How Tall Are Cows: Exhaustive Facts


How Tall Are Cows: Exhaustive Facts

Cows come in different sizes and weights. However, it is always interesting to explore how tall a cow can get or its average height.

A dairy cow can grow tall between 62.0″- 69.0″ or 1.6- 1.8 meters, on average. This height, however, tends to vary between different breeds. Therefore, it would be wrong to attribute a single height to every bovine breed. 

That being said, as per the record, the tallest cow on earth is purported to be Daniel, a Holstein, with a height of 1.93 meters. 

Here, in this post, we will explore the average height of cows from different breeds, including Jersey, Holstein, Angus, etc. So, without much ado, let’s begin our exploration!

Image Credit: Cow on a grassland from Maxpixel

How tall are cows at birth?

Depending on the condition of the mother cow and the level of nutrition she receives, the size and weight of the calf may vary.

The average height of a calf at birth stands ranges between 121 and 155 cm

Here, it is essential to note that genetics play a big role in deciding the calf’s height at birth and later in life. 

How tall are cows standing up?

Cattle size is influenced by genetics. However, food, surroundings, and age are other factors that play critical roles too in determining body size.

That said, a cow can stand up to 4 feet, 10 inches tall at the shoulder, while standing up. This, however, may vary from one breed to another. 

How tall is the largest cow?

Image Credit: A cow standing tall from Pixahive

Let us explore which is the largest cow in the world.

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The current title of the largest cow has been held by Daniel, a Holstein steer from California, standing at 1.93 meters. Previously this title belonged to Blossom, another Holstein cow with a height of 6 feet 4 inches, who died in 2015.

Other than these cows, some other breeds that can easily be categorized as the largest cows include:

  • Chianina- 2 meters
  • Montbeliarde- 1.54 meters
  • German Angus- 1.5 meters
  • Glan cattle- 1.45 meters
  • Parthenais- 1.45 meters

How tall is a Jersey cow?

Image Credit: A Jersey cow by sledgirlmt from Pixabay

Of all the breeds, Jersey is considered smaller in physical stature. These cows are among the oldest dairy breeds with a reputation for producing high-quality buttermilk.

A Jersey cow averages 115-120 cm at the withers. Nonetheless, these cows are known for producing a large amount of milk for their size. 

How tall are Holstein cows?

Holstein cows are one of the most well-known dairy cow breeds globally. They are known to belong to the large bovine breeds.

A Holstein cow’s overall height would stand somewhere between 62.0″ and 69.0″ (1.6-1.8 m), while withers height standing at 54.0 “-60.0” (1.37-1.5 m). 

How tall are Angus cows?

Image Credit: Black Angus Livestock Mammal Cattle from Maxpixel

Angus is a petite Scottish cow breed that comes in red or black colors. The cattle are extremely resilient and can withstand extreme cold.

Angus cows can reach a height of 110 cm to 125 cm, while bulls can reach a height of 135 cm.

How tall are highland cows?

Highland cows are known for their long and woolly fur and typical horns. This cow is a Scottish cow breed.

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Highland cows are usually 90–106 centimeters tall, whereas bulls can be 106–120 centimeters tall. 

How tall are baby cows?

Let us explore at what height do baby cows stand, on average.

The following table provides the height of baby cows (aging from 0- 1 month) of different breeds.

Holstein29- 33 inches 
Jersey29- 32 inches
Brown Swiss32- 34 inches
Guernsey31- 33 inches
Ayrshire31- 32 inches
Height of baby cows chart

How tall are mini cows?

Image Credit: A miniature cow with her calf by By_Jo from Pixabay

A miniature cow is not a small cow but a mini form of a larger cow. Although these cows are mini, they should be treated as mature cows.

Mini cow height depends on the category they belong to. Below are the categories and their corresponding height.

  • Mid- mini cows: 42- 58 inches
  • Mini cows: 36- 42 inches
  • Micro- mini cows: 36 inches and less

A miniature cow is roughly a third to half the size of a regular cow. And when it comes to measuring the height of a miniature cow, this should be a rule of thumb.


To summarize, we can state that cows come in all heights and weights. And before choosing your preferred cow, it is always advisable to check its height and other features. Doing so would help you understand if your chosen bovine is suitable for your lifestyle and surroundings.

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