When Do Crowned Eagles Fly?


When Do Crowned Eagles Fly?

Crowned eagles (Stephanoaetus coronatus) are highly skilled flyers and hunters, known for their powerful legs and sharp talons. They are known to fly throughout the year, with specific flight patterns and behaviors during different times of the year.

Courtship and Breeding Flights

During the breeding season, which typically runs from July to October, crowned eagles engage in a unique and impressive courtship display. The male crowned eagle will perform a noisy, undulating display flight to attract the attention of a female. This flight consists of looping, diving, and flapping motions, often accompanied by loud calls. If the female is interested, she will join in the display and call back to the male. The pair may even lock talons in the air and glide down together, further strengthening their bond.

Nesting and Chick-Rearing Flights

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Once a breeding pair has established a nest, the female crowned eagle will incubate the 1-2 eggs for around 50 days. During this time, the male brings food to the nest, ensuring his partner is well-fed. The chicks typically take their first flight around 4 months of age, but they begin exercising and preparing for flight as early as 45-50 days old. Both the male and female crowned eagles work together to raise their young, bringing food to the nest at intervals of 3-5 days.

Hunting and Foraging Flights

Crowned eagles are known for their powerful feet and sharp talons, which they use to capture and kill their prey. They are capable of reaching speeds of up to 100 miles per hour (160 km/h) during their hunting flights. These birds are skilled at swooping after prey at high speeds and then breaking to a halt within a short distance. They are also known to fly silently, which allows them to catch their prey by surprise.

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Habitat and Migration Flights

Crowned eagles are found in several countries across Africa, including Senegal, Guinea, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, and South Africa. They prefer habitats with a combination of indigenous forest, dense bush, and exotic plantations, such as eucalyptus and pine. While they are not known to be migratory birds, they may undertake short-distance movements within their home range to find suitable hunting and nesting grounds.


Crowned eagles are remarkable birds of prey, known for their impressive flight capabilities and behaviors. From their courtship displays to their hunting maneuvers, these birds demonstrate a remarkable level of skill and adaptability. Understanding the various flight patterns and behaviors of crowned eagles can provide valuable insights into their ecology and conservation needs.


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