets. However, certain factors must be followed for these to become friendly pets. The first step is to stimulate your cat regularly. Second, never ignore your cat and provide it with plenty of outlets for its energy. Third, teach them to be social and friendly with other people and pets.

Remember that Bengal cats have a wild side due to their Asian leopard cat ancestry. As a result, training them to be more social and resilient is the only way to make their wilder side less dominant.

Are Bengal cats lap cats?

We all enjoy cuddling our pets. And it’s heaven when our furballs come over and doze in our laps. Can Bengals, however, be lap cats due to their active nature?

Bengal cats are affectionate but not usually lap cats. You can’t expect them to spend their days resting on your lap or something else. Nonetheless, Bengals enjoy playing with their humans and will come and snooze on your lap after a long day of running around and playing.

With Bengal cats, you’d have to look at things differently. You are not going to get a Garfield but rather a bouncing ball of fur with a high energy level.

Will a Bengal cat scratch you while being petted?

When cats are excited, they scratch. And we frequently get a whiff of it while petting them. It is a very common occurrence in cats of all breeds.

It is believed that when a Bengal cat is petted, it often treats the human hand as a toy, which it scratches as it pleases. It is a very common trait in these cats. However, if this behavior worsens, you should consult a veterinarian. It’s important to remember that Bengals can also scratch their way out of boredom.

As a cat parent, you must remember that cats express their affection subtly. While petting your cat, you may notice them purring and lightly scratching you simultaneously, which is a sign that they adore you.

Can Bengal cats be kept all the time indoors?

It is not surprising that cats are kept indoors. So, can Bengals be kept all the time indoors?

Bengal cats can live indoors. However, these cats require plenty of room to run and play due to their wild genetic predisposition. If you confine it in a small space, you cannot expect your cat to grow healthy.

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When bored, Bengal cats exhibit problem behaviors. As a result, taking them for walks and play sessions is critical. These cats are simple to train to walk on a leash or harness. So, if your Bengal cat is properly trained, you can take it for a couple of hours on regular walks and outdoor exploration trips.

Bengal cats are “feisty” and agile living creatures. So, they may not be appropriate as small apartment cats.

Can Bengal cats be aggressive?

Cats can be adorable furbabies, but they can also be extremely aggressive. Can Bengal cats become aggressive? Let’s go exploring.

Bengal cats can become aggressive due to their wild nature and Asian leopard cat ancestry. In addition, these cats have a natural hunting instinct and are extremely territorial. As a result, these characteristics may cause these cats to become aggressive or fierce.

However, early training and socialization can help them control their aggressive side. As a result, these cats may never exhibit more aggression than we would expect from other cats.

When do Bengal cats become aggressive?

If you have a Bengal cat, it is worth understanding when your cat can become aggressive. 

Bengal cats may become highly aggressive if they feel intrusions into their territory. Remember, this breed is highly territorial. Also, the lack of proper stimulation may create problem behaviors within this cat breed, making them aggressive now and then. 

Why do Bengal cats become aggressive?

Do you have a Bengal cat who occasionally becomes aggressive? If so, you should understand what makes it angry.

Bengal cats are very active cats. So, if they do not receive the proper channel to burn their energy, they may exhibit aggressive behavior. In addition, a lack of proper socialization may cause your cat to become aggressive whenever it meets new people or animals.

The link between aggression and spaying deserves special attention here. If you have an unspayed Bengal cat, it will likely be more aggressive. Why? Because the cat’s inner desire to breed may cause territorial issues as it ages. When it cannot express its desires, it may take out its anger or aggression on humans.

How to calm down an agitated Bengal cat?

Bengal cats can become aggressive, especially if they are not properly trained. So, how will you calm down an aggressive or agitated Bengal cat around you?

Take the steps you would take to calm down any other cat. Allow your cat some space. Do not rush through the process of calming it down. Remember that as your Bengal cat ages, it will become more mature and docile; however, it must also be trained. Also, do not allow your Bengal cat to become bored easily. Keep it busy by spoiling it with toys.

Keep in mind that Bengal cats are hyperactive by nature. They appear to have a strong and distinct personality that you should respect.


So that’s our take on whether Bengal cats are friendly. Like any other cat breed, these cats are affectionate and can make excellent family pets. However, how friendly they will be is highly dependent on how they are nurtured and raised. Nothing is wrong with this cat breed. It’s just that they’re so hyperactive, agile, and intelligent that first-time cat owners may be intimidated by them.

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