When Do Cats Sweat? 15 Facts You Must Know!

When Do Cats Sweat

Cats do sweat, even if we rarely notice them doing so. However, they do not sweat as much as many other mammals do. In fact, cats only sweat a small portion of what humans do. But, similar to humans, cats also sweat when they get too hot as a way to regulate their body temperature.

Do Cats Lower Their Head? Facts On Why, When & What It Means

Do Cats Lower Their Head

Cats frequently lower their heads as a kind of body language. But it is also a means of communication and not only a physical movement. So we must always remember that a cat’s actions reveal its bodily and emotional feelings. And one of the most important methods to comprehend what it is trying to say to us or any other animal is through its head motions.

Do Cats Disappear? 13 Facts On Why, When, How Long

Do Cats Disappear

According to the data published by Lost Pet Research, at least once every five years, 12 to 18 percent of cats are likely to go missing. Among the lost cats, 65% were found alive, while 34% were never found. The research also revealed that the tendency to disappear is found more among adult cats aged 1-7 years.

Dog harness on a cat? 7 Facts You Must Know!

Dog harness on a cat

A dog harness gives control to the handler in terms of controlling the dog’s movement. However, it is not just used for dogs but also for cats. Sometimes, cat owners use harnesses of small dogs on their cats. If it fits properly, it serves the same purpose for walking felines. 

Are Cats Smarter Than Humans? 13 Facts You Should Consider!

Are Cats Smarter Than Humans

Cats are smart. However, the answer would be “no” if the question is, “Are they smarter than humans?” According to experts, a cat has the same degree of intelligence as a child who is 2-2.5 years old. Additionally, they possess the intelligence to learn new skills, comply with orders, and remember information for application in a different setting.