Do Whales Eat Shrimp: Why, How And Several Facts Around It


Do Whales Eat Shrimp: Why, How And Several Facts Around It

Have you ever wondered what whales eat to maintain their huge size? The basic diet of these colossal mammals primarily depends on their subtypes.

Whales with baleens but no teeth prefer to eat shrimp, krill, planktons, and other small sea creatures. Having said that, each whale species has its favorite food, and not all of them eat the same things.

It is fair to say that whales’ eating habits differ based on size, species, social structure, and habitat. Keeping this in mind, we’ll investigate if whales eat shrimp. If so, explain why and how. We’ll also go over some of the background information on the subject.

So join us as we travel into the ocean’s deepest recesses to learn about whales’ shrimp-eating habits.

Do Whales Eat Shrimp
Image Credit: Underwater Shrimp from Maxpixel

Do all whales eat shrimp?

Whales move a great deal, and food is essential to their survival. This raises the question of whether all whales like to consume shrimp. Let’s figure out the truth.

Whales that possess baleen instead of teeth feed on shrimps, planktons, krill, and other tiny oceanic creatures. These massive mammals use baleens, a comb-like structure, to squeeze water copepods, krill, and small zooplankton. In this context, blue whales consume the most krill, consuming up to 4 tons per day.

These whales draw in krill and other food materials from the sea by scooping up water and sand. The water and sand pass through the small baleen plate gaps, leaving the food inside.

Why do whales eat shrimps?

Since whales are enormous, it often produces the perception that they are capable of consuming larger animals. But the reality is that many of them feed on krill, shrimps, and planktons. But why?

Whales require a lot of energy to be alive, so they must eat many foods every day. That said, baleen whales eat krill because they lack the teeth needed to devour larger, fleshier prey. Shrimps are also found all over the planet, making it easier for these mammals to get food when traveling. 

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Do whales eat brine shrimp?

Image Credit: Baleen Plate of Bryde’s Whale by SSR2000 (CC BY-SA 3.0) from Wikimedia

Brine shrimps, also known as Artemia, are zooplanktonic crustaceans that live in hyper-saline environments. Is it true that whales eat brine shrimp?

Brine shrimps are eaten by baleen whales that eat zooplankton. Despite being much smaller than whales, these organisms provide a tremendous quantity of energy to these mammals when fed in huge numbers. Also, their global availability makes them easy prey for whales. 

What do whales eat besides shrimps?

When it comes to feeding patterns, whales have a wide range. Each whale species has a special diet that includes more than just shrimp and krill.

Whales aren’t completely reliant on shrimp as a part of the diet. Smaller fish and invertebrates, shellfishes, other than shrimps, are preferred by baleen whales. On the other hand, Toothed whales prefer larger whale food, such as octopus, squids, and crabs. Some also hunt larger mammals and fish, such as sharks, seals, and birds.

The bottom line is that these mammals’ eating habits vary based on their species and habitat.

Do baleen whales eat shrimp?

Image Credit: Phytoplankton by FotoshopTofs from Pixabay

Baleen whales are one of the most intriguing whale species. As suggested by their name, these whales possess baleens instead of teeth.

It is the presence of baleen, a comb-like structure, that baleen whales do not feed on larger food but on shrimps, plankton, smaller crabs, and fish. 

The baleens assist them in sifting water and drawing in food. Filter feeders are the name given to these mammals due to their feeding habits. Baleen whales feed by swimming through schools of fish with an open mouth to catch prey.

In this light, it’s worth noting that some baleen whales use a technique called bubble netting. This is a technique in which whales use bubbles to herd smaller fish. Then, the whales will dine on the fish after they have herded.

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Do whales eat krill?

Teeth are not present in baleen whales. So, what do they eat for the most part? Let’s have a look at what we’ve got.

Whales eat krill, which is their favorite meal. But, in reality, gigantic blue whales eat nothing but these microscopic sea invertebrates.

Krill are abundant in the ocean, so they are so popular with enormous whales as they migrate. By just keeping their mouth open while swimming, larger baleen whales may swallow more krill with each dive.

Do blue whales eat shrimp?

Image Credit: Blue whale from Rawpixel

Blue whales are the world’s largest mammals. These are the largest baleen whales that have ever existed on the globe.

Despite their enormous size, blue whales feed mostly on krill or shrimp. In fact, these mammals consume the most shrimp, consuming over 7400 pounds of krill every day.

Blue whales swim with their mouths open, allowing them to consume more food in a single bite than any other mammal on the planet. Filter feeders, these whales eat shrimp, krill, and other small fish daily.

Do killer whales eat shrimp?

These are dolphins, not whales, even though they are called killer whales. These apex predators, often known as orcas, sit at the top of the food chain.

Killer whales have teeth and hunt in groups, preferring larger whale meals such as sharks, squids, birds, turtles, and seals. Rather than feeding on krill and shrimp, they use their sharp teeth for hunting down huge mammals and fish.

That said, killer whales’ eating habits differ from those of other odontocetes or toothed whales. And unlike whales, they are among the top-most predators of the marine world.

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Do humpback whales eat shrimp?

Image Credit: Seafood Shrimps from Maxpixel

One of the fascinating whale species on earth is the humpback whale. These are baleen whales and use baleens instead of teeth.

Humpback whales eat shrimp and are filter feeders. They take in mouthfuls of water and food, then filter the water to draw in zooplanktons, krill, and tiny fish.

Although baleen whales prefer to hunt alone, humpback whales employ various strategies to catch prey, including bubbles, noises, and pectoral fins.

How many shrimp can a whale eat?

Are you amazed by whales’ enormous size? Then there’s the fact that they consume a lot of shrimp in a day, which will wow you even more.

According to scientists, whales naturally ingest roughly 4% of their body weight every day during the feeding season. Certain whales, in this context, can consume up to 16 tons of tiny shrimp every day.

It’s important to know that whales might eat more than their daily requirements during the feeding season. They save the additional energy by storing it as fat.


This brings our post on whales feeding on shrimp to a close. Baleen whales primarily graze on shrimps, even though different kinds of whales have diverse preferences for food. They swallow many of these smaller marine organisms in each bite due to their filter-feeding capabilities. To delve deeper into the issue, you might perform your study to learn about the dietary habits of other baleen whales. We hope you found this article interesting and that you liked reading it.

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