Do African Fish Eagles Eat Cats?


Do African Fish Eagles Eat Cats?

African fish eagles, like their close relatives the bald eagles, primarily feed on fish or other birds. However, they have been known to occasionally take small mammals, including domestic carnivores like cats and small dogs. These instances are relatively rare and usually occur when other food sources are scarce.

Do African Fish Eagles Eat Cats?

Yes, African fish eagles can occasionally eat cats, but this is not their primary food source. These large birds of prey are opportunistic feeders and will take advantage of any available food, including small mammals like cats, if they are readily available or if the eagle is struggling to find its preferred prey of fish and other birds.

Prey Preferences of African Fish Eagles

do african fish eagles eat catsImage source: African fish eagle above water by Mehmet Karatay

African fish eagles are primarily piscivorous, meaning they feed mainly on fish. They are skilled hunters and can spot their prey from great heights, swooping down to snatch fish from the water with their sharp talons. In addition to fish, they also prey on other birds, such as ducks, coots, and even smaller raptors.

While cats are not a typical part of the African fish eagle’s diet, they have been known to occasionally take small domestic cats or kittens, especially if other food sources are scarce. This is more likely to occur in areas where the eagles’ natural habitat is encroached upon by human settlements, leading to increased interactions between the birds and domestic animals.

Factors Affecting the Likelihood of African Fish Eagles Eating Cats

The likelihood of an African fish eagle attacking a domestic cat depends on several factors:

  1. Food Availability: If the eagle’s natural prey of fish and birds is scarce, it may be more inclined to hunt for alternative food sources, including small mammals like cats.

  2. Cat Size and Vulnerability: Smaller cats or kittens are more likely to be targeted by African fish eagles, as they are more vulnerable and easier to overpower. Larger, healthy adult cats are less likely to be targeted.

  3. Cat Behavior: Cats that are left unattended outdoors or that wander near the eagle’s nesting or hunting areas are more vulnerable to being targeted.

  4. Habitat Overlap: Areas where human settlements and the natural habitat of African fish eagles overlap are more likely to see instances of eagles preying on domestic cats.

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Rare Occurrences and Precautions

While African fish eagles have been known to occasionally take small mammals, including cats, these instances are relatively rare. The vast majority of their diet consists of fish and other birds. Pet owners in areas where African fish eagles are present should take precautions to keep their cats safe, such as keeping them indoors or in a secure outdoor enclosure, especially during the eagles’ breeding and nesting seasons.


In summary, while African fish eagles primarily feed on fish and other birds, they have been known to occasionally take small mammals, including domestic cats, if other food sources are scarce or if the cat is particularly vulnerable. However, these occurrences are relatively rare, and pet owners can take steps to minimize the risk of their cats being targeted by these impressive birds of prey.

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