Surprising Truth: Gorillas’ Unexpected Diet Revealed


Surprising Truth: Gorillas’ Unexpected Diet Revealed

Key Takeaways

  • Contrary to popular belief, gorillas do not primarily eat bananas in the wild. Their diet consists mainly of leaves, shoots, and fruits found in their natural habitat.
  • Bananas are not a natural part of a gorilla’s diet and can actually be harmful to their health if consumed in large quantities. They lack the necessary nutrients and fiber that gorillas need to thrive.
  • Gorillas are herbivores and have a complex digestive system that allows them to efficiently process and extract nutrients from the plants they consume. Their diet is carefully balanced to meet their nutritional needs.
  • Feeding gorillas bananas in captivity can lead to health problems such as obesity, dental issues, and digestive disorders. It is important for zoos and sanctuaries to provide a varied and species-appropriate diet for these animals.
  • The misconception that gorillas eat bananas may stem from their portrayal in popular culture, where they are often depicted as enjoying this fruit. However, it is important to rely on scientific research and expert knowledge when understanding the dietary needs of these animals.

Can Gorillas Eat Bananas?

Gorillas love their bananas! But their diet consists of much more than that. They also eat leaves, stems, and even insects. Let’s take a look at the percentages of what they eat:

  • 45% fruits
  • 30% leaves
  • 15% stems
  • 10% insects

Interesting, huh? They actually prefer plants over meat!

Now, here’s a cool tale about gorilla feeding habits. Once upon a time, in a jungle, a group of mountain gorillas were seen foraging for food. The strong silverback led the way through the trees. They managed to tear apart foliage and bite into tough branches with great ease. What an incredible sight it was!

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What Do Gorillas Eat in the Wild?

Do gorillas like bananas? Well, while they do enjoy an occasional treat, their meals are primarily made up of plants found in their natural habitats. These adult primates eat the leaves, stems, and fruits of trees and plants. Plus, they love termites and larvae!

Gorillas live in family groups, led by a dominant silverback male. They can consume 30 to 75 pounds (14 to 34 kilograms) of food per day, but the availability of food sources affects this number.

Lowland gorillas usually eat more fruit, while high-altitude mountain gorillas depend on leaves and other plant matter. This helps us understand why conserving their habitats is so important, as they face threats like habitat loss and poaching.

So, next time you see a gorilla enjoying a banana, remember that it’s only one small part of their diet. These animals have evolved to find sustenance from a wide array of food sources. Let’s keep supporting efforts to protect their way of life!

Do Gorillas Like Bananas?

Do gorillas only eat bananas? No! These majestic creatures have a varied diet. Leaves, fruits, stems, and even termites from termite nests. They can eat up to 40 pounds of food in one day!

Plus, gorillas communicate while eating. They make vocalizations and chest beats to coordinate with their group. It’s like a symphony in the jungle.

Amazingly, there have been rare cases where gorillas ate meat. A silverback was seen catching and eating a monkey! It shows how adaptable they are.

Are Bananas a Part of Gorillas’ Regular Diet?

Gorillas are famous for their love of bananas. But, those sweet fruits are not the only thing gorillas eat. Let’s check out what else is on the menu for these remarkable creatures.

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Here’s a breakdown of the food gorillas munch on:

Food% of Diet
Bamboo shoots5%
Termites and ants5%
Other plant species10%
Insects and small vertebrates5%

So, bananas are just a small part of their diet. Most of the time, gorillas eat leaves and stems. They also like fruits, bamboo shoots, termites, ants, and other plants.

Plus, there are different types of gorillas living in different habitats (e.g., mountain forests and lowland jungles). They have slightly different diets based on where they live.

Pro Tip: When visiting gorillas, it’s best to follow the advice of experts or guides. Don’t give them bananas unless they are allowed to eat them!

The Relationship between Gorillas and Bananas

Gorillas and bananas have a curious relationship. Do gorillas like bananas? Do they eat them? Let’s take a look.

Gorillas have a diverse diet, which includes various plants, leaves, stems, and fruits. Bananas make up only a small part of their meals. Gorillas have also been seen eating termites and their nests.

Interestingly, captive gorillas used to be fed bananas by humans. But, this diet was unhealthy due to the high sugar content and could cause dental and other health issues. So, their diet had to be adjusted to include more variety and nutrition.

Gorillas do enjoy the occasional banana, but they should limit their consumption. Money can’t buy satisfaction like a perfectly ripe fruit can!


Gorillas, particularly mountain gorillas, do enjoy bananas. But, bananas aren’t a staple in their diet. Instead, they eat a range of fruits, leaves, stems, and termite nests. Gorillas in captivity may be given bananas as treats. In nature, they’ll eat whatever vegetation is available. Adult gorillas can chow down on up to 30 kilograms of plants a day! Variables like water availability and the seasonal abundance of certain foods also influence their eating habits.

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Contrary to popular belief, gorillas aren’t just banana fanatics! They possess intricate social structures and display cool behaviors like chest beating and vocalizations. Unfortunately, they are also affected by threats like habitat destruction and predators like leopards.

When visiting gorillas in the wild or in zoos, remember they are intelligent beings with specific dietary needs. Feeding them foods like bananas can damage their natural feeding patterns and compromise their health. It’s best to leave the feeding to trained professionals who know the right nutritional requirements for these amazing animals.


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