Black Sea Sharks: What Types And Several Facts Around It


Black Sea Sharks: What Types And Several Facts Around It

The black sea is not black but is called so because black symbolizes north, by which the black sea means ‘the northern sea.’ It is a well-known inland sea throughout the world.

The black sea is famous for some of its unique features and the sharks that inhabit there. Although there has been a dramatic fall in the number of black sea sharks, this region still houses certain shark species, among which many are endangered.

Black Sea Sharks
Image Credit: The Black Sea by infinityharmony7 from Pixabay
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Along with sharks, there are many other creatures found in the black sea, including turtles, Zebra mussels, indigenous fish, and so on. However, we shall emphasize if there are sharks in the black sea and other details about them in this article.

Are there sharks in the black sea?

Sharks have a long history, of more than 400 million years, on earth. They can be found in nearly every saltwater body. Do they, on the other hand, exist in the black Sea?

The black sea houses sharks. This region of Europe is home to five different shark species, many of which are listed as vulnerable by the IUCN. The most abundant spiny dogfish sharks may be found in the Black Sea. Aside from that, the common thresher shark is most likely the largest in the Black Sea.

What kind of sharks are in the black sea?

Image Credit: Spotted spiny dogfish Fe. Clarke (1849-1899) from Rawpixel
Image Credit: Lesser Spotted Dog-fish by Edward Donovan (1768-1837) from Rawpixel

The population of sharks in the Black Sea has declined significantly. Yet there are quite a few sharks still to be found in this inland sea. Let’s explore them.

There are five shark species that are to be found in the black sea. We have listed their names below.

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Spiny dogfish

The most common shark species to be found in the black sea is the spiny dogfish. The mud shark, piked dogfish, and spurdog are among additional sharks found in this water body.

Smooth hammerhead shark

This shark species is very rare to be encountered in the black sea. Still, it is not completely uncommon. 

Common thresher

This is another common shark species to be sighted around the region of the Black sea.

Longnose spurdog

Unlike its cousin spiny dogfish, longnose spurdogs are very rare to be seen.

Small-spotted catshark

This shark species can be spotted now and then and is entirely harmless to humans. 

Are there dangerous sharks in the black sea?

Image Credit: Antique fish Hammerhead Shark drawn by Fe. Clarke (1849-1899) from Rawpixel

We can find sharks in the black sea. It would be interesting to investigate whether those sharks are dangerous to humans.

Sharks are predators, but the ones found in the Black Sea are not dangerous. We can make this claim because no person has ever been attacked by a shark in this region. In fact, most sharks hide when they detect humans nearby.

As a result, relaxing on the Black Sea coast is possible without fear of shark attacks.

Black sea sharks attacks

Sharks are apex predators, and some are also infamous for attacking humans. Have there been any attacks on humans by sharks because the black sea is home to these apex predators?

Sharks of the black sea are known for not being too aggressive, especially towards humans. As a consequence, there have not been any shark attacks in that region. 

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Are there great white sharks in the black sea?

Great whites are feared, and there is a reason behind this. So, if you plan to visit the black sea, it is worth knowing if the black sea is there.

There is no record of great white sharks in the black sea. The most abundant shark species to be found in the black sea is the spine dogfish.

Are there bull sharks in the black sea?

Bull sharks are the biggest and the most feared predatory sharks out there. But do they live in the Black sea?

There are no bull sharks recorded in the black sea. In addition, most shark species found in this landlocked sea are non-ferocious, and there is no news of shark attacks in the region to date. 

Black sea whales

Whales are among the most interesting water creatures. They can be found in all of the earth’s oceans, from temperate to tropical. So do they inhabit the black sea?

There are approximately 13 cetacean populations in the Mediterranean and Black Seas. The Black Sea, on the other hand, has no evidence of whales. However, this area was once home to northern minke whales.

Are there killer whales in the Black Sea?

Killer whales are considered apex predators. However, they are actually dolphins, and they are notorious for hunting great white sharks.

Despite the existence of cetaceans, the Black Sea has no orcas or killer whales. Killer whales are found all across the world, however, they are only missing from the Baltic and Black Seas, as well as sections of the Arctic.

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What dangerous animals live in the Black Sea?

Image Credit: Jelly Fish from Rawpixel
Image Credit: Stingray from Rawpixel

The Black Sea is home to nearly 2,500 different species of living things. Despite this, meeting the inhabitants of this sea is difficult due to their small size.

The Black Sea is a relatively safe place in terms of less dangerous creatures. However, some animals and marine organisms can be extremely bothersome. A few of these organisms are listed below.

  • Moon jellyfish Aurelia aurita 
  • Rhizostoma Pulmo 
  • Black Sea scorpion-fish 
  • Trachinus Draco
  • Common stingray
  • Stargazer
  • Skate

However, the good news is that you will hardly encounter any of these animal species on your vacation to the Black Sea. Hence, it is absolutely safe to spend some sun-soaked afternoons on the beach. 


Sharks are undoubtedly present in the Black Sea, but their numbers are significantly lower than those found in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. As a result, they are typically rare and are rarely seen by visitors or marine researchers. However, if you spot sharks in the Black Sea, they would possibly be spiny dogfish.

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