Do Crowned Eagles Eat Cats?


Do Crowned Eagles Eat Cats?

Crowned eagles, known for their powerful predatory abilities, have been observed preying on a variety of animals, including ungulates as large as bushbuck. However, the question of whether these majestic birds also hunt and consume cats has been a topic of interest for many.

Do Crowned Eagles Prey on Cats?

The available evidence suggests that crowned eagles are capable of attacking and potentially consuming cats, though the frequency of this behavior is not well-documented. A reported incident in South Africa involved a crowned eagle taking a pet dog and a pet cat from their owners’ gardens, indicating that these birds may view cats as potential prey.

Crowned Eagles’ Preferred Prey

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While crowned eagles are known to be versatile predators, their primary prey of choice tends to be primates, such as monkeys and tree hyraxes. This preference is likely due to the agility and size of these animals, which can provide a substantial meal for the eagle.

Hunting Behavior and Prey Consumption

Crowned eagles have a unique hunting style that involves flying slightly above the forest canopy and causing a commotion among monkey groups until they detect and capture their prey. Once they have secured their prey, they may cache uneaten portions around their nests or habitual perches for later consumption.

Prey Size and Capabilities

Crowned eagles are powerful predators, with an average weight of 3.6 kg (8 lbs) and a wingspan of 1.5-2m (5-6.5 ft). They are capable of capturing prey that is several times their own weight, suggesting that they could potentially attack and consume cats if they chose to do so.

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Factors Influencing Prey Selection

Several factors may influence the likelihood of a crowned eagle targeting a cat as prey. These include the availability of the eagle’s preferred prey, the size and agility of the cat, and the specific hunting conditions and environment.

Documented Incidents of Crowned Eagles Attacking Cats

While there are limited reports of crowned eagles attacking and consuming cats, the available evidence suggests that this behavior, though possible, is not a common occurrence. The South African incident mentioned earlier appears to be one of the few documented cases of this behavior.

Potential Risks to Domestic Cats

Given the size and hunting capabilities of crowned eagles, pet owners in areas where these birds are present should exercise caution when allowing their cats to roam outdoors. Keeping cats indoors or in secure enclosures may help reduce the risk of an eagle attack.


In summary, while crowned eagles are capable of attacking and potentially consuming cats, the available evidence suggests that this behavior is not a common occurrence. These majestic birds tend to prefer primates as their primary prey, and the frequency of cat predation by crowned eagles remains largely undocumented. However, pet owners should still exercise caution and take appropriate measures to protect their feline companions in areas where crowned eagles are present.

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