Where Do Rams Live? 9 Facts You Should Know!


Where Do Rams Live? 9 Facts You Should Know!

The bighorn sheep is one of the most preferred North American mammalian species. Bighorn rams are adult males. Let us know where they habitat.

Rams can be found in various environments, including gorges and high, open slopes. However, these adult sheep can also be found in hot, arid desert areas with rocky, uneven terrain with little vegetation.

Furthermore, most of these sheep are located between 300 and 4,000 feet, where the average annual rainfall is less than four inches. In the summer, rams and other bighorn sheep prefer an average temperature of 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

Is a ram a sheep?

Ram is a type of sheep. In actuality, the term “ram” refers to an adult sheep. Rams have enormous and curled horns that make it easier to identify them.

Do rams and ewes live together?

Sheep, including bighorns, are known to be social creatures. They form large flocks to live together. But do rams and ewes stay together? 

Rams do not always live with ewes and have been observed moving between ewe and ram groups. They are divided into gender-specific groupings. Ram herds typically have five to fifty rams at any given time.

Where do bighorn sheep live in the wild?

Bighorns are primarily found in grasslands, mountainsides, and slopes in the wild. However, they prefer locations where they may scramble up rocky hills to avoid predators.

Why do bighorn sheep live in the mountains?

Bighorn sheep reside in highland settings with neighboring escape zones and rough and steep slopes in the mountains. The steep slopes enable them to flee potential predators.

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Where do desert bighorn sheep live?

The Intermountain West, the southwestern parts of the United States, and northwestern Mexico are the typical locations for desert bighorn sheep. In addition, the Mojave Desert, Sonoran Desert, Great Basin Desert, Chihuahuan Desert, and Colorado Plateau are all parts of the desert bighorn sheep’s home range.

The number of desert bighorn sheep is in decline. Hence they are heavily conserved. The Death Valley National Park, Joshua Tree National Park, Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, Kofa National Wildlife Refuge, Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge, Zion National Park, and Mojave National Preserve all have these sheep under their protection.

Note: Did you know that the Nevada state mammal is the desert bighorn sheep?

Where do rocky mountain bighorn sheep live?

Rocky Mountain bighorns typically inhabit the colder mountain ranges stretching from Southern Canada to West Texas. They are also found in northern Mexico and eastern California.

Where do Sierra Nevada bighorn sheep live?

The Sierra Nevada bighorn sheep, aka Ovis canadensis sierrae, is a subspecies of the bighorn sheep mostly found in the Sierra Nevada.

From Yosemite National Park to Olancha Peak, the Sierra Nevada is where Sierra Nevada bighorns may usually be seen. They favor living in arid, rugged, and mountainous terrain. However, these sheep can also be found in suspended pastures, peak plateaus, and grasslands.

Where do American bighorn sheep live?

Image Credit: Bighorn Sheep by Greg Willis (CC BY-SA 2.0)

The Rocky Mountains, which stretch from southern Canada to Colorado and include areas of Nevada, western Texas, eastern California, and northern Mexico, are the usual habitat of the American bighorn sheep.

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The following are some regions where it is common to spot American bighorn sheep.

1. Arizona1. The Kofa National wildlife
2. The Sonoran desert
3. The Castle Dome mountains
4. The Havasu Wilderness
5. The Pusch Ridge Wilderness.
2. California1. Central and eastern Washington
2. Hall Mountain
3. The Wenaha-Tucannon Wilderness
4. The blue mountains
5. The Santa Rosa and San Jacinto mountains
6. Titus Canyon
7. The Joshua Tree National Park
8. The Little San Bernardino Mountains
9. The Eagle Mountains
10. Wonderland of Rocks.
3. Canada1. Alberta
2. Southern British Columbia
3. Churn Creek
4. The Taseko lakes.
4. Colorado1. The Rocky Mountain National Park
2. The Arkansas River.
5. Nevada1. The mountains around Las Vegas
2. Red Rock Canyon
3. Boulder City.
Common habitat of American bighorn sheep

How old do bighorn sheep live?

Bighorn sheep typically live for more than ten years. They occasionally have a lifespan of up to 15 years. However, the population condition can affect how long these sheep live.

What climates do bighorn sheep live in?

Bighorn sheep can bear an average temperature as high as 104 degrees Fahrenheit.


In a nutshell, we can state that bighorn sheep can be found in various habitats, from rocky mountains to hot deserts. However, they are declining, and as a result, they are being protected. Hence, one can also find these creatures in national parks across North America, Mexico, and Canada. 

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